My name is Faluku Nakulopa. I hold a Bachelors’

My name is Faluku Nakulopa. I hold a Bachelors’ of Science Degree in Agricultural Engineering (1st Class Hons) from Makerere University, Uganda. I would love to pursue an MSc. In Water Resources Engineering at KU Leuven, and hence apply the knowledge, skills, and technologies attained from the program to enhance the sustainable development of Uganda and Africa.

The global climate change has resulted in prolonged dry spells and/or abrupt disastrous rains which have crippled Uganda’s (Africa) potential to produce enough food to feed her ever-increasing population. Secondly, the community (Uganda/Africa) also faces a challenge of critical shortage of safe and clean water to meet the populations’ daily demand. I am sure pursuing graduate training in Water Resources Engineering will groom me professionally and technically to comprehensively address these two major challenges in Africa and world at large.

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The general programme objective of educating professionals and scientists through a multi-disciplinary and high-quality university education through very interactive and practical lectures will not only develop me into a first-class scientist but a global agent for sustainable development. I am sure I will gain both technical and managerial knowledge and skills to plan, design, operate and manage water resources projects. This will make me more competent to advise and support authorities in making decisions and policies good for the sustainable utilization all water resources. I will absolutely be in a position to develop and implement appropriate irrigation and water treatment technologies which are extremely vital in realizing a hunger-free Uganda (Africa) and realizing the Sustainable Development Goals.

The multi-disciplinary IPWARE will introduce me to people from different regional, academic, cultural and racial backgrounds. This will definitely broaden my knowledge, social network and employability circle. Secondary, the program’s interactive and practical lectures like workshops and excursions has always motivated and inspired me a lot. In fact, I was extremely inspired when I watched a clip of the students on their study trip to Tanzania. Thirdly, I have also been extra inspired by the commitment, professionalism, and success of some of the alumni of KU Leuven, for example, Professor Noble Banadda (Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, 2006) and Dr. Joshua Wanyama (Ph.D., Biosciences Engineering, 2012) who both mentored me at Makerere.

Currently, I am attached to the Department of Agricultural and Bio-Systems Engineering (ABE), Makerere University, Uganda as a Research Assistant under the mentorship of Professor Noble Banadda ([email protected]). Here I take part in the preparation of teaching materials, tutoring students that need extra help, organizing academic field excursions and assisting in lab experiments/model simulations. I am also part-time with NSI Water LTD, a private company in Uganda as an application and Sales Engineer. At NSI I take part in planning, design, and supervision of various water projects/systems such as Water treatment, Water supply, and Irrigation. This academic and professional background has exposed me to real societal problems hence will be fundamental in the identification, planning, and execution of relevant research.

My long-term goal is to become a professor of Water Resources Engineering, involve in Research and consultancies good for promoting the Sustainable Development Goals in Africa.


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