My did pass well that game. Better power would

My biggest fitness weakness is my power. Power is move or
travel with great speed or force and is also known as speed * strength. As
football is contact sport strength is needed and really affects the way I play.

Speed is also extremely important for a striker like me, as it is needed to
make runs or be ahead of the defender. Even if I am a striker of small stature
I use my speed to make fast runs, I must be able to hold the ball off a
defender using my body strength. My main justification for choosing this
component as a weakness is that I regularly get the ball and loose it, as I am
not able to keep it because the defenders are stronger and I have no option to
pass it. On my recent match against Winchester I wasn’t able to compete with
the defenders so I had to play as a central attacking midfielder instead of a
striker. During this game I had many long balls passed to me for me to hold and
wait or pass that I wasn’t able to hold off, even if I did pass well that game.

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Better power would mean that I would be stronger therefore it would be harder
for the defenders to tackle me ultimately making me a better striker. My lack
of power was also seen in a game against Eaton, as I couldn’t outpace their
defenders making my efforts worthless. I wasn’t creating space and I wasn’t
making myself available and it was obvious that I needed to change position or
be substituted. During the last twenty minutes we were tied and needed a goal
to win but as I could not make myself available as I was lacking speed we
weren’t able to win. I believe that this would have been different if I had
better power so more speed and strength.


Within my chosen activity of football I believe that
cardiovascular endurance is one of my main strengths. It is also known as
anaerobic power and it is the ability of the heart and lungs to supply oxygen
to the working muscles. As football is 90 minutes long this gives me a great
advantage towards the end of the game, it is also extremely important for a
football player to have some to ensure they can last the whole game. As a
striker although I have to do a lot of sprinting and make runs I have to ensure
that I am good and available even towards the end of a game. My main
justification for choosing this as a strength is that I normally last a whole
game without feeling tired and that get better towards the end of the game. In
a recent game against Shrewsbury I got really good at the end of the game and
it was easier to play against our opponents. During the end of the game I was getting
the ball all the time, as I wasn’t as tired as the other players. As a striker
I also have to be against defenders who are normally the players that have to
run less during the game so having a good cardiovascular endurance is even more


My skill weakness is passing. The action of passing a ball
to another team member. In a game of football the skill of passing should be
used to get around opponents, if stuck to pass to another team member or to get
closer to the opponent’s and goal reduces the risk of giving away position. By
using the side of your foot pass the ball by hitting it in the middle giving it
the direction you want have a minimal follow through. I go towards the football
giving myself enough room for my foot to swing and kick my leg through it. I
keep my eyes on the ball and put my other foot next to the football. I use the
side of my foot because it is more accurate. The last time I tried this skill
was in my last football game of the season, as passing is an extremely common
skill it is very rare not to pass it. Since it is basic I have to improve it as
soon as possible. I was playing against Charterhouse and I passed it back to my
midfielders. I passed it to weakly so I lost possession and the opposing team
went on a counter attack and scored because of my bad pass. That made us lose
the game it was very frustrating because even though I played quite well that
game but because of that mistake the feedback I was given wasn’t very good. We
lost that game and I was dropped to the C team. I also once had to play as a
centre back because my team member arrived late, in the first five minutes I
passed it back for my keeper but unfortunately I passed it to hard meaning that
I scored an own goal, that really made it difficult for us to win.


My skill strength is dribbling. Dribbling is the action of
moving the ball forwards past opponents with slight touches of the feet. In a
game situation dribbling is used to go forwards the pitch moving into space
whilst having the ball in control with slight touches. Dribbling is used if
there is space and no other option is available or there is only one defender
in front of you. Dribbling is usually
used for the offense. A player controls and keeps the ball and if he still does
he is in control of the game. He uses agility to create passes and also
temporise so that the team can move up, he cannot lose the ball or there will
be a counter attack and also think of what he will do in advance and look up
for a pass. This skill should be performed by using slight touches and keeping
the ball near the body so that there is less chance for the defender to tackle
you without fouling you. I last used this skill successfully against Eton; it
was over a month ago. I was passed the ball just outside the area and there was
only a defender between me and the goal so I dribbled around him and got into a
one on one against the keeper, which I scored. To get through the defender I
faked going to the left using a body fake and then went right the defender went
the wrong way. This skill really benefited my performance because I scored a
goal, we tied the game and my coach gave me some positive feedback by telling
me to try that more in games because it worked well. Another example was
against Wellington, where I got the ball at around the centre of the pitch so I
dribbled towards the front of the pitch and waited for team members to come up,
I then passed it back to a midfielder just outside the area, he shot straight
away and was pretty close from scoring as the ball hit the post. Dribbling is
very important for strikers as they use it as another way to hold up the ball
and to get into much better positions.


Weight training is
physical training that involves lifting weights. It is a type of training that
makes you stronger and increases your power. Football is a contact sport so it
is very important that you can keep the ball and hold it off the defenders
using power so doing weight training is vital. Power was one of my weaknesses
so weight training is suitable as it lets developments in power happen. My
weakness focused on how I got pushed off the ball easily making me lose
possession. In one example I lost the ball at around midfield because of it and
they went on a counter attack and scored I think this was due to my lack of
power. Weight training will be perfect for me because it can be done with
anything ranging from a can of beans to push ups or pull ups so it can also be
done anywhere as long as there is resistance. I will simply get a pull up bar
at home so I can do it at all times. I will make sure I schedule a plan for
working different muscles out everyday and for how long. Although I won’t be
lifting anything like I do in weight training this will build up upper body
muscles so I will be able to hold defenders off the ball. It will make my power
better so it will also have other benefits like my jumping vertical will
increase. Even though I am aiming for more upper body strength, I will also
improve my lower body strength with some exercises making me stronger overall.

This is fine, as it will make me jump higher even though it will mean that I
will have some days less for the upper body.


My sample
session for weight training would be, at first, a program for 7 weeks and then lower
the intensity of the drills. My guide for this will be my BMI, I expect it to
go up, not because of unhealthy diet but because of muscle.

per exercise: 4
Reps per set: 5
Rest interval: 180 seconds
in the middle of sets and exercises

Session upper body – Chest, Shoulders, Triceps
– Flat barbell bench presses
– Seated dumbbell shoulder presses
– Weighted dips or narrow grip bench presses

lower body  – Legs, calves, Abs
– Squats or 45 degrees leg presses
– Deadlifts
– Standing toes raises/calf presses


These sessions are quite good
because they can be done with little day rests periods in between.


The warm-up would be lifting
very light weights for four minutes and body rotations for around three
minutes. I will increasingly lift heavier weights starting quite low.


I will also do stretches, more
specifically static stretches, by doing this I will decrease the chances of
injury happening. Static stretch for 30 seconds each part of the body.


The BMI calculation is quite easy, it is: divide your weight
in kg by your height in metres, and then divide your answer by your height

For me my BMI is 20.8, my goal is increasing my BMI to 24.2.


The main session- I am using weight training. I will wear
clothes that are appropriate, so something that is very aerated and light
clothes. I will also take a jumper because on the way out it can be cold.





Using the principles of training


-Specificity- I am using weight training, which is specific
to my sport (football) as it is a contact sport. I am using a jumping action
for some of the drills which is used in football


-Progression- I will, after I get stronger, increase the
weight of the exercises I do.


-Overload- I will work more focused than normal and with a
real goal.


-Frequency- I will be training 4 times a week, if I feel
like it isn’t enough; I will increase the times I go.


-Intensity- My BMI will indicate how intensely I am working,
but if it isn’t enough; I will increase the weight of the exercises.


-Time- I will workout for one hour initially and the n
increase gradually the time I spend in the gym per session.


-Tedium- I will workout outside as well, to prevent tedium.


-Reversibility- I will have a plan, every time I am supposed
to go to the gym is during free time, also because I will train four times a
week I won’t lose any power and strength lost. By warming up and cooling down I
am decreasing the risk of injury, therefore the risk of reversibility.


The cool down would be a very slow ten-minute jog or walk
and at the end of it I will do some static stretching on every part of the body


My skill weakness is passing; passing is quite crucial for
any football player as it is the easiest way to go forward the pitch and is
essential to be able to score a goal. To improve passing I would use guidance,
verbal, visual and mechanical. I would use visual guidance by looking at how my
teammates pass the ball and how my coach does it too. But most importantly I
would review professional football players doing the skill and specifically
watch how they would do it. I would also watch my own in game tapes to see how
I can improve myself, what I do right and what I need to work on, even see if I
could have made a better choice instead of passing since it is one of my
weaknesses. I would also ask my coach how to improve my passing. My coach would
probably make me do drills, mechanical, for me to be able to improve, but I
would also use tools such as YouTube and watch some tutorials to try and put to
practice. I could and probably would buy some small goals to improve my passing
precision. I would ask for advice to my teammates on how they pass the ball and
some tips on how they make it look so easy. 


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