My aspirations to pursue a career in research and

My early fascination for robust technologies and analytical subjects inspired me to seek admission inelectrical engineering at National university of Sciences and Technology. My prime objective for graduatestudies is highly influenced by my aspirations to pursue a career in research and teaching. I’ve beenmotivated for this since the last 4 years of my academic life after working under the mentorship of brilliantprofessors in my undergrad at Pakistan Navy Engineering College. I believe comprehensive knowledge andstrong fundamentals to thoroughly understand the recent advancements is critical for a satisfying researchcareer. With this in mind I believe graduate studies at your esteemed university is a first step in thatdirection.I always enjoy the physical interpretation of mathematics, whether it is related to demonstrating thebehavior of electrical circuits through integro-differential equations and numerical mathematics, to analyzethe behavior of various waveforms through Fourier analysis or to implement a machine learning algorithmthrough programming to predict the behavior of some event. Courses from my undergrad like ObjectOriented Programming and Data Structures & Algorithms effectively developed my interest inprogramming. In 5th semester of my undergrad I did a project titled: “Design and development of a vehicle’stracking and Security system”. In this project, I developed the code in C++ on Arduino for the real-timevehicle’s tracking on google map and its audio and video surveillance in case of theft or snatching.Immediately after my graduation, I was selected by interview to work in Non-Destructive Testing lab( in my university. During that period, I worked on a national ICT fundedproject: “Intelligent Mobile Robot for Firefighting”. In this project, I developed the code in Python for theimplementation of stereovision on Raspberry PI 2. All these projects have really boosted my programmingskills. Besides learning C and C++ in my undergrad at a great deal, I have also completed online courseson Python1, Java2and Machine learning3 which would certainly prove to be very helpful for me.Now I would like to share how I came to know about Computational Sciences. For my final design projecttitled: “Design and Fabrication of a Demonstrating Module showing Harmonics’ generation and theirmitigation scheme in power electronics based systems” I developed an algorithm for the mitigation ofharmonics using Instantaneous Power Theory. During its implementation on MATLAB, I faced manylimitations regarding speed and time of simulations in the computations of reference currents for harmonics’mitigations. Every time I used to run the program it would take a lot of time to simulate an observablebehavior of filtered waveform. I consulted many professors besides my final year project adviser regardingthis issue. It was the result of these discussions and some of my own research that I was introduced to theterms “High Performance Computing” (HPC) and “Numerical Analysis”. During this research of mine Icame across the field of Computational Sciences. As I was already captivated by all the knowledge Igathered for HPC and Numerical Analysis, that was the very moment I decided to pursue my higher studiesin Computational Sciences.1 we are advancing towards more and more technologically developed and competitive world, I believeone must strive to keep oneself up-to-date with effective ways to simulate modern innovative methods. Thisis so because the future belongs to those having a strong command in modern computational techniques.Efficient and robust strategies for computer simulations are important because they provide an easy andeconomical solution to such complex problems which are often too expensive, time consuming andsometimes precarious to approach practically. Over the past 4 years it has become evident on me that I ammore motivated working in the domains of applied mathematics and computer science. Computationalscience and engineering amalgamates applied mathematics, computer science and engineering. By takinginto account all these prospects, I am motivated to pursue my masters’ studies in the field of ComputationalScience and Engineering(CSE).My decision to enroll in CSE at Technical University of Munich(TUM) is greatly influenced by my sheerinterest for computational sciences which has developed over the time during my undergraduate degree.This field particularly interests me due to its rigorous mathematical nature and its wide-ranging applications.Of all the great study areas of computational sciences, I am particularly motivated for ‘Algorithms inScientific Computing’ and ‘High Performance Computing (HPC)’. These are the two areas I found myselfimmensely passionate of. Machine learning algorithms are vastly implemented over bigdata problems toextract valuable information from them. HPC provides an efficient platform to scale these algorithms inparallel fashion over numerous processors by dynamically allocating the resources for parallelism toincrease overall throughput. This is the kind of work I want to be involved in. While going through thecurriculum of CSE I found various subjects in catalogue D&E which tie in splendidly with my motives.Subjects like machine learning and its mathematical foundation, GPUs’ programming, information retrievalin high dimensional data and scientific computing in circuit simulation are some of the courses that reallydrive me towards the CSE program. The fact that a TUM’s student can elect as many subjects as desired, isa very exciting prospect for my ‘always learn’ nature. Moreover, the nature of seminar that a CSE studenttakes will provide me with an excellent opportunity to interact with highly renowned researchers at TUM.TUM is one of Europe’s top universities and other than providing the opportunity to study interdisciplinaryprogram like CSE, it is also offering an elite graduate program from ‘Bavarian Graduate School ofComputational Engineering’. Being a part of this elite program, working side by side with partner industrieson research projects and the enhancement of interpersonal skills makes CSE at TUM a very distinct graduateprogram. While going through the website of chair of scientific computing, I found SCCS Colloquium aninteresting and interactive event which provides the opportunity to remain in touch with the emerging ideasof the field. I believe this will definitely help me in choosing my thesis’ topic as well. After goingextensively through the course structure of CSE, I am greatly attracted towards this course due to the largediversity in its elective modules and its association with world renowned research institutes. My educationalbackground depicts that I am fully prepared for this program.During my studies of CSE, I would also like to gain practical experience by doing an internship. Munich isa perfect city for this purpose as there are world renowned companies situated there like Siemens, GeneralElectric, Intel and Infineon. Besides a high class academic reputation, TUM is also in collaboration withsome of these industries which makes this university an overall ideal place for me to study. Keeping allthese factors into account, I believe that Computational Science and Engineering at TUM is a perfect suitto my goals of pursuing a career in R&D and indeed I will be honored to be a part of it.


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