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Table of Contents
Abstract. 3
Introduction. 3
Literature review.. 3
Present Role of IT/IS
systems. 4
Health care. 4
Communication. 4
Video Conferencing. 4
Social Media Platform.. 4
Blogging / Media Sharing-. 5
Use of emails. 5
Invoicing/ Text Message
Service. 5
Internet of things-. 5
Habits. 5
Entertainment. 6
Gaming. 6
Sports. 6
Movies. 6
Travel 6
Home. 6
Purchases. 6
Workspace Transformation. 7
Collaboration. 7
Automation. 7
Integrated Technologies. 7
Purchase. 8
Ecommerce. 8
Digital Payments. 8
UPI Architecture. 8
Role of IT/IS for the
Future. 9
Immortality. 9
Cyborgs. 9
Implantations. 9
Augmented Reality. 9
Automation. 9
Artificial Intelligence. 9
Discussions. 10
Conclusion. 10
References. 11



IT/IS (Information technology and Information systems) have
become an important tool in our day to day activities. The information
technology plays an important role in various walks of life. The employment of
IT has enabled people to access, analyze and store information.


IT has evolved to be the single most disruptive element of
the present. Everything starting from home, school, office, government and
research highly depends on technology. The famous author Yuval Noah Harari
explains in his book Homo Deus how information is critical and changed the way
of life. He in facts attributes information flow to the success of democracies.
For a better future, information flow should be more rampant and this will lead
a more connected society.

IT has affected multiple areas of our lives. It has enhanced
communication between people, travel has now become a lot easier now and less
strenuous. Purchasing has been aided via digital transactions, we now have
smarter homes and offices. The lifespan of humans has increased with top notch healthcare.
The entertainment industry has reached new heights with better quality pictures
and ways to convey message. Human habits are being shaped by the upcoming
gadgets. The socializing and interaction part of our lives has also undergone
tremendous change. The method of acquiring skill and the thinking process has
become easier and more diverse at the same time.

In this report, different areas of life are taken up and the
role of technology in influencing it are discussed.

Literature review

Information Technology is not used to its full capacity in
hospitals and related sectors. The use of IT can improve the situation of the
hospitals by improving drug safety. The use of integrating data of the results
of the tests and previous or historical data of the patient as well as the
bloodline of the patient can go a long way in helping the doctor choose the
right medicine. In the future, a doctor would place orders online for the
patient, a robot would process the order and deliver it to the patient and a feedback
mechanism would be incorporated to ensure further data for the doctor, the next
time the same patient falls ill.

Technology has advanced very rapidly and people will really
benefit from these advancements. Augmented Reality would change the way we learn
( Halolens ), change the way we behave (pokemon go) . Cyborgs are going to
exist in the future with the ability to process data and take action
instantaneously and it might even feel like we have super powers. Holographic
data input would make more space at our home, life will be digitized soon.

The way we live our life is dependent on the technology we
have, the future is going to be an exciting place which would simplify everyday
monotonous work and would pave the way for a vivid new life which is beyond
expectations. Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence are the next big
revolutionary waves after the Internet.

Present Role of IT/IS systems

Health care

Technology has reshaped lifestyle a great deal. It has made
our work so much easier for us. Though this has had negative implications as we
tend to sit more and human activity has reduced, it has also given us a number
of new inventions that help us take control of our lives. Fitbit, pedometer are
some of the gadgets in vogue right now. A timepiece has gotten so much smarter
today that it has several features including heart beat measurement built into
it. Our habits are being molded by these gadgets. These gadgets count our every
beat and step keeping us aware of our daily exercise thereby influencing our

Specifically, technology has changed the medical industry.
Doctors are now able to monitor their patients continuously through the use of
RFID tags. Patients can easily reach the doctors anywhere and anytime. All this
has enhanced the lifespan of an average human. People with chronic heart
problems or organ failures continue to live because of artificial organs being
implanted into their bodies. IT has greatly helped in the field of research as
we now have more data to work with. Humans now understand the body and mind in
a better manner. Surgery required dexterous doctors and even the smallest of
mistakes could have spelled disaster. Now, machines and robots are already
being deployed in major hospitals to carry out these surgeries. With more data
being collected, cures for many diseases and vaccines have been developed.


Video Conferencing

Apple’s FaceTime, Google’s Hangouts and Microsoft’s Skype facilitate
video conferencing on desktops and mobile devices. Video conferencing uses the
technology of Voice over IP, which harnesses the underlying IP infrastructure
of the Internet to make free communication possible. Packets of video data,
along with packets of voice and other types of data, are carried on the
Internet. It has several applications like organizing meetings at a low cost,
teleworking or telecommuting.

Social Media Platform

Social media
platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. has significantly boosted the
communication channels all over the world and has helped people to build social
networks or social relations with other people who share similar personal or
career interests, activities, backgrounds or real-life connections. Also,
social media acts as a marketing platform for many firms and appropriate marketing
is done for different users by analyzing the click through rate. Social media
works on technologies like Big Data and real time Data Analytics.

Blogging / Media Sharing-

YouTube: Videos are recorded and posted on YouTube.

Flickr: It’s Yahoo’s social network wherein photographs can be

Soundcloud: Here you can upload your tracks, follow other artists, leave
comments on tracks, and join groups of artists in the same genre for
music-related (and other, miscellaneous) discussion.

Use of emails

 Email services like Gmail, Yahoo
Mail work on cloud computing and provide end to end encryption. This ensures
security and ease of operation.



Invoicing/ Text Message Service

 Information Technology is used to
maintain huge databases (For e.g.- Amazon databases for Google search, bank
records) of background information of users using software technologies like
SQL, Oracle etc. and these databases are utilized at server end of any
organization to
generate invoice messages. For e.g.- account balance statement of bank,
package tracking at Amazon etc.

Internet of things-

It has a huge number of applications like transportation, healthcare,
smart cities etc.

Internet of Things (IoT) consists of smart devices that
communicate with each other. It enables these devices to collect and exchange
data. The IoT device is connected to an IP network which in turn interacts with
global network. It uses technologies like big data, Internet Protocol Version 6
(IPv6), Wireless Personal Area Networks (WPAN), ZigBee, Bluetooth.

E.g.- Smart glasses, smart doorbells, smart watch everything
is connected to a mobile device via IP.


Mobile phones proved to be the most disruptive technology of
the 20th century. A single device changed the way the world is perceived. With
apps and the social media, the habits of individuals took a drastic turn. When
compared to our parents’ generation, we can see the stark differences. In the
same manner we can clearly anticipate major changes in the habits of an
individual in the upcoming future.

In the book Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari, the author
explains how the world of tomorrow would be shaped by information. People would
be more connected and information would flow more easily. The concept of
privacy would diminish and everyone would have a robot as a guide. Even today
we can see how much we rely on google for information. We google if we need to
know something be it food or medicine. In the future, our decisions would be
taken by AI bots which would be connected to one another and would help us make
the best decision. IoT would make our lives much easier. Be it work or personal
time, our routine would be hassle-free with a lot of technological
interventions. With Elon Musk pioneering space travel the day we travel to
different planets for various purposes may not be far away.



Gaming industry has taken huge strides with the advent of
IT. IT enables programmers to enhance the gaming experience of the users by
offering the gaming package in HD packages. Gaming consoles have been equipped
with technologically superior hardware to run processing intensive games.
Flexibility in terms of screen is also enabled by connecting the consoles to


 A couple of decades
ago sports enthusiasts across the world had to wait until the next morning for
newspapers to know the results of their favorite sports. But today, fans can
watch their favorite sports with little or no delay on their TV screens. IT is
also enabling recording and replaying the sport in various angles to the users.


 Folklore, fairytales
and such earlier narratives had elements of fantasy and fiction which were
difficult to film.IT/IS enabled usage of VFX and motion capture technologies to
make such things possible.


Booking & reservation: Earlier, people used
to stand in queues at the reservation centers or pay heavy brokerage to book
tickets and make reservations. IT enables users to make direct reservations
through online ticketing platforms.

Real time update of running status so that the
users can plan their travel accordingly.


Smart TVs and internet aids connectivity of
households with the outside world.

 Wi-Fi systems
ensures connectivity of all devices in the household to a single network.

Households use cloud services to back up their


Purchases are made easy with various payment
options like internet banking, e-wallets.

A number of transactions can be made with just a
single click.

Automatic generation and payment of bills.

Track and record transactions easily.

Firms can automate payments/refunds to
stakeholders by keeping a tab on the transactions.

IT systems at the kiosks or checkout counters
ease the payment process by scanning the barcodes and speeding up the purchase


IT has played a phenomenal role in workspace

A case in point is the increasing workplace
productivity seen around the globe. The present-day workforce is relying
on more intelligent technologies to streamline everyday workflows.
Technology is not only improving physical work environments but has extended
workplaces to a boundless virtual setting, creating unlimited opportunities for
businesses to happen anytime, anywhere, and with anyone.

The following are the three ways
information technology is redefining productivity in the workplace.


Collaboration itself has been
transformative and has taken a new avatar in our technologically advanced
society. Online meetings have become the method of choice for many companies,
doing away with logistical barriers like meeting room capacity, or the
geographical location of its participants. By virtual meetings, more workers
can take part from wherever they are, while remaining active through
screen-offer and talk capacities. Innovation has empowered more intuitive and
comprehensive gatherings. Virtual gatherings have turned into the go-to
cooperation strategy for meeting with customers and for taking interviews. In
spite of the fact that workforces have never been more dispersed than they are
today, coordinated effort has never been more optimal in the working


There are devices that can
mechanize pretty much anything nowadays, wiping out a significant part of the
tedious work from ordinary operations. From web-based social networking
schedulers to auto specialists that will answer and direct your telephone
calls, proficiency has arrived on account of capable computerization devices.
With dynamic human oversight and computerization of the correct procedures,
organizations can see a reduction in failure, enhanced quality and an increase
in execution and general efficiency.


Companies are currently looking
for better approaches to use advances that will empower them to work all the
more productively, while bringing down their expenses. Arrangements like CRMs
and telephone, video conferencing, fax are presently being coordinated together
to offer a more cohesive approach to get to basic information and frameworks.
These incorporations are streamlining ordinary capacities, wiping out
redundancies and making a more gainful working environment.

As innovation keeps on changing
how we convey and function, customary work environment challenges are being
overhauled by arrangements that give improved cooperation, adaptability and
general effectiveness. As the work environment keeps on advancing into a more
virtual and robotized condition, the people involved are in a better position
to focus on their competence and derive the optimal results and enjoy a better
life as a result.



Increase in internet and smart phone penetration,
availability of wide variety of products online and development of user friendly
online interface has led to a shift from retail stores to Online platforms like
Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Snapdeal.

Different segments of E-commerce include Online Ticketing, Online
retail, online marketplace and other portals.

Digital Payments

Proliferation of e-commerce has resulted in development of digital
payment applications like Paytm, BHIM, and United Payments Interface for
various banks. This has reduced the demand for cash and increased the use of
debit cards and online banking.

UPI Architecture


Online Groceries like Walmart, BigBasket,
Groffers have beome popular

Companies like Shoppers Stop, Bombay Dyeing and
Future Retail have also launched online platforms to sell products. This has
led to a significant increase in sales.  

Role of IT/IS for the Future

Continuing in the same pace, we can expect mind blowing
changes in the field of healthcare in the future due to the impact of IT. The
most significant problem in the current years is with medication errors.
Research done by David W Bates in the work titled- “Using Information to reduce
rates of medication errors in hospitals” explains how the future of medicine
would be a lot more effective due to better data gathering and comparing
equipment. Computerization, automation, bar coding etc will drastically enhance
treatment methods in hospitals. Some of the new technologies which can be
expected in the future are:


Humans are
nothing but information and algorithms. If a medium exists to store all this
data, the human can be recreated and thereby continue to live forever.


 Half human and half robot is not something
uncommon in the present age. With prosthetics and artificial limbs being a
common sight the time when people deliberately opt for these mechanical addons
is but a few years away.


 People even to this day suffer from polio.
With implants, abilities be it to walk or read etc. can all be learnt merely by
the insertion of implants.

Augmented Reality

This technology
is fast becoming mainstream with Google contact lens and Microsoft HoloLens. In
this technology, digital information is projected onto the device and gives
better visibility. Deep incisions and surgical cuts can be evaded through the
use of this technology.

Although we have explored AR (Augmented Reality), we have
just touched the periphery of the opportunity it presents. AR will be
introduced in schools for better education. People could click pictures without
using cameras. It being used in lenses will open up a foray of opportunities,
through which everything can be connected like mobile phones; internet of
things comes into play and life becomes much simpler. A tap would move, start
and make things happen.


Automation is scary for most, people fear that automation
would cause them to lose their jobs. While this will happen eventually, people
would find better opportunities too and a lot of jobs, businesses would require
excess man power. Also, people would become more creative and leave the
mechanistic tasks to the automated robots. Automation can soon be adopted by
sectors such as consulting. 

Artificial Intelligence

The hottest topic in town, AI (Artificial Intelligence) has
grown exponentially over the last few years and can be deployed in all most any
task a human does. UAE recently gave citizenship to an AI supported robot.
Thus, in the future, it can be that the humans and the robots live together in
a collaborative world. The uses are as extensive as translation to cooking,
recognizing facial signatures to strategizing a merger. The future is going to
be vivid and truly unknown.


A fundamental change is taking place in the nature and
application of information technology with profound and far-reaching
implications for companies and society as a whole. Information technology is
going through a revolutionary shift driven by the demands of the competitive
business environment and profound changes in the nature of computers. In this
report, we have analyzed the current scenario and future scope of IT on the
quality of human life.

There are some major disruptive developments happening in
the present era. One of them being Immersive Reality including Virtual and
Augmented Reality (VR/AR). Some of the recent developments in VR include
Microsoft HoloLens, Amazon Alexa, HTC Vive etc. Augmented reality could be used
to gain insights and solutions in the field of surgery.

Another technology that we discussed is Artificial
Intelligence and Machine learning. Artificial intelligence is a computer
program which is able to perform tasks of human intelligence, like speech
recognition and decision making. Machine learning is a type of AI where
computer systems are capable of learning, improving, and “evolving” when
exposed to new data. They process new information following a train of thought
like human beings. AI would be used for a huge range of applications in the
field of education (employing robots as teachers along with smart classrooms,
overcoming learning obstacles for disabled students), healthcare (robotic
surgery, organ replacement using 3D printing), transportation (self-driven
cars), financial services and business and marketing.

There will be massive changes that IoT and Big Data would
bring to current markets and industries and household sector such as health
care, public utilities, and other industries and firms. Patients can be
monitored 24 hours a day with sensors attached to the pacemaker. Traffic can be
regulated effectively using vehicles as IOT nodes. IOT can also be used for
target based marketing using the GPS location of cell phones.

Hence, we infer that these technologies would create
unmatched benefits in the quality of human life and industries, and these
revolutionary developments would be disruptive in nature resulting in
replacement of the existing processes. However, there may be some implications
for privacy and security of individuals. Data security and network reliability
are some of the important concerns. Also, the algorithm governing the actions
of a robot must be written carefully as too much reliance on AI might prove as
a threat to humanity.


IT plays a crucial role in improving the way people live,
affecting all aspects of living. Be it communication, healthcare, entertainment
or any other sector, IT has had its impact. In healthcare, it gave us
inventions which help in monitoring patients, surgeries and which measure our
exercising habits. With the advancement of IT, it is now possible even for
robots to carry out surgeries. IT has completely changed the communication
sector. It paved the way for new applications like Skype, FaceTime and for new
technologies. Social Media Platform has further revolutionized communication by
helping people all over the world connect and communicate. IT provides
technologies like Big Data and real time Data Analytics for Social Media
Platforms. Apps like YouTube, Flickr and Soundcloud enhanced blogging and media
sharing experience. Email service providers use cloud technology for
information storage. Large amount of data is stored in databases using cloud.
Software technologies like SQL, Oracle help extract useful information from
this. IoT is the latest technology helping people to live in a smart way by
integrating all the above said technologies. Mobile phone is another such
invention which emerged as the most disruptive technology by employing IT. IoT
and mobile phones make life easier and make information flow smooth. Nut, at
the same time, they should be used constructively. In entertainment, IT
enhanced gaming, sports and movie experiences. Travel has become much simpler
by using IT. Homes are becoming smart, purchasing has got a new meaning and
workplaces are getting transformed with the advancement of IT. IT has helped
people and organizations to collaborate leading to better results. Virtual
gatherings are examples for this. Automation has relieved us from tedious work,
thanks to IT again. Integrated technologies which use IT also help in making
lives easier. In the future, IT grants us immorality in the form of data.
Cyborgs which are half humans and half robots are a step away. Implantations
will become much better. Augmented reality and artificial intelligence will be
the future trends opening a world of opportunities


‘Homo Deus’ by Yuval Noah Harari



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