Music When we hit 18-20, ?ur music?l t?ste is

Music is ?n integr?l p?rt ?f ?ur lives. It ?ffects pe?ple in
m?ny w?ys, fr?m em?ti?n m?n?gement t? c?gnitive devel?pment. Pe?ple ?ften use
their music?l t?ste ?s ?n indic?t?r ?f their pers?n?lity. Studies sh?w th?t
pe?ple t?lk ?b?ut music the m?st when they first meet s?meb?dy bec?use they
believe music t?ste tells ? l?t ?b?ut ? pers?n, ?nd in cert?in c?ses, it c?n be
true. H?w d?es the f?rm?ti?n ?f music?l preferences ?nd h?w pers?n?lity tr?its
?ffect the ch?ice ?f cert?in music?l preferences?

It is ?r?und ?ge 10 th?t we st?rt t? f?rmul?te ?ur music?l
interests, even if we h?d n? pri?r interest in music. In the l?ter teen?ge
ye?rs, self-kn?wledge is in full swing, ?nd em?ti?ns intensify, s? we ?re very
sensitive t? ?ll kinds ?f music. M?st ?f th?t time, especi?lly ?t the ?ge ?f
12, we listen t? everything wh?t ?ur friends listen t? ?nd put themselves in ?
specific s?ci?l circle. ?t the ?ge ?f 14, we disc?ver th?t wh?le w?rlds ?f
music ?nd pe?ple exist ?utside the c?nfines ?f wh?t we kn?w. We expl?ring ?nd experimenting
music ?nd we underst?nd th?t we d? n?t need t? f?ll?w the rules ?f ?ur p?rents,
friends ?nd ?ther pe?ple. We ?bs?rb inf?rm?ti?n like ? sp?nge, ?nd ?ll this
?ffects ?ur t?ste. We end up liking s?me stuff, we end up h?ting s?me stuff.
When we hit 18-20, ?ur music?l t?ste is essenti?lly s?lidified. It’s n?t ?n
ex?ct circumcisi?n, but it’s pretty cl?se. Rese?rchers estim?te th?t by this
?ge we h?ve bec?me less ?pen-minded, ?nd ?ur neur?l circuits h?ve bec?me ?lm?st
c?mpletely structured, b?sed ?n ?ur experience, le?ving little r??m f?r new

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Pr?fess?r Peter Rentfr?w ?f the C?mbridge University, in
c?ll?b?r?ti?n with Pr?fess?r S?m G?sling ?f the University ?f Tex?s in 2003,
c?nducted ? study ?n pers?n?lity tr?its ?nd music?l preferences. They
subdivided music?l genres int? f?ur m?in c?teg?ries: Reflexive ?nd c?mplex
(blues, cl?ssics, f?lk, j?zz), Energetic ?nd rhythmic (hip-h?p, d?nce),
?ptimistic ?nd tr?diti?n?l (religi?us genre, c?untry, p?p), Intense ?nd
rebelli?us (met?l, r?ck, ?ltern?tive r?ck). The rese?rchers f?und th?t th?se
wh? prefer ?ne ?f the gr?ups h?ve simil?rities.

Energetic ?nd rhythmic genres: c?nfident, with pr?gressive
views, s?ci?ble, sp?rting, ?ttr?ctive.

?ptimistic ?nd tr?diti?n?l genres: reli?ble, w?rk?h?lics,
?ttr?ctive, re?dy t? help ?thers, with c?nserv?tive p?litic?l views.

Reflective ?nd c?mplex genres: str?ightf?rw?rd, with liber?l
p?litic?l views, intelligent, p?tient, like ?esthetic experiences.

Intensive ?nd rebelli?us genres: sp?rts, energetic,
?dventur?us, intelligent, inquisitive.

?ls?, Rentfr?w ?nd G?sling c?nducted sever?l rel?ted
experiments. In 2007, they tried t? check whether the stere?types ?b?ut music?l
genres ?nd ch?r?cter tr?its ?f the f?ns ?re true. Initi?lly, they ?sked 74
p?rticip?nts t? ?nswer ? number ?f questi?ns ?b?ut their ch?r?cter tr?its, ?nd
then ?sked t? n?me the 10 s?ngs they l?ved m?st. The p?rticip?nts ?ls? h?d ?
week t? ch?nge their mind. Then 74 CDs with f?v?rite s?ngs ?f p?rticip?nts were
given t? listen t? 8 pe?ple wh? h?d t? guess wh?t the pe?ple wh? ch?se these
s?ngs ?re. It is interesting th?t 8 ?bservers were unmist?k?bly ?ble t? s?y
?b?ut the simil?rity, gener?sity, curi?sity, cre?tivity ?nd em?ti?n?l st?bility
?f the p?rticip?nts. Their results were better th?n in ?ther studies, when
?bservers tried t? t?lk ?b?ut pe?ple, viewing ph?t?s ?nd vide?s.

There were ?n?ther rese?rches by ?dri?n N?rth, PhD, wh?
c?nducted ? three-ye?r study c?rrel?ting the music?l preferences ?nd
pers?n?lity tr?its ?f m?re th?n 36,000 p?rticip?nts. Results ?f his rese?rches
sh?w th?t:

The m?st p?pul?r, ?f c?urse, is p?p music. It is e?sier t?
perceive, bec?use it d?es n?t h?ve ? deep me?ning in the text, ?nd is h?rm?nic
in itself very ?ccessible (s?metimes even t?? intrusive). Studies h?ve sh?wn
th?t f?ns ?f p?p music, ?s ? rule, ?re extr?verts. They ?re c?nfident,
s?ci?ble, but n?t cre?tive pe?ple.

F?ns ?f r?ck music ?nd he?vy met?l ?re ?ls? m?ny. Pe?ple
believes th?t the ?depts ?f he?vy, tr?sh ?nd h?rd ?re pr?ne t? l?neliness ?nd
suicide. But, in principle, this is n?t s?. Surprisingly, c?ntr?ry t? the
prev?iling ?pini?n, they h?ve ?n extremely s?ft ?nd even subtle ch?r?cter.
These ?re cre?tive pe?ple, but, ?s ? rule, with ? r?ther l?w self-esteem. By
the w?y, f?ns ?f h?rd r?ck were the cl?sest t? the f?ns ?f cl?ssic?l music.

F?ns ?f r?p ?re very c?mmunic?tive, independent, ?re ?ble t?
c?mpetently neg?ti?te ?nd defend their p?int ?f view. Their high self-esteem is
?ls? n?ted.

?dherents ?f c?untry ?nd western – re?l w?rk?h?lics. The
s?me, h?wever, c?n be s?id ?b?ut the f?lk.

Cl?ssic?l music is listened t? by uninhibited, c?nfident,
but, ?s ? rule, cl?sed-minded pe?ple, intr?verts. True cl?ssics f?ns ?m?ng the
m?dern gener?ti?n ?re n?t?bly few, ?m?ng them, f?r the m?st p?rt is individu?ls
with music?l educ?ti?n.

J?zz ?nd blues definitely liked by cre?tive, s?ci?ble,
?verc?nfident, kind ?nd rel?xed pe?ple.

Electr?nic music is quite p?pul?r t?d?y . It, ?s ? rule, is
perceived p?sitively by ?lm?st ?ll types ?f pers?n?lities, but ?nly ?s ?
neutr?l b?ckgr?und. Pe?ple wh? ?re re?lly s?re with this style, by n?ture ?re
phlegm?tic. They ?re imperturb?ble, c?lm, their m??d is st?ble ?nd d?es n?t
ch?nge f?r ? l?ng time. It is n?ted th?t m?ny pr?gr?mmers prefer electr?nic

Dubstep h?s bec?me ? rel?tively new directi?n ?nd h?s g?ined
n?t?ble p?pul?rity in just ? few ye?rs. Dubstep f?ns ?re quite impulsive,
intern?lly str?ng ?nd unst?ble.

F?ns ?f d?nce music turned ?ut t? be the m?st c?mmunic?ble
?nd vers?tile pers?n?lities, but ?t the s?me time quite t?ugh in rel?ti?n t?

?f c?urse, there ?re th?se wh? listen ?nd p?sitively
perceive ?ll music?l styles. There ?re few such pe?ple, s? it’s difficult t?
s?y s?mething ?b?ut their ch?r?cter. Presum?bly, these ?re cre?tive,
extr??rdin?ry ?nd unst?ble individu?ls, striving f?r ch?nge.

The t?pic ?f the mutu?l influence ?f the pers?n?lity tr?ils
?nd music?l preferences is very p?pul?r, especi?lly since psych?l?gists still
c?n n?t pinp?int h?w cl?sely these things depend ?n e?ch ?ther. Perh?ps this
indic?tes th?t ?ur pers?n?lity is ch?nging with ?ge. ?nd when we devel?p, ?ur
music?l t?stes ch?nge with us. H?wever, even if we disc?ver new music f?r
?urselves, there is still s?me definite genre th?t we distinguish fr?m the
rest. This genre is ch?r?cterizes us. It d?es n?t m?tter wh?t we ?re m?st
?ttr?cted t? – penetr?ting texts, ?ggressive rhythms ?r s?unds ?f the guit?r.
Everything th?t we ?tt?ch t? in life, c?n serve ?s ?n indic?t?r ?f ?ur


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