Music made to listen to classical music 3-4 times

Music itself does not endanger
suicidal individuals. Many genres are elicited to many different types of feelings
and emotions, not necessarily having a negative nor a positive effect on an
individual. However, specific genres do have more emphasis of negative effects on
an individual’s character over positive effects, and vice versa. For instance,
according to medical reporter Kate Benson, “Listening to rap music can bring out or even create certain emotions
and feelings from an individual that has unfortunately been linked to violence,
theft, suicide, sexuality, and drug use” (Benson, 2008). Young, adolescent individuals
who watched violent rap music videos were more accepting towards violent actions,
particularly against women in sexually subordinate roles, as displayed in the
music videos. Young females whose preferred genre was also rap, were discovered
to also be more inclined to express acceptance of violence in a dating
situation (Copley, 2008). These specific genres of music are inclined to extract
disapproving emotions and actions from adolescents, however, not every teenager
who listens to rap and/or heavy metal display these violent emotions or
actions. As mentioned, it boils down to the approach to these music genres.


As mentioned above, music genres do not only
have emphasis of negative effects on individuals, there are many genres of
music that possess positive effects too, for example, classical music.

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A study performed by researches from the
Graduate School of Art Therapy, Daejeon University, Daejeon, South Korea, put
the theory that music has the power to improve depression, anxiety and relationships
to the test. They gathered two groups, 27 patients in each group. One group was
made to listen to classical music 3-4 times a week, and the control group
having no change to their music listening routine. After 17 weeks, the group made
to listen to classical music showed immense improvements in anxiety, depression
and relationships. The control group experienced no change at all. This study
just emphasizes the concept that certain music genres also possess the power to
heal. After doing some additional research, it was found that this form of
music therapy extends to the animal kingdom as well.


There are music genres that possess the ability
to cause several feelings and emotions to be felt simultaneously. For instance,
one of the many emotions
often linked with jazz is chaos. Improvisation differentiates jazz apart from
other genres of music. Jazz is the act of creating music on the spot. Improvisation,
does not always suggest positive emotions either, especially for people who aren’t
familiar with jazz music. For people who are unfamiliar with jazz, it elicits feelings
of chaos and confusion. (Levitin, 2006, pp 232). However, for individuals whose
preferred music genre is jazz, they describe it as uplifting, joyous, motivating,
and passionate. It is also said to be soothing and energizing simultaneously.
Jazz listeners feel a broad and complex range of positive emotions. Music
genres do not necessarily have a positive nor a negative effect on people.





2.5 The influential factor of music is lyrics.

Lyrics are the most powerful
influencer in music, it is how music conveys the message and idea being
expressed. Lyrics of some music genres, such as rock, heavy metal, rap, and reggae
were reportedly found to revolve around topics such as sexual promiscuity, death,
homicide, suicide, and substance abuse. Fans of heavy metal and rap music displayed
greater inclinations to partake in reckless and irresponsible behavior as opposed
to peers who were not fans of those genres of music. A study performed explored
the influence the genre of heavy metal had on individuals. They were
significantly more aggressive and it appeared to affect their outward appearance
as well. Males’ attitudes toward women revealed that those exposed to heavy metal
music, showed notably more negative attitudes toward women than those exposed to
classical music.

As mentioned above, the lyrics
in rap music particularly contains explicit sexual language, as well as ideations
of violence, racism, homophobia, and hatred toward women. Substance abused such
as alcohol, tobacco, and many forms of drugs are found to be praised in the
lyrics of these songs. When assessed according to genre of music, rap videos
had the highest depiction of violence (21.9%), closely followed by heavy metal music
videos (20.3%). This is due to such portrayal in the lyrics of these genres. (Pediatrics 2009;124:1488–1494).




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