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Music is pure vibrations and has irresistible magnetism. It is one of the powerful tools we have for our personal growth and evolution. Certain music provokes different emotions, if you listen to lot of music that makes you feel motivated and energized,  chances are, you’ll feel that way most of the time, even when the music is turned off. Taking the time to carefully choose what music you allow into your mind can be a powerful practice depending on what you’re going through in life. Discovering new music is a form of expansion, it creates a feeling of the new and helps us turn new pages along our journey, spending too much time listening to old songs that provokes nostalgia can be a way of holding us back. Classical music is often uses in music is often uses in music because of the profound power it has over our emotions. An upbeat classical piece can keep me motivated for days, it creates the feeling of being inside your own movie, valiantly chasing your dreams. As a teenager,  I listened to nothing but Hip Hop, which led to frequent feeling to anger, of course there is nothing wrong with this particular genre, I still listen to it now,  but too much of anything can lead to a negative experience, the broader your tastes are,  the better. Feelings hold great power and are tremendous source of intelligence and guidance. They’re often overshadowed in the face of academic or natural intelligence, but emotions are a potent form of communication from the infinite source, the more you learn to understand and even control your emotions the quicker you can learn to create desired experiences. Feelings perpetuate themselves, the more you consciously choose certain feelings, the more you’ll experience things in your life that naturally that naturally provokes the same emotions. There are basically like a big magnet for our outcomes. The more calm you become, the easier life gets and the better you’d be at guiding your experiences. Suppressing our emotions can lead to a broad spectrum of dysfunction; from outburst to self hate and even illness, illness is a collection of negative energy manifesting itself physically, the more we embrace how we feel the quicker we can heal and become even stronger. Finding a way to successfully vent your emotions is an extremely powerful practice. Using our creativity and ambition to channel feelings like fear and anger is an amazing tool for progression. Feelings are an amazing source of guidance,  follow them, they’d always guide you just as intuition does. If something provokes enthusiasm and excitement, you can be rest assured that this is the right direction to be heading in,  anything that generates the opposite feeling is a clear sign of a bad path. Vulnerability is a powerful trait that is often underestimated, to allow yourself to be vulnerable opens you up to all possibilities whereas holding up your guard constantly would block you off from amazing new opportunities. Most people today would seldom admit their true feeling. I have one of the most common fears today;  the fear rejection and judgement. This fear like most stems from an absence of trust and security in one’s self, if rejected we risk not receiving someone else’s approval or a particular outcome that we’ve become attached to. Do not fear rejection,  it shows great self confidence and self esteem. If a thing doesn’t work out the way you planned, do yew y not take it personally, you have everything to offer,  persist,  be confident in yourself and know that there is a yes out there beyond every no. Be vulnerable, you might run the risk of getting stung every now and then but it will be well worth it to receive an abundance of new possibilities. Life wouldn’t be very interesting without risk. Do not be afraid to say how you feel, say what you mean without meaning to offend, life would be so much simpler. Once a good thing shows up in our lives we often worry about the day that it might disappear and end up missing out on its enjoyment. Enjoy what you have to the fullest without fear of loss. detachment gives you the best of both worlds; enjoying something to the fullest expecting it to last,  while being prepared for it’s end. We’re emotional creatures, learning to understand and control our feelings is one of the greatest tools we have in becoming our greatest versions. So take the time to cultivate a strong relationship them and you’d be well on your way to becoming a master. Use music to practice this; listen to music that provokes all soughted of emotions; happiness, inspiration and peace. Embrace the feelings they provoke to the fullest without holding back.If you haven’t cried to music yet,  you’re seriously missing out, once you embrace your feeling rather than suppress them, you’ll no longer fear them and will develop far greater control over them. You’d understand yourself on a much greater scale and know how to deal with this amazing power that lies within. Don’t be afraid to be emotional and don’t be afraid to dance; dancing is a form of meditation, dance to at least one song everyday, it’s an amazing way to get into your body and shake off stress.


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