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Mrs. Sevilla   Nicolas Chesnick US History period 4  1/23/17    Thomas Edison     Biography of Thomas EdisonThomas EdisonBorn on February 11, 1847 in Milan Ohio.Died on October 18, 1931 in New Jersey.  About Thomas Edison Thomas Edison was a person who loved inventing and trying science experiments. When he was young he did lots of chemistry. Later, he invented a lot of things. He also lost his hearing when he got older. This made it harder for him to communicate to people.  Childhood Thomas Edison was a great inventor that was born in Milan, Ohio and then moved to Port Huron, Michigan. As a child, he had hearing problems and he loved chemistry. One day the mom turned the basement into a chemistry lab for Thomas. Later, when he was around 12 he got kicked off a train because one of his chemistry experiments started a fire. After that, he was forced to sell newspapers in the railroads. In Michigan, he was not as good in school as the other kids in his class. His mom’s name was Nancy and she was a school teacher. She home schooled Thomas so that he could get a good education. His dad’s name was Samuel and he was a political activist. Thomas was one of 7 siblings in the family.  His Mom Nancy told Thomas that he was very smart, and one day after she received a letter informing her that Thomas was expelled from school because of his mental deficiencies, Nancy told him he would be better off being home schooled.   She was very good to him, later in life she did suffer from a mental illness.   His Dad, Samuel joined the Makenzie rebellion in 1837, which was a revolt inspired by democratic activist William Makenzie.   Samuel was a master of smoking, gambling and drinking.Accomplishments  Thomas Edison accomplished many things. He had done many chemistry experiments and many inventions. He started inventing at the age of 15 and at the age of 22 he started to patent his inventions and spread them across the world.  Some inventions were the light bulb, vitascope, and the phonograph. These inventions are still used today and all of them changed the lives of people all around the World. The Light bulb generated light, the vitascope allowed people to watch movies on a big screen, and the phonograph let people record their voice and replay them anytime they wanted. This also was used as a music box. These were all amazing accomplishments.  Patents During Thomas’s life, he received 1,093 U.S. patents and more than 500 unapproved patents. His last paten was for an apparatus for holding objects during the electroplating prosses.Nikola Tesla Thomas Edison competed with Nikola Tesla, a Serbian American scientist whose invention enabled modern day power and mass communication systems. Thomas at one time was Nikola Tesla’s boss. People always asks who was the greatest inventor?Tesla was the most brilliant with a photographic memory and a great imagination. Edison was the most forward thinking and at the end he held 1,093 patents wile Tesla got less Than 300.The two feuding geniuses had the “War of Currents” in the 1880’s over whose electrical system would power the world:  Tesla’s alternating current (AC) system or Edison’s rival direct current (DC) electrical power.  Edison always thought that Tesla’s idea was impractical and that his idea was simpler and better.  Some people think if Edison hadn’t invented the light bulb and other things then other people would have, but Tesla’s ideas were futuristic and the true father of cell phones, T.V. and radios. However, Tesla couldn’t finalize many of his inventions because his financial backer got tired of many years of waiting and failure and stopped helping him, at the end Tesla died poor and alone in New York and most of his inventions were lost to history.   Edison was more organized, he secured all his patents, and him and his assistants had a stable financial situation, so they could continue running experiments and inventions.  So, he won at the end.        Marriage and kidsEdison got married to 16-year-old Mary Stilwell. She was an employee for his company. They had a 13-year marriage. They also had 3 children named Marion, Thomas, and William. Mary died at the age of 29. She died because of a brain tumor.When he died He died on October 18, 1931 in his home. He died at the age of 84 because of diabetes. Corporations throughout the world dimmed there light as a remembrance of him.Legacy Thomas Edison was an inventor and a scientist when he was young. He was a public speaker who was not so social and he neglected his family. When he died is was one of the most well-known respected American hero. He had been in the forefront of Americas first technological revolution and modern electricity. He had many employees and people that worked for him so the he could become successful in inventing. Major events1847, he was born; 1854, he got pulled out from school and had to get home schooled; 1862, he started to invent; 1871, he got married on Christmas day; 1931, he died from diabetes.                         


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