MR temperature of 57–60 °C is extended. In case

MR guided HIFU (MRgHIFU) abscission completely non-intrusive
medication procedure. A speedily augment in the temperature of the focal point
is appeared since the ultrasonic focused beam enclose high intensity. Rigorous addressing
resultant from MRI, bring on heating the aimed cancerous tissues and no
influence on all other abutting healthy tissues and the skin. Tissue
annihilation is possible in case that for a limited time the temperature of 57–60
°C is extended.

In case of huge volumes, the expiration is accessible
by applying an intricate approach or volumetric heating procedure. The cooling
time between the separate sonication is a challenge that has to be considered, empowering
the amassed energy to be diffused. This property makes curations implemented by
MR-HIFU almost tedious. Guiding the central point onward eloquent orbits
conducted in volumetric heating process. The energy source of this procedure is
furnished from the stored heat in previous stage of the procedure in the focal
of the tumor. Correspondingly, each sonication erode a huge region resulted in
reduction in curation period. (Figure. 4)

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Fig. 4. Volumetric abscission approach precept depiction 1


Generic approach and dedicated approach construct the
major species of MRgHIFU breast cancer remedy techniques. The aimed tissue sonication
manner makes the crucial difference between these two sonication mechanisms. The
“generic” approach is extensively employed in medical centers, addressing the cancerous
tissues of the breast from an anterior direction. Direction of the ultrasonic pilings
makes the “dedicated approach” mostly dissimilar to the generic approach. The lateral
sonication of the breast is possible by situating the ultrasound transducers over
the breast, allowing for lateral sonications (Figure. 5).

Fig. 5. breast HIFU abscission (a) Generic approach (b)
Dedicated approach 1


Figure 6 is a depiction of dedicated breast cancer
remedy system. Eight encompassing transducers are surrounding the cup of the cancerous


Fig. 6. (a) Dedicated breast cancer curation (b) eight
circumferentially positioned transducers 1



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