Most thoughts that were running in my mind while

Most of us fail at some point in our lives. I believe that
failures are necessary part of ones’ life which make one stronger and able to
learn from the failures.  I have faced
failures too and it took me a while to overcome that failure. My failure came
towards the end of grade 11 in the subject BTec IT. It was a new course for me
as I have never learnt much about the subject in lower grades. We had our first
assignment submission in which I had failed in the first submission with lot of
red lined comments from my teacher.  I
told myself that It’s just the first submission and didn’t need to worry about
it too much. But when the second deadline came for the same assignment, I
failed again. This lowered my confidence in myself. This was a huge setback in
my life, I sat in room and thought about why I failed twice for the same
assignment based on teacher’s feedback. I thought on how to deal with such a
setback. After lot of introspection, I realized that I need to analyze why and what
I didn’t do well and what help and resources I can leverage to fix it. But that
was not it, the most important piece was missing, which was acceptance.
Acceptance of failure. I could never accept the fact of failure which had brought
me down. I had to accept it as I could not do anything to change the past, as
the saying goes, “One cannot cry over spilled milk”

While facing a challenge, it
is easy to quit. But, if you want to achieve something, stick to the objective
and stay committed to succeed. These were the thoughts that were running in my mind
while I was in my room which made me think about overcoming the obstacles. When
I entered my room I entered with negativity, but after some thinking and planning
I left my room with positivity and an intent to succeed as I could not stand a
bad grade.

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There was a final deadline given
to the resubmission for the assignment. I had a week’s time to fix my work and
to incorporate feedback given by my teacher. I set a timetable for the week,
and planned accordingly on how to fix my assignment. I was determined and
wanted to succeed. I asked my friends and teachers for guidance. I also set my
alarm clock to 5am in the morning as I knew I had to make the most of the time
that was given to me. I set a timetable for the week to plan my time better by
prioritizing work to accommodate other assignments as well. I closed my room
and played music while doing my work to avoid any distractions. I broke down my
tasks into chunks as I estimated on how much time each task would take to
complete. Once I broke down my tasks, it was not so overwhelming. It helped me
stay up to date on assignments to help avoid overload. I also set reminders 2 days before
the task was due to ensure I was on track.

My parents supported me in
all they could, but it was up to me to finish my work on time to score well that
could make my parents and teachers proud. Most importantly make myself proud!

I did a lot of research on my assignment topic. It was not
easy finding the right websites for the information and it was an information
overload. It took a while to find appropriate sites. During my research I also
found documents related to the topic. These documents helped make my work much
easier and efficient. I then came up with the first draft response of my
assignment, reviewed it again and did some further research about the topics. I
needed some more details which I found in books in the school library. I also
got a few of my doubts and clarifications cleared from my friends and teachers.
Based on these inputs I revised my assignment. I was confident that my work was
up to the mark and will be able to submit it in time.

Earlier when deadlines were
around the corner I use to panic as I either did not finish my work or not
confident about my work. But this time, I had a different feeling. It was a
sense of positivity as I had finished my work prior to the deadline. I submitted
my work and in a weeks’ time I got my results of the final assignment. I opened
my mail with a bit of nervousness but at the same time I knew that my work was
up to the mark. It read – “Pleased that everyone managed to pass,
however, in the future I expect you to keep up to date with your work.” I
opened the email, had seen my peer’s results as well, they were all really good
results. I scrolled to the bottom and saw my name on the right-hand side it
read Final grade – “Distinction”. That was one of the happiest moments in my
life when I saw that comment. My time, effort, perseverance and confidence had
finally paid off and I overcame the failure.

This had a drastic impact in
my life on the whole. Now, the way I look at things at School and at home
changed completely with this transformation lesson. Since then I have been doing
very well in my studies and also in life. I had learnt from my past mistakes.
My time management skills have improved drastically by focusing on breaking
down the tasks/challenges in smaller and more manageable chunks and plan better
which is helping me a lot and able to get over some challenging times. 


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