Most individuals tend to fully dedicate themselves in order

Most of the time
people will consider creativity as something owned by artists or people who
have some connection with art in the broad sense of the word. This definition
is not entirely correct. Many people will forget about the fact that most
things like technology, materials or new ways of curing illnesses are all
created through science. “A work is creative if it is original, purposeful on
the part of the creative person, and harmonious or compatible with other human
purposes, needs and values.” (Wallace & Gruber, 1989). Harvard psychologist,
Jerome Bruner said that effectiveness is an attribute which defines the
creative production. Creative individuals tend to fully dedicate themselves in
order to come up with an effective piece of work as a final result. “Behind the
art object there is often an unrecorded trail of work, critical judgement,
selection, rejection, re-structuring and polishing.” (McNiff, 1989). Creative
people produce work from within, using their whole mind. “One of the most
important things about creativity is that it should lead to worthwhile
results.” (Cropley, 1967). Creativity is made out of multiple mental processes
and insight is one of them.


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