Money can buy something for improving our quality, ensure

Money and happiness, money is more
important than happiness


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We know that money, which is the substances what people
want. Also, happiness, the spirits what people also pursue. In this paper, we
will focus on the topic that which is more important for people between money
and happiness. We know that happiness can help us to get power to live more
happier and can improve our life quality indeed. What’s more, money can buy
something for improving our quality, ensure our basic need, in this situation,
money can creative the real things and can impact people indeed. But happiness
can’t do that. For proving which is more important, we will come to analyse the
impact of the money and happiness on the life quality, and decide which is more

Key word:       money,
happiness, important, life satisfaction

How to evaluate someone who is more
successful, how to evaluate what a people’s life is, these questions have
confused many sociologists and psychologists for a long time. Also, these
reflect on an essential question, money and happiness, which is more important
for people? It seems that money and happiness are hardly to have contract with
each other, money belongs to the substances, and happiness belongs to the
spirits. There is paper from Stutzer and Frey (2010)?1? said that, traditionally, it is
assumed that a higher income and higher consumption provide higher utility and
that people’s satisfaction is positively correlated with the financial value of
their life. Moreover, reflecting to the paper of Annabelle Krause(2013)? 2 ?that we acknowledges the possibility
that happiness could also be a driver and not only a response of behavior and
hence might influence life’s outcomes, while there is no doubt that people do
certain things to remain happy or become happier, happiness can makes us hold a
more valuable life.Both money and happiness are very important to our life, and
this paper would analyze which is more essential to our life.

Firstly, money have a great impact
on meet the fundamental requirement for help to improve life satisfaction. L.
Borghans and A.L. Duckworth(2008)? 3 ?put up a famous attitude that money
could ensure the basic requirement of our life and prevented us from the
foundation survived problems. Simply, without money, our food and clothing
can’t be ensured and people would get into danger, which would raise the
dissatisfied and worried emotions. For example, we can know that a hungry man
would feel satisfied to get some food, because it can meet his requirement.
Thus, in this situation, money can help him to buy some food, which acts as an
essential role. In addition, without enough money, we can’t assure our medical
treatment and would worry about our health. People would suffer from more
heavier pressure which influences the qualities of life. Especially in the
relatively poor areas, money play more important role on their life and comes
to impact life satisfaction directly.

Secondly, money can provide people
more choices in many situation and help to improve the life satisfaction. A classic
economic theories of Kahneman and Thaler(2006)? 4 ?propose that higher incomes give
people more options, allowing greater realization of preferences, resulting in
life satisfaction. In many situations, people would feel distressed whether a
thing is worthy to do with limited money. For example, a large amount of people
want to do some valuable things but without enough money, so it remains them a
plan. However with the time goes by, they get old and feel hopeless to do that
without enough money. Eventually, they lose the chance to achieve the goal.
Moreover, without enough money would also reduce the chance to make new things.
We would abandon many new ideas although it’s also suitable for this situation
because we want to reduce the uncertain issues. During this process, people
would refuse the new things and regard those are ridiculous with limited money,
so they have less chances to try for the new things for improving the quality
of life.

In addition, money is one of important
parts of self-worth which can help to improve the life satisfaction. Research (Lucille
Karsenti?January 2008)? 5 ? has identified a number of domains
in which people commonly base their self-worth, including physical appearance,
treasure and individual ability. From that research, we know that money,
individual treasure is an important and obvious part of self-worth. Generally,
people would estimate themselves by the worth what they have creates but not
the happiness of themselves. If a man lives with less money, therefore, he
can’t help others for anything, so he would think that he is a poor and weak
man, which reduces his self-worth of himself. However, a man who has so much
money would often be judged to an extraordinary people because the abilities of
a person would connect to the wealthy. So, he would feel satisfied to himself
and be more confident to do other things.

Actually, happiness which is a
spiritual fulfillment is a mainly aspect for improving our life satisfaction.
There is an opinion from Brickman and Campbell(1971)? 6 ?that Individuals adapt to current
conditions, and the level of subjective well-being tends to revert to a
baseline level depending on a reference point. Aspirations are naturally
associated with the reference point provided by current income. Hence, to the
extent that an increase in income leads to an increase in aspirations, changes
in income may not have a long-run effect on our life’s satisfaction. From this
theory, one of people’s aim is to get a more harmonious and happier life. Therefore,
people would pay more attention on the happiness of their life instead of the
money when they can have a simple life. Without the society development, the
food and medical treatment also improve a lot comparing to before. Moreover,
with the material development, our mental should also improve to lead the
material into the correct direction. Therefore, happiness which an essential
part of mental, play a more important role than money in supporting the life
quality development. That is, happiness is more important than money in making
the quality of life improve.


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