Monetary discover their underlying needs and remind them. Additionally,

Monetary savings The extra value of monetary promotions such as price cut, buy one get one, refunds, rebates after purchase can be explained by linking the benefit with the reference price which ultimately leads to the perceived gain and loss. The magnitude of the decrease in price and the discrepancy from the reference price can make people feel less painful when making payment27. ? Improved quality In order to facilitate consumers who want to upgrade their products, businesses can cut off the price or size down the package. These activities will bring about the same perception as savings benefits, the quality benefit boils down to increase the value of money, however, dissimilar to the previous, it more often than not includes spending more cash28. ? Convenience Sales promotions can enhance the efficiency in purchase acquisition by decreasing the search costs. This is done by increasing the availability of product they want, or actively discover their underlying needs and remind them. Additionally, in order to speed up the decision-making process, sales promotions can offer customers with a simple choice heuristic for buying occurrence or buying amount. This is done by providing consumers with an easy decision heuristic for purchase incidence or purchase quantity29, and by sending them the signals of product price and quality30. ? Value expression The reason for customers to respond to a promotion may be because it provides them the opportunities to express their moral values behaving according to their principles and values, e.g., becoming a dutiful buyer31. This kind of customer benefit comprises of the moral satisfaction gained from fulfilling an obligation. Some customers react to promotions to enhance their prestige as clever buyers or market maven, and gain social rewards or group affiliation32. According to Holbrook, this aspect of benefit can be connected to utilitarian politics and self-respect values as it depicts how customers react to sales promotions to gain status and control over others33. ? Exploration (Stimulation and variety) Due to the nature of sales promotions such as constant changes or attention drawing, they can help customers accomplish their intrinsic needs of investigation, diversity, and information. In the shopping setting, activities such as diversity searching, discovery behavior allow customers to earn exploration benefit34. ? Entertainment Intrinsic values such as amusement, esthetic values are earned through watching or taking part in many sales promotions, such as contests, free gifts and sweepstakes. This type of benefits consists of both active participation and reactive esthetic values35. And this distinctive benefit derived from general satisfaction is applied to appraise the bargain- inclination of customers, which is a component of the emotional reaction to a promotion instead of it of the antecedents36. 


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