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Minecraft Username (IGN): LiegenAge: 14Time zone: GMT +1Country: BelgiumDo you have a working microphone?YesHow many hours a day can you put into the server?:Monday: 17:00-21:00Tuesday:17:00-21:00Wensday: 13:00-21:00Thrusday:17:00-21:00Friday:17:00-21:00Saterday:18:00-5:00Sunday: 15+ hoursAny previous punishments on the server?: Yes i have been banned on the server twice i think but that was beacus my sister was hacking so then i went onto teamspeak explained it and they unbanned me i dont think i have any other punishments.Why should you become staff on HCNations (detailed):?I would like to apply for The HCNations Network because I think that it would spike up my experience and give me some good pointers on being a staff member and I hope that one day I can be an Admin on here but Im pretty sure thats far into the future and first I have to get staff I feel like Im more equipped to be a staff member on the server and that Im a good staff member i think my skills and my experience would go great with the HCNations Network and I can help the server in a dramatic way and help out with their community im a really nice guy and from judging from the staff members you already have on your server their just as professional and you chose really good people i would do just as good your staff members i know its not a contest and I respect my fellow staff members and I mostly get along with all staff members when im staff on a server and i feel thats how everybody should be when staffing no matter how much you disagree with their decisions its a game and a job HCNations has always been the best thing for me and I think that me being staff would help me and the server out at the same time so there are fewer hackers and i get more experience i know that probably everybody is applying and its hard to choose but i promise if you choose me you won’t regret it I would a really good pick for the next Helper on The HCNations Network with me being staff I can upload staff series which will bring more people to The HCNations Network and boost the player base even tho I dont have that much subs but i will grow in timeDo you have any past experience as a staff member? (detailed):FallenHCF(10-30) Helper:So fallenHCF was the first ever server i was staff on and it was a fun server i didnt learn that much of being staff beacus the server was only up for a month and i was only a helperHCClans(60-130) S-Mod:So HCClans was my second server i was ever staff on and i have to say it went really good alot of the people loved me on the server beacus i was a nice and helpfull i was a Trail-Mod and got promoted to Senior-Mod in around 1/2 months beacus i was doing a really good job i was banning alot of people helping alot of people evryone was proud of me i was demoted beacus of me being unproffesinal i told a player i was going to fist him with a stick in the game as a joke but the owner and admins didnt take it as a joke.DivineHCF(10-60) Admin: So as you can see i was an admin on DivineHCF the server didnt have that many people but i was always really good i helped out alot of people i was a nice guy good friends with all staff i knew basiclly evrything of being staff at that time so i was really happy i knew all the commands i knew the times,reasons, all of that i was not demoted on the server but the server ended up closing down beacus the owner could’nt afford it anymore.Hyversal (60-200) Mod:So on hyversal as i already said i basiclly knew evrything but why was it so special is beacus it was a higher and more proffesinal Network at that time Kenzoo recorded video’s on it and stuff so we had a lot of people so i tought i might aswell try so i was demoted on this server beacus someone told me ”Liegen screenshare this guy” i said ”I cant” he took it as if i cant screenshare but i wasnt able to cuz i had to go afther i told them that they didnt belive it and i do have to admit im not a good screensharder later that month i was re-accepted back but that server had already closed so i could’nt be staff anymoreProof#1: Proof#2: Proof#3: Proof#4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FC7qO2M9XPgDo you have any experience in screen sharing (detailed): So as i already said i am not really that good at screensharing i can find some things but im not the best like other people on difrent server so i can not find any Ghost Clients,Vape all of thoose clients i cant find I can find the normal ones like TheBoys,ISP,Metro,Xray like the easy clients i can find i am still looking at some video’s of how people screenshare to kind of learn and look how they do it so i can mabye try and do that on a hacker/xrayer … im always gonna try my best when im screensharing but im sure i will need another staff member to help me just a little bit while screensharing cuz im not goodClients i can find:HuzuniWrustTheBoysISPMetroJigsawClients i cant find:Ghost ClientsVapeBasicly all clients that are hard to find i cant find and i know for some people it is but not all people are the sameWhat makes you better than other applicants? (detailed):I think i should be choosen over other people is beacus mabye i have a little bit more skill then other people Lieing:I dont ever lie i know if i would lie to a higher rank then me that there is no point beacus at one point they will find out and you runed it then so there is no pointHappyness:I’m always happy to log on and start doing my job checking how evryone is doing looking for any hackers if someone needs help i will never say no i will awlays say ”Yes sure how can i help you” i will never let the people down being a staff on a big server like HCNations makes me really happy beacus right now i am really bored and i have nothing to do but if i would get staff i have something to do and i would grind really hardGatherings + Teamspeak Activity:I will dependably be exploring and checking out the discussions to perceive what inquiries people have, and if there is a bug in the server that necessities settling, I’m generally ready to offer assistance. The same with teamspeak I’m generally on there checking if people require that assistance that is required, I typically have a plan where every 5-10 minutes I leave the amusement and check on the off chance that anybody needs that additional assistance.Im also good in knowing what i should do in some scenariosSCENARIO #1:Racist Comments:I would mute him for the amount of time it is for racism, and send him a message saying Hey man could you really stop with the racism? Your going to get a AMOUNT OF TIME mute and once its up I hope you can calm down with the racism for next time.SCENARIO #2Multiple People Requesting Help:If multiple people at once were requesting help I would message them all requesting help and be like please wait a minute Im trying to deal with a bunch of situations at once and trying to help you at the same time. Also then message them saying Ill attempt to help you just give me a little bit please.Any additional info you would like to add: I just want to say evryone sorry if there are any spelling fails i am not english i am from Belgium and i learned english by playing games so dont judge me on that please Thanks. If you have any questions ask it to me in the comments and i will happly reply  Sorry for the big video’s


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