Methanol the syngas. Three independentsteps are involved in the

Methanol or methyl alcohol has a chemical formula of CH 3 OH. It can alsobe abbreviated as (MeOH). At room temperature, methanol is a polar liquid.CH 3 OH is formed from the reaction of hydrogen and carbon monoxide or dioxidegases. The process is called the synthesis of gas or the syngas. Three independentsteps are involved in the production of methanol. There are the gas synthesispreparation, synthesis of methanol and the purification of methanol. One mustunderstand all of the processes from the synthesis to the purification step. Thesteps are represented by the equations below.CO + 2H 2 CH 3 OH H298K= -21.7 kcal/molCO 2 + 3H 2 CH 3 OH + H 2 O H298K=- 11.9 kcal/molCO 2 + H 2 CO+ H 2 O H298K= 9.8 kcal/molAll of the three equations are reversible. Therefore, pressure and temperatureconditions should be controlled during the reactions.Surname 2For example, the first and second equations produce some heat and coolingis crucial here. However, there is some heat that is recovered and for use in theother steps of the synthesis process. Hence, they are exothermic equations.From the three equations, it can be concluded that methanol is not mainlyformed by the reaction of carbon monoxide with hydrogen (CO + 2H 2 CH 3 OH).Carbon dioxide is also an important reactant of the synthesis process as it increasesthe volume of methanol produced. According to Waugh (2012), CO 2 is the one thatsynthesis methanol while CO is a reducing agent in the synthesis process to reducethe oxygen on the surface of the catalyst.The last equation (CO 2 + H 2 CO+ H 2 O) shows the reverse reaction wherewater gas shifts to produce CO from CO 2 and H 2 . CO then reacts with H 2 to fromCH 3 OH.Uses of MethanolMethanol is a very toxic chemical and is not preferred for many uses.However, the chemical is still used in some ways like acting as a fuel, solvent,denaturing of ethanol and antifreeze. The chemical is also used intransesterification to produce biodiesel.Methanol is also used as raw material in the production of other chemicalslike formaldehyde and acetic acid. The two chemicals are again used as rawSurname 3materials in the production of foams, plywood subfloors, windshield washer fluidand adhesives.The other area where methanol is highly used is in the production of energy(Methanex). Even without been mixed with anything else, methanol is used as avehicle fuel, or it can be mixed with gasoline to make high-octane fuel that haslower emissions than unoriginal gasoline.