Mary tours, which made him money but did not

Mary Tyrone is
fifty four year old women. She is wife of James Tyrone and mother of Edmund and
Jamie Tyrone. She has a thin face with beautiful long lashes and the brown
eyes. As far as her physical appearance is concerned, she is suffering from a disease,
in which her hands are always shaking and whenever she sees her hands, they are
wrinkled.  Mary is a morphine addict. At
the beginning of the play, she is living in Tyrone summer house for the past two
months. When we see the character of Mary, we see that she is caring for her
children and her husband, but her character is modified by two strong impulses,
one is her care and other is her hatred, and both passions are modified into
one to give two sighted view of the reality.

First of all we
will focus on the past of Mary, she was a convent girl student, she was very
beautiful and having the appeal to attract the opposite gender, she first met
James Tyrone backstage after a performance in which Tyrone was a protagonist
and she instantly fell in love with him, marrying him and travelling with him
during his money-making tours, which made him money but did not give him
artistic fulfillment.

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She has two
impulses in herself, at first time she abuses her husband because she thought
that Mr. Tyrone was responsible for her present condition, because Mr. Tyrone
use to send her to a cheap doctor, so that his money could be save and on the
other hand she says

”Oh! Tyrone I
still love you and I always love you”

These are the
impulses, at one moment she says that I hate you, and the next moment she says
I always love you and ask her sons to love their father as well because she
always love her husband.

Mary’s Idealism:

Any of various systems of thought in which the objects of knowledge are held to
be in some way dependent on the activity of mind, often contrasted with realism
is known as idealism.

She never had
time to develop strong interests of her own. Hence Mary idealized her father
that is why she at first associated Tyron with his exaggerated virtues,
specially his generosity. Then as time pass on, she could not avoid comparing
Tyron unfavorably with her father who die young.

Tyrone once

”Her father was not the great, generous, noble Irish gentleman
that she makes out”.

In reality, her
father too had a weakness. He drank himself to death on wine, worsen by
consumption. Mary criticized on Tyrone’s drinking habit but the memory of her
father’s alcoholism represses her contempt.

Mary’s Nostalgia:
A sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period
or place with happy personal association is called nostalgia.

As far as her
physical appearance is concerned, she is suffering from a disease in which her hands
are always shaking. Whenever she sees her hands, they are wrinkled and she
reminds her past and become nostalgic that once these hand used to be very
beautiful and I was able to attract men with my physical appearance but where
that beauty is gone and she is always remembering her happiest past.

And the second
thing that she has faced many sufferings, first of all Mary has been addicted
to morphine since the difficult birth of her youngest son Edmund, death of her
father, death of her son and loss of her virginity as a nun. She continues to
blame Jamie for Eugene’s death. Jamie is always looking for the worst weakness
in everyone. The doctor who treated her simply gave her painkillers, which led
to her long time morphine addiction that continues to plague her.

She focused on
everything, why her present situation is happening to her. She curses herself
that my present is happened to me due to my wrong decision, and she is cursing
Edmund, Jamie and Mr. Tyron. Mary’s feelings towards her mother are cold. She
thinks, her mother was a little jealous of her. Her mother wanted her to become
a nun. Her role of wife and mother shattered to ground. Since then, she has
been retreating through morphine to adopt the guise, of the virginal convent
girl, which her rejecting mother had urged upon her when she was an immature

Mary’s Deception:
The action of
deceiving someone or a thing that

Deception is in
the way that she is thinking that she will regain her physical beauty. And she
want that people admire her physical personality. She goes to Edmund, Jamie and
Tyrone and what they do in return they deceive in her that you are still

She often says
that she has gain weight and Tyron says,
are still beautiful just the way you are, you have gain a little weight but you
are still beautiful my love and smoother her hands. (Act 1 pg. 15-16)

And same is the
case with Edmund,
Mom you are still beautiful.  (Act

Jamie says
I can lay down my life for you, you are
my life.
This is the deception that she takes, to just satisfy herself. She already
know her swear condition, and she is living still in the world of deception,
the world of past and all the time she abuses Edmund she says that,
was your being bond that determined my present condition. What I am just all
because of you. Has you been not born, I would have been beautiful right now. And
it was your being born that make me psychologically ill, I started taking pills
and those pills had bad effect on my health”.
Despite of her physical appearance she also has deception when other members of
the family try to keep Mary from knowing that Edmund is seriously ill, and Mary
obviously attempts to deceive herself with the comforting belief that Edmund is
only suffering from a “summer cold”.