Married Michael Smith. Loche Spears. Evan Peters. Yet, there

Married To A StrangerPihu TewariDraft 3She ran her fingers, trembling in disbelief, through the bunches of cash. Flipping across the notes, she was certain it was quite a lot. In a split second or so, something else caught her eye. There were passports, identification cards, legal documents; all with that very familiar face on them. With those deep, auburn color of his eyes that complimented the golden tan of his face, giving it a warm glow. She could see her husband’s face on all of the papers, but where was the name that went along with it? Michael Smith. Loche Spears. Evan Peters. Yet, there was no Eden Curtis. Placing the money and legal documents back into the shoebox, Melissa enclosed it with the lid. Wiping the drop of sweat trickling down her temple, Melissa wondered what all of this could possibly mean. What was he hiding from her? Why had he been lying to her? Breaking Melissa’s trance were thudding footsteps, emerging from the living room. An unusual sense of agitation seeped into the air. “Melissa, where’s my—”, Eden called out as he paced towards the room, but he was startled by the sight of his wife with a shoebox. The shoebox. “W-where did you get that? Did you, um, look inside?”, he questioned Melissa, with a slight jitter in his voice. He got the answer to the latter when Melissa simply asked, “What the hell is all of this?””Look, Melissa, I just need you to trust me, okay?” “Eden, what I need right now, are answers.” Her eyes pierced right into his, but her voice expressed an undertone of concern,”What-what are you hiding from me? What is really going on, Eden?” Eden tried his hardest to convince Melissa to have faith in him.”I just, I don’t want you getting involved in this. Believe me, it’s a lot to deal with”, Eden said, reaching for Melissa hand, but she snatched her’s away from his. “Getting me involved? I am involved! I am married to you, Eden. I deserve to truly know you. Everything about you.” She was conflicted. Hurt, angry, but worried as well. She thought about all the things she didn’t know about Eden, about how she may have married… a stranger. Her heart was beating faster by the second, and she felt the vibrations pulse throughout her body.”Melissa, I’ll tell you the truth. All of it.” Eden uttered, as he gestured Melissa to come sit beside him. He let out an uneasy sigh, but then gulped down whatever it was that was holding him back. “Six years ago, while I was working in a bank in London, I was forced into an illegal organization, CMO. There were threats. Blackmail. My family was put at stake. I was forced to remain silent. Regardless, I took advantage of being on the inside. I collected evidence, gathered any information that could prove their criminal schemes.” Eden noticed Melissa’s rigid stance. She had not moved an inch. The wrinkled creases on her forehead caused by her dubious frown, and the same look of apprehension in her eyes. After a short pause, he went on, “Word got around about my disloyalty towards CMO, and getting caught was a major threat to the organization. I underestimated their power. I had no option but to get out of London, but CMO wasn’t one to quit either. Over the years, they sent numerous workers after me, because they knew I had information that could ruin CMO in a matter of seconds.” Eden slid in closer towards Melissa, looking deeply into her eyes, “Melissa, the worst part is, they may still be after me. I had only heard of the head of CMO. I didn’t know who it was, but I was sure the head of such a powerful company must be no less of a danger themselves. This is why I kept the shoebox. At any time, I may need money or a legal identity to fall back onto.”After a prolonged time, Melissa finally spoke out,”So, you have no idea at all of who the head of this ‘CMO’ organization is?” “No, I’m afraid I don’t, but I don’t care. Since I met you, about an year ago, it really did feel… different, like everything fell back into place. It’s the longest I’ve been without running away. It’s the longest I’ve actually been… happy.” A slight grin seeped onto Melissa’s face, along with a light glimmer in her eyes. A few seconds later, Eden mocked with a playful smirk,”You know, you’re strangely calm for a woman who found out her husband is involved with criminals” A faint grin still fixated on her face, Melissa replied, “It’s just that for 5 years CMO was after your life, and then we met each other, and everything just… stopped?” She tilted her head in uncertainty. Genuinely confused, Eden stated, “I don’t know what you’re trying to say.” With a sudden burst of emotion, Melissa scoffed, “Ugh! It really has been a long, hard year of pretension. You know, acting isn’t really as easy as it seems. I kept waiting for the right time, but I think there really is no such thing…” “Melissa, what—”, Eden raised his voice, his face visibly perplexed, but he was interrupted, “You know how you said you didn’t know who the head of CMO was?” Gradually, Melissa slipped in closer towards Eden until their bodies were in contact. She moved her mouth right next to his ear, whispering into it, “Well, what if I told you that you’ve been married to her for about a year now…”    Vivid memories ran through Eden’s mind at the speed of light. All the little, suspicious things. Everytime he hesitantly put aside his doubt, that voice in his head. His face was blank, flushed out of all color. It didn’t make any sense, yet all the pieces fit together perfectly.    Perhaps, he was the one who married a stranger…


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