Many past year we lost 33.2% of bee colonies

Many people see bees and
the first thing that comes to there mind is to kill it before it stings them.
But, no one thinks of the consequences behind their actions. Bees, especially
honey bees are in danger of being extinct and are gravely dying every year. Bees
are extremely important to our ecosystem and without them we are basically nothing.
As A. Einstein once said: “If the bee disappeared off the face of the earth,
man would only have four years left to live” and that is something really
terrifying to me.

Accordingly, bees don’t
have much time every single year more and more bees die and it’s not something
common. Even though there have been little improvements; during the past year
we lost 33.2% of bee colonies still being 7.3% less then (2015-16) that we lost
that year 40.5% of bee colonies. However even though it was a slight
improvement it still isn’t enough for us to not be concerned, it’s still a high
rate. The year that had the lowest loss of bee colonies on record was (2011-12)
with less than 25% of bee colonies lost. It’s a work in process so we must give
it time but, the problem here is that were running out of it.

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Bees are important to our
agriculture because without them we wouldn’t have anything to pollinate our
food and therefore, we would eventually run out of food. One out of every three
bites of food we consume is a result of pollinators like honey bees. Some food
crops like for example: blueberries and cherries are 90% dependent on honey
bees to pollinate them. Even though there are more insects who pollinate
plants, bees do 80% of the pollination. It is believed that our agriculture has
fifth-teen to twenty-five years left. Now imagine without bees to pollinate
crops, it would be even less time. There’s obviously not going to be much food
and without food we won’t survive for long. Honey bees need healthy crops and for
the crops to be healthy honey bees are needed, so they play a big role in our

Due to global warming and
everything going wrong in our ecosystem because of humans polluting it, we
might just end up adding bees to our list of extinct species. What would be our
world without bees? We, as in humans and animals, would have nothing to eat. Also,
there wouldn’t be many trees which would result in less oxygen for us to
breathe. Imagine a world where they’re barely flowers or beautiful green
landscapes. We would end up seriously unhealthy and eventually extinct as well as
honey bees and when that time comes, I truly hope I’m not around to see such a
horrible world.

            In conclusion, as I said before bees play a big role in
our ecosystem and everyday life and without them we won’t live for long. So,
for that reason, we must spread awareness to people that don’t know the importance
of Honey bees. Only when we start caring about their life and our environment,
our world might stand a chance. We need to think of the consequences of using pesticides
in our yards and plants because they harm bees. Also, we need to stop killing
bees because were scared it’ll sting us, usually if you pay bees no mind
they’ll do the same. Just try to make a difference. Because, if you really
think about it, the only thing killing them is us, which really means were
killing ourselves. Little actions can lead to big outcomes, so spread awareness
and don’t kill bees!


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