Many communications systems can help companies after disasters, man-made

Many communications systems can help companies after disasters,
man-made or natural. Specifically, after September 11, 2001, the halt of all air
traffic left many deliveries for businesses undelivered. The use of wireless
communication helped the logistics management field give more efficient customer
service, even through a national disaster. The use of iPads and tablets helps employees
access company programs “on the go”; this improves customer relations. GPS also
helps the logistics of a business. When delivering goods and services to the consumer,
GPS helps with locating the destination of delivery. This cuts down on cost as well
as improves customer relations.

7. Electronic data interchange (EDI) is the computer-to-computer
transmission of business data. This can help with communication, ordering
cycles, and billing within a business. The use of EDI cuts down on document
printing and usage and improves customer satisfaction. Although this is a
helpful tool, like any computer system, it goes out of date. The Internet has helped
with this outdating. There are programs that are much faster and more efficient
available to businesses on the internet.

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12. Data mining is the use of mathematical tools to
establish a rule within a large amount of data. This tool helps management make
decisions to improve their companies competitive edge. The main goal with data
mining is efficiency.

13. Enterprise resource planning systems (ERP) let
companies put all their processes, common data, and practices together to share
across the company. These systems help produce and access information whenever users
need it. Just like any other computer system, they can be outdated and out
done. After years of using these systems, computers slowed down and information
wasn’t as easily obtained.

16. Using a general rule or principal for every
business’s online shopping is not a good idea. Many businesses provide different
goods and services that require different ways and times of shipping. For
example, Blue Apron is a business that ships ready to make meals, including the
hot or cold ingredients. This service requires temperature sensitive packaging to
acquire the desired result. 


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