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        Many people struggle to decide whether Julius Caesar was a good or bad emperor. Although there are arguments for both sides, the ratio between good and bad accomplishments he has acheived leaned strongly to him being good. This leads to my belief which is that Julius Caesar was a good emperor. Julius Caesar is believed to be one of the greatest emperors of all time because of his great ability at being able to keep Rome in order in addition to winning numerous wars against other civilizations.         One of the many things Julius Caesar is known for is the fact that he has never lost a single war. Along with not losing he also focused on what he would gain out of each conquest. For example, his conquest to capture the city of Gaul was so that Rome could extend its boundaries to the Atlantic Ocean. Another important conquest was the invasion of Britain because it showed that Rome would be able to compete and beat the best. This makes Julius Caesar a good emperor because it showed the citizens of Rome that they would be safe under his rule and that he could be trusted to take action through war if need be. Another significant factor that proves Caesar to have benefitted the Roman empire was his dictatorship. Although Julius Caesar only served one year before his assasination, he proved to be contributory in reforming Rome for his people. Ceasar made immense changes to his empire, which included diverting the numbers in debt and transforming the Senate through expansion and opening opportunities for the positive representation of all Romans. He restored Carthage and Corinth, two major city-states, which had been tarnished by his ancestors. Ceasar also granted citizenship to many foreigners, along with offering his defeated opponents to join him in his government. While undergoing all of this, Caesar also focused on strangthening his rule and power. He did this by supplying the Senate with allies and obliged to be given honor and special titles. After Julius Caesar was assasinated, he immediately became a martyr in the new Roman Empire. A group of lower-class citizens accumulated at Caesar’s funeral. They attacked the homes of Cassius and Brutus. After two years of being assasinated, Caesar became the very first Roman figure to be consecrated. His great-grandnephew, Gaius Octavian unified an army to fight against the troops of Cassius and Brutus. The actions of his people and the consecration of Ceasar shows that he was important and loved by his people. Again, the argument between whether Julius Caesar benefitted the empire of Rome or not is discussed a lot because we reflect on current leaders. Did they shape the world for the better? Were they heroic? We try to answer these questions daily by looking at leaders from the past and try to see if they made an impact, positively or negatively. In my opinion, Caesar was a great leader because he paved the way for the Roman empire by providing his people with eye-opening opportunities. His several victories in the battlefield also played a big role in his stature and hardworking disposition as a leader.


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