Many a deadly cycle when it comes to standardized

students are suffering from debilitating stress levels, caused by measurement
driven instruction. This type of instruction creates higher stress levels in
students and lower success rates after college. Students stress levels increase
because they are worried about flunking a class after just one test. Higher
stress levels can cause illness in students. Because of standardized testing when
students are not given instruction they exhibit no creativity.

Measurement driven instruction can help students and
teachers to determine what subjects they need to work on. “Year after year,
standardized test results have exposed glaring racial biases in our education
system. Teachers and schools are no longer able to hide behind school averages
in performance, and are now having to answer for the low academic performance
of students of color and low-income students. Many parents are being told to
boycott these tests when really we should be looking more closely at the
results.” (Latasha
Gandy) When Standardized tests are examined correctly
administrators and teachers can gather information on what material they need
to teach their students based off of deficient test scores in certain areas.
Every subject in school has multiple course standards that teachers are
supposed to teach to their students. The specific course standards can be
divided into sections of a standardized test, so that teachers can see what
most students are having trouble with. Standardized testing is also useful
because administrators in school systems can see when an entire class has low scores
that teacher is not doing their job and needs to be fired. (it may not be
teachers fault, could be misunderstanding of students as well.) However, measurement
driven instruction creates higher stress levels in students which can in turn
lead to lower test scores that cannot be interpreted correctly by school
systems. “Students, school psychologists say, are keenly
aware of the high stakes attached to state exams. They spend an inordinate
amount of class time preparing for them, and know that doing poorly could
ultimately cause a school to close or a teacher to lose a job.” (Liza Frenette) Stress is a deadly cycle when it comes
to standardized testing because when a student is stressed about a test they tend
to score lower which in turn will create additional stress and so the cycle
continues until a student who is capable of achieving good grades, is flunking
out of school. “Students can feel pressured by their inner drive
to succeed, a quest for perfection or a fear of failure, especially if they may
be unfamiliar with the English language or are not yet up to the reading or
developmental level of the test in front of them.” (Liza Frenette) High stress
levels like the ones Liza Frenette is referring to can cause students to
be distracted in their learning environment and learn less of the material on
the test that determines how well a student preforms in school. 

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