MAINTENANCE Airasia BHD. In addition, Malindo Airways SDN BHD,

MAINTENANCE ORGANISATION APPROVAL(PART 145)1) DEFINITIONMaintenance must be complied with by the organization for approval to carry out aircraft maintenance work. Each aircraft used must be maintained in accordance with Part 145. Part 145 controls the approval of aircraft maintenance organization. Approval of maintenance issued or recognized by Member States in accordance with the requirements of ‘Maintenance organization approval’ from DCA Commission Regulation No. 81/2016, organizations that use commercial air transport will be approved in accordance with Part 145. To obtain approval, each organizational organization produces a document known as an exposition that explains in depth how Part 145 requirements will be met.2) PART 145 IN AIRLINE AND THEIR INDIVIDUAL PART.In addition to EASA, in Malaysia there are many organization and airline companies that have been approved by the Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia (DCAM). Among the top airlines in Malaysia are Malaysia Airlines BHD and Airasia BHD. In addition, Malindo Airways SDN BHD, Hawker Pacific (M) SDN BHD, AWAM Inspiration SDN BHD and so on in Malaysia.The airline has received a maintenance organization approved by Part 145 by DCAM. Any aircraft used for commercial air transport must be maintained in accordance with the requirements of Part 145.2.1) The individual Parts (eg Part 145) are each divided into sections.A) Section A indicates that individual needs must comply and provide guidance on all conditions that can be fulfilled. This is part of the document that will be considered in this course.B) Part B puts the procedure for the authority (eg CAA) to follow to regulate the approved companies and individuals. This section of the document is not very interesting for us and will not be studied in this course.42.2)  The appendices give extra information, mainly about the relevant forms tobe used but also other information relevant to the requirements.42.3)  Supporting documents. Requirements in each section require clarification on every part so there is an Accrual Compliance Method (AMC) and Guides (GM).a) Acceptable Means of Compliance-will be prescribed a method acceptable to the organization to comply with the requirements. This method may be accepted by the Authority only but not oneb) Guidance Material-explains everything about essential content and helps to clarify all the necessary things.3) WHAT IS IN THESE PART?3.1) TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTSThere are several line maintenance there have on each aircraft.Line maintenance shall be understood by LAE or aircraft technicians for the maintenance performed by them prior to flight to ensure that the aircraft is suitable for the intended flight. 3.2) Line Maintenance may include:-3.2.1) Trouble shootingProblem solving is one of the biggest and challenging system maintenance.Troubleshooting is the logical or deductive reasoning procedure used when aircraft techinician are  determining what unit iscausing a particular system malfunction.3.2.2)   Defect rectification.Airplane defects will have a very bad effect if maintenance work is not done on the aircraft and it is high risk for the plane to be in the future. Aircraft survival is very important for passenger safety and cabin crew. hidden defects can be expensive to repair due to the environment or the pilot. Typically, the aircraft crashing process will be conducted by a Licensed Aircraft Engineer (LAE), which holds the appropriate certification. Only as LAE can decide whether maintenance work needs to be made before the next flight or authorized under the provisions of the Aircraft Minimum Equipment List (MEL) or Configuration Configuration List (CDL).       3.3.3) Scheduled maintenance or inspectionThis check has been included in a visual examination that will detect the condition of the aircraft or which is not satisfactory but does not require a thorough examination. It may also include internal structure, systems and powerplant items which are visible through quick opening access panels/doors. Although technicians do not undergo in-depth examination, they should be careful and not overlooked in every part of the aircraft either during departure or landing. 3.3) Aircraft maintained by ‘progressive’ program should be evaluated individually. Basically, the decision to allow some ‘progressive’ inspections to be conducted shall be determined by the assessment. This is because all tasks in a particular inspection can be safely carried out to the required standards at the designated line maintenance station.3.4)This Guidance Material (GM) provides guidance on how the smallest organisations satisfy the intent of Part-145:a) In other words, the smallest maintenance organization will only be involved in a limited number of light aircraft or aircraft components which are used for commercial air transport. Therefore a light plane does not demand the same level of resources, facilities or maintenance work as a large organization.b) The DCA acknowledges that the approval of Part 145 may require two small organizations. The first is the maintenance of a light aircraft and the second is a maintenance workshop for components. for example small piston engines, radio equipment, etc.4) Section B Competent authority4.1) General4.1.1) The authorities must check the number of certificates to be issued, the number and size of Part 145’s potential benefits that have been approved by the organizational management, the level of public aviation activity, the number and complexity of the aircraft and the size of the aviation industry.24.1.2) Establishment of an organizational structure should ensure that the duties and responsibilities of authoritative authorities are not dependent on individuals. This means that all the duties and responsibilities of an efficient authority should be guaranteed in the event of any illness, accident or employee leave.4.2) Qualification and training4.2.1 Competent authority surveyors should have:-practical experience and expertise in the application of aviation safety standards and safe operating practices;2- comprehensive knowledge of:2- the procedure of authoritative authority;24.3)  training on auditing techniques.24.4). five years of work experience to be freely employed as a surveyor. This may include the experience gained during training to qualify.24.5) have knowledge about maintenance standards, including Fuel Tank Safety (FTS).4.6) In addition to technical competency, surveyors should have a high degree of integrity, be impartial in carrying out their tasks, be tactful, and have a good understanding of human nature.4.7) A programme for continuation training should be developed ensuring that the surveyors remain competent to perform their allocated tasks.5) Competent authority – ProceduresThe documented procedures should contain the following information;a) A nomination of a credible member country.b) Title and management name of the authority and duty of responsibility.c) Organizational chart showing the parent responsibility chain.d) Procedures for determining the qualifications and list of authorized personnel to sign certificates.e) Description of the facility.f) Procedure determines how competent authorities ensure compliance with Part-145.6.0) REQUIREMENTS6.1 Facility requirements6.1.1) Organizations must demonstrate that there are adequate facilities and in accordance with their tasks. Not only in hangar for maintenance work but also for repair repair workshops as well. Office accommodation for management and administration. Enough lighting and temperature control enable staff to maintain maintenance and any activity with high security level. There is also minimal noise to reduce the risk of mistakes during maintenance work6.1.1.2) For component maintenance, component workshops are large enough to accommodate the components on planned maintenance. The workshop space must be arranged properly for the planned repair work. There is a separation between different areas such as clean and dirty rooms for repair work.6.2) Office accommodation is also available for the work management planned by the certification staff. 6.3) Safe storage facilities are available for components, utensils and materials. This is to ensure the separation of components and materials that can be used no longer in use.7) APPLICATION OF MAINTENANCE ORGANISATION APPROVAL7.1)In the case of an organization comprised of 2 maintenance rules under regulations 31 and 32 MCAR, the applicant shall submit –regulation 31 of the MCAR Regulation 32 of the MCAR(a) application form DCA / AW / 6501-01 (a) application form DCA / AW / 6501-01(b) an organizing expo of the organization (b) an organizing expo of the organization(c) Form DCAM 4 Form for each person specified (c) Form DCAM 4 Form for each person specified(d) the applicable fees. (d) the evidence of the organization has been approved as a maintenance organization by the local national aviation authority (e) proof of need from local operators (f) the fees.7.2) The application form shall be signed by the nominated accountable manager.38) ISSUE OF MAINTENANCE ORGANISATION PROVISIONAL APPROVAL AND MAINTENANCE ORGANISATION APPROVAL FOR ORGANIZATION LOCATED IN MALAYSIA8.1) An organisation may be entitled to have a provisional certificate of approval for maintenance organisation if:8.1.1) Notice of an airline must manage the security management system in an orderly manner specified in notice 2101 and comply with all applicable requirements in the notice to obtain a certificate of provisional approval for maintenance.8.1.2) the purpose of obtaining a temporary graduation certificate is to perform a coordinated maintenance activity in each hangar provided the conditions specified in the certificate to demonstrate technical competence.8.2) To perform maintenance activities in accordance with the conditions specified in the certificate must have received a temporary approval certificate entitled to demonstrate technical competence.8.3) for organizations involved in the maintenance issued by the Director General if the Director General is satisfied with the organization holding a certificate of provisional approval having: -8.3.1) existing technical competence8.3.2)meet the condition details specified in this 6501 notice.8.4) If the certificate of approval has been issued by the DCA, the temporary approval certificate will be terminated immediately.9) HOW DO THIS OPERATE?9.1)The system must be placed to plan the availability of personnel, equipment, equipment, materials, maintenance data and facilities to ensure that all work is carried out safely.49.2)This can consist of very simple systems and complex arrangements involving specialized departments depending on their sizeand organizational complexity. 9.3) Strategic planning systems are very important for employees to avoid interfering with other things. Providing work schedules for employees to avoid unnecessary stresses. Organizations should make the table properly.9.4) Creating an information delivery system after the final element of effective production planning.9.5)  Airplane paperwork must be kept as aircraft maintenance records. This information is not sufficient enough to give the correct submission when there is a change of shift. The system is usually handed over by writing. The information must be clearly written so that the next employee can read and continue their assignment without any mistake.10)Equipment, Tools and Material• Organization Part 145 must possess and use the correct equipment• and equipment to carry out all authorized work• Use certain tools to do certain work.• Always provide all the tools for work to be carried out including night and weekend shifts.• All measuring or test equipment on the aircraft must have a conversion and inspection program following the instructions.• The company must keep a record of all of these tools• including their inspection and calibration status and records of any repairs.411) Personnel Requirements• A person must be appointed as a ‘responsible leader’ to be responsible for ensuring that all resources are in good and sufficient condition.• Authorities must accept responsible managers but not necessarily technical know-how. It is also responsible for the safety and quality of the company.• Responsible management must appoint a quality manager to assist them in establishing and maintaining an independent quality system.• Organizations must establish and control the efficiency of all maintenance, management and quality personnel to ensure that the level of efficiency is acceptable. Includes technical competence.12)Certifying staff• To maintain aircraft or components shall ensure that the certification personnel have sufficient knowledge of the aircraft or components maintained with the relevant procedures.• Ensure that all employees receive adequate training continuity within 2 years. This ensures staff have the latest knowledge on related technologies and human issues.• Ensure that all personnel certification involves at least 6 experience in aircraft maintenance or component maintenance in any period of 2 consecutive years.• When the cateria is met by a person, the organization needs to evaluate the competence and the individual’s knowledge of the process company.-When all these conditions have been met, the organization will issue a document on the certification truth to the individual.13) CONCLUSION In conclusion, approving the maintenance organization Part 145 is very important in an organization to do maintenance work at all times. With the approval of AMO Part 145 this maintenance work is more organized and safe for all staff who perform maintenance work on hangar and anywhere. Part 145 also provides comfort and safety for employees while conducting aircraft maintenance work. With the presence of Part 145 the aircraft will be properly maintained and qualified as experienced and skilled workers in this field.


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