Magnet to lift an object from the water then

Magnet fishing is the use of
magnets to get objects from water bodies. The magnet has a loop attached to it.
The rope or loop is tied to the magnet and then cast to the water where the
objects attach themselves on to it.

The activity is not only fun
but it is becoming a hobby for most people in the world. People who are out fishing
have discovered various objects which are hard to find with normal fishing

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 It does not matter your age. As long as you
have a strong magnet that will manage to lift an object from the water then you
are ready to go and enjoy this exciting adventure.

There is the excitement that
comes with not only fishing but also getting treasures that families have
managed to get as they fish. Most of the people have taken these materials that
they finds and painted them to make treasures that they keep at their homes.

Fishing with the powerful
Neodymium magnets have brought to the field some of the material that cannot be
fished by the normal fishing rods. One of the fisher discovered a submachine
gun MP40 that was used during the World War 2. 

What is magnet fishing?

Magnet fishing is the use of
a strong magnetic where you try and grab ferrous objects made of metal that are
lost or hidden underwater.

The trick is to use a strong
magnet to grab something that has been hidden, lost or you want to grab
something that you have seen.

This could be in the lake,
pond or a river. The MMS –G magnets are more popular and have an eye-hook that
you attach the cable. Magnetic fishing is an exciting outdoor activity that you
take with your friends and families. Some of the customers who have used the
MMS-G magnets have reported success adventures.

The good results are
experienced as the magnet and the ropes are screwed together. There is a  small space that is between them. Still, You
can use a cable or a cord which will give you same perfect results. This idea
results to one catching more objects or material that are below the water

It is an inexpensive outdoor
activity that offers you a chance to fish as you interact with the environment.
Imagine discovering and fishing a ferrous object that will turn out to be a
treasure? Sounds exciting.

 The thrill and the experience of the hunt and knowing
that you will bring to the surface an ancient metal object adds more fun to the
whole activity.  The excitement and the
adventure of finding unimaginable objects which are a mystery is exciting.

Some of the material as some
of the customers have reported have been taken up by the authorities and they
have discovered that the objects are treasures.

The objects still have been
found to be materials of missing things like planes which have over time not
been recovered fully from the water bodies. The authorities take such material
which they store in their archives and subject them to laboratory tests to
determine their origin.

The magnetic fishing with
powerful neodymium magnets has resulted to more discoveries of objects from the
water bodies unlike the normal fishing and hunting.

Metal detecting hunting is a
powerful and wonderful outdoor activity which is a thrill to the adventurous
people and gives them a chance to interact with the environment. They are able
to hunt some of the bets and find treasures that are interesting.

Magnet fishing setup.

The magnet fishing setup is
what is needed to make this whole outdoor adventure worthwhile and successful.
Probably you have no idea which rope to buy or which magnet fishing magnets
that you require.

Magnetic fishing is not an
expensive hobby. It is an activity that can be undertaken by all people who are
adventurous and who are curious to find what could be lying beneath the water.
There are things required to have the basics.

First you need to
purchase a strong magnet and it should have a hole in it. The magnet should be
able to pull an object of 50 kilograms /110lbs.

The other
important thing is the rope. The rope required for magnetic fishing must have a
tensile strength the same strength as your magnet.

Next you need to
have a good location where you need to hunt. This could be a lake, river the
ocean. Where there are water bodies, then you can be sure that the magnet will
definitely pick some objects.

Most important
you require patience. Remember that you have no idea where you will get these
objects since it is a big lake with a small magnet. The idea is to hunt and
wait to see what you will hunt.

 Being patient means that even if you hunt
small objects and your desire is to get large object the thrill to continue is
high. Just like treasure hunting, magnetic hunting is not for the impatient.

The magnet fishing supplies are crucial in order to make the
hunt an enjoyable experience.  Having the
required supplies like the best rope and the right magnet only ensures that you
are able to capture objects with much ease.

Magnet fishing

The use of a Neodymium magnet for fishing is effective as it
is a strong magnet that enables people to capture strong objects from beneath
the water surface.

The NASA Propulsion Laboratory uses the neodymium magnet in
each and every of their Mars Exploration. The magnets collects and capture dust
used for examination when on the mission.

 The Neodymium magnets
are used to find meteorites. The earth is bombarded with space meteorites and a
strong neodymium magnet can help you hunt the ones that falls near you.

The magnets are still used to re-magnetize old magnets. The
bar magnets and the Alnico magnets can be demagnetized if they are dropped,
repelled against other magnets or stored without a keeper.

Instead of getting rid of them, you can re-magnetize them by
use of neodymium magnets. You just stroke the north pole of a neodymium strong
magnet from the center of the alnico magnet with the South Pole end of the
horseshoe for several times.

Also stroke the south pole of the neodymium magnet from the
alnico center of the magnet to the north end of the horseshoe for several
times. This will result to the recharging of the worn out alnico magnet

The best magnets for
magnet fishing include:

Magnetics 249 LB Super Powerful Neodymium Cup Magnet 

The CMS Magnetics 249 LB Super Powerful Neodymium Cup Magnet.
This magnet is made of strong and powerful neodymium magnet that is inside of a
chrome plate steel cup that concentrates the whole magnetic force and bring the
outmost unrivalled force of 249 lbs holding power.

The 249 lb fishing hook saves the hassle of finding pieces
of making a fishing magnet or keeping track of many pieces during assembly by
making it an all one kit.

Instead of a countersunk hole which goes through your
magnet, the CMS magnet uses solid strong and super neodymium magnet which
increases strength. There is no material that gets lost through the countersunk

It is recommended to add a thread locker to the fishing
magnet in order to utilize all the power of the fishing magnet. The thread is
added to the eye bolt before using it which prevents the eye bolt backing out
from the twisted rope.

CMS Magnetics 405 LB Super Powerful Neodymium Fishing

The fishing magnet is made of strong and powerful neodymium magnet inside
of a plated chrome steel cup. The steel cup concentrates all the strength and
force in order to give the unrivalled and outmost holding power of 405lbs.

The 405lbs hooks reduces the
hassle of finding the pieces to make a fishing magnet. You are able to keep
track of the multiple pieces used during assembly by making it an all one kit.

Instead of having a countersunk hole going through your
magnet, the CMS magnet uses solid super strong neodymium magnet which increases
the strength. There is no material that is lost through a countersunk hole.
This is a powerful magnet to use which has over 350lh lift strength.



CMS Magnetics 173 Pound Holding Power Neodymium Cup
Magnet with Eyebolt.

This magnet
has a neodymium magnet with 173 pounds total capacity holding power. It has a heavy
duty eye bolt which allows you to make use of the holding power of the magnetic

The cheaper and weaker cup magnets will have you go and look for pieces
to assemble, this magnet is embedded and has many pieces to assemble. The
magnetic cup is embedded and has a female like thread stud that allows secure
attachment. Its eye bolt and the cup are coated to give them a shiny finish and
prevent rust. This gives them a longer life when in use under water.

This magnet is suitable to use in lakes, lakes or rivers. You can replace
the eye bolt with a threaded cup that is custom made. The holding power is 173
pounds with a base thickness of 0.5 inches. This makes it one of the suitable
neodymium magnet for fishing.

 What is retrieval magnets and recovery

There are two main types of
magnets. The pot magnet assemblies and the raw magnets. The retrieval magnets
and the magnet fishing recovery are mainly and commonly used in the United
Kingdom. They have been endorsed in the latest craze of magnetic fishing.

What is the best rope for magnetic fishing?

The best rope for magnet
fishing has to be water resistant strong and has a high weight tolerance to
withstand and lift heavy loads e.g. nylon paracord rope.

If you have a 110 kilograms
load magnet, the fishing line might not be of much help if the load is very
heavy unless the line is super strong.

It is advisable to go for a
rope that has minimum tensile and a breaking strength of 550 lbs that is
250kgs. The rope has 7 strands and it is extremely durable and strong.

Best places to magnet fish.

Now you have the rope and you
have the magnet. The only thing remaining is the best places to magnet fish.
The only thing that you need first is the water. I guarantee that beneath the
water you will definitely find something-anything.

If you want to catch
something else rather than just the usual caps and coins and nails, you have to
carefully select the location.

Here are some of the things to consider when you are
selecting your location.

The place has to
be in an area where it is frequented by a lot of people. People drop things and
with that you are sure to find something.

The place has to
be well and easily accessible. People always tend to throw away things that
they don’t want to be seen and found in the water. Now it’s our hobby to look
for it.

The water has to
be at least 3 feet and 1 meter deep. In this case the items thrown in the
waters are not seen with our own eyes unless retrieved through fishing. If the
water is clear then I would say 2 meters deep and 6 feet.

If the area has
abridge nearby, then that is a perfect area to consider. People with bad
intentions throw things off the bridge.

The place has to
have a lot of water current. People are not able to find the things that they
throw since they are carried by the current.

The current
ensures that where you throw the object is not the same place that you will
retrieve it since the current has washed it away.

If the place is a
historic town or a war site and there is a water body nearby, then that is a
considered place where you will fish objects. War sites are known to harbor a
lot of materials from the war. Some customers have retrieved unbelievable
catch. They may include, war guns, bullets and other war objects.

Places of
interest like near the parks are also considered to have materials that you can
fish. This is because the flow of people is constant and objects and materials
are dropped often to the nearby lakes.

‘Just one more cast’.

Patience is a virtue. In this
case you require patience in plenty. There is no specific area that you are
sure that you will get the objects.

 Just one more cast and you can be sure that
you will have a huge catch.  Just one more
cast and you are minutes away from finding your next big treasure.

 Scaling over a large area like a lake while
you are casting your net will have you capturing all types of materials. But,
there is that just one more cats that will leverage everything and make your

When you capture an ancient
piece or a meteorite you have yourself a big catch.

Magnet fishing finds.

People have found all manner
and types of materials and objects from beneath the water. The magnet fishing
finds have yielded in awesome and thrilling finds. They start from anything
from mere scalp metal, WW2 machine guns and swords.

These finds include.

A six year girl who was out
hunting with her parents retrieved 3,000 bullets from a river that was near an
army base. The unbelievable catch was found at old bridge under a Viaduct
in Pirbright. The hunters were stunned to find steel tip bullets at the Pirbright
Army Training Centre. Source

One person while hunting found a Civil War Cannonball at a river
in Leicester. There are also dozens of knives and swords thrown to the river
through potential crime.

A code breaking machine was also found at the bottom of a
pond. A fisherman once found a diamond ring at the river of Thames.

An orate cutlass was discovered from the water in Convertry
while a pistol was found at Tukaway up from the Babingley River in Norfolk.

Marie Kirkman a magnet fisher
enthusiast, pulled an unexploded World War 2 shell from a canal. She had no
idea what she had retrieved until she posted the picture on to the social media
that she found out what she had hunted. 

 The unexploded shell was retrieved from the
Trevor Basin that is next to the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct World Heritage site in
Wrexham County. During the World War 2 it was a home to many nearby munitions
factory on the Llangollen Canal.

She explained that, that was
one of her huge finds since she always found coins, boat machinery, and railway
components but after her latest find of the WW2 shell, she was hesitant to come
back to magnet fishing.

Other things which have been
found are bike frames which have been lying and left underwater. The lost
treasures like the pirate who discovers a treasure.  There are boxes full of coins and jewelry
found in the lake or ponds.

There are lost fish hooks
which have been left by the fishers.  As
long as you are using a fishing magnet all these steel materials will be
retrieved together with coins.

Still some of the finds near
bridges have things like penknives, fishing tackle, silver spoons, bullets,
money boxes and alot of steel materials.

Is magnet fishing legal?

Magnet fishing is an awesome
and great hobby. People in the world are discovering this hobby and taking it
by storm. You never know what you will find next.

Magnet fishing is not
illegal. If you are magnet fishing on public property there is no law that
prohibits you from fishing. There are no recorded incident of people breaking
the law that would prompt the activity to be banned or unauthorized.

However, if you are magnet
fishing on private property, there are laws that will limit you since it is
trespassing. Ensure you get permission from land owners in case you have to
hunt from their property.

There are plenty of water
bodies that are around you that you can visit and enjoy magnet hunting without
upsetting land owners.

Riparian rights is where the
canal or the lake has made an encroachment upon a land that is private.  This is where a land lies in the middle of a
water body. In this instance it is free to go on with your magnetic hunt.

The most important factor
when you are hunting is safety. Ensure that your safety and the other people
are not in danger of the objects that you have hunted.

 Always be considerate and if you suspect an
object is dangerous or risky, make an effort to let the authorities come and
pick it as soon as possible. Remember some of the objects could be grenades
which can explode is mishandled.

Do not magnet fish in an area
that fishing is not allowed and remember to take a fishing partner. You are
able to view your activity as environmental friendly and realize that fishing
helps to clean the waterways.

 The activity should be encouraged as there are
so many objects that are hunted and some of them are treasures.

Getting the objects from the
water in return results to the water becoming clean in the long run.  Some of the metals are corrosive and
therefore harm the living creatures in the water.

What are the laws around magnet fishing/ extracting
objects from bodies of water.

Different countries have
different laws and vary from one country or state and the best decision is to
consult with your local government before you start magnet hunting to avoid

If you are unsure, it is
advisable to seek guidance from the authorities. For instance, In the United
Kingdom magnet fishing is controversial. Some people argue that magnet fishing
is safe since you do not harm any person or anything on the land.

On the other hand, some
people argue that all canals and rivers have owners and as you magnet hunt, you
are trespassing.

To be safe, it is important
to consult and inform the environmental agency, government or private owner. In
most cases you find that they have no problems and will allow you to magnet


When you magnet hunt and find
that you did not find objects that are not useful, do not throw them back to
the water. Dispose all the rubbish carefully. Be careful where you throw away
line and magnet.

Ensure that the magnet is
propeller disposed to avoid a situation where it will attach itself to the boat
propeller or the water craft.


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