Lyusyen There was a time in Chapter one where

Lyusyen Loshak07/20/2017LemersalHAL Summer AssignmentBlack Boy – Chapter 1The short novel “Black Boy” by Richard Wright, starts off with the narrator and his brother sitting silently in their lonely home in Mississippi. They are sitting alone because of their mother’s command. She asked them to sit silently in their room because Richard’s grandmother was dying. Richard being the boy that he was, took some straws from a broom and slowly started setting them on fire one by one. As he accidently placed the flame by the living room curtain, the whole house sets to fire. He as well as his brother got startled by the fire which caused them to run out and hide. After his parents find all of the family members, they are relieved that everyone made it out alive. Soon after, Richard’s parents find out that he was responsible for the fire and beat him. The beating was so bad that he nearly survived. After that moment, Richard began to think about all the sins that he’s caused. He tells some stories to his mom and then went out to buy groceries. The neighbors had beat him and had stolen all of the groceries that Richard bought which made him into the strong person that he ended up to be.This moment was one of the most powerful in the book because this was the foundation of what Richard needed in order to become as strong as he could. Personally, I could relate to being punished in a similar way that Richard was as a kid. I guess it was just the way our parents are trying to make the best of us and prevent us from doing harm as we grow up. I found it astonishing that he was treated just as poorly by his parents as he was by his neighbors. His neighbors beat on him and stole his groceries. There was a time in Chapter one where Richard was telling stories to his mom and brought up how he killed a cat. It wasn’t his decision, nor his fathers. It was the command that his father gave that Richard took so seriously. All his father was asking was for the cat to not make any noise. Later they talk about their money issues and bring up “You owe a debt you can never pay. I’m sorry. Being sorry can’t make that kitten live again.” Richard’s actions have hurt the living thing more than he was trying to hurt the father. I learned something about the author in chapter one, and it was that life may sometimes not be on your side, but that doesn’t mean that you should stop trying and give up. In this case, being black in the South was really hard back then. People were against them and showed acts of racism everyday. “I was a drunkard in my sixth year, before I had begun school. With a gang of children, I roamed the streets, begging pennies from passers-by, haunting the doors of saloons . . . .”  Survival was very limited in those days and not only did Richard survive, but he became a well know person as well. Wright uses metaphor to show the readers how hungry he was. Hungry to leave the South.Black Boy – Chapter 7 1923 comes along, and Richard Wright is dedicating his time in order to become an author. He continues on to look for a job that will pay him enough in order to buy books and improve his knowledge. Of course being a black boy, it is hard to find a job let alone a job that pays well. He finally finds a job as a water boy. A few days on the job, and Richard gets bit by the owner’s’ dog. Reading a lot of books made him think that he could get infected. The owner remarked a racist comment  “dogs can’t hurt’ African Americans with their teeth” which made Richard happy about the uninfected bite, but angry enough that he had left to look for another job. He is entering eighth grade and with all the money that he’s earned, he could barely afford the school text books. One day, Richard decided to write about a man that attempted to steal a widow’s house. He thought of the story and named it “The Voodoo of Hell’s Half-Acre.”  Everything was going as he planned, and then he submitted the work to the local paper. The man working for the paper agreed that he would publish the book. There was one catch, that Richard wouldn’t get paid because he is a youngster. This is how Richard’s writing career had begun. I considered this to be the second powerful moment in the book because this was layed out perfectly for Richard in order to become a writer. His hard work and dedication that helped him by books had also helped him study the material and become a great writer himself. As i was reading, I felt chills through my spine when I saw how much success he was receiving because of his great knowledge. The reason why I was impressed with his accomplishments, was because it was hard for African Americans to pursue anything in life especially writing during the early 1900’s. “Son, you ought to be more serious. You’re growing up now and you won’t be able to get jobs if you let people think that you’re weak-minded. Suppose the superintendent of schools would ask you to teach here in Jackson, and he found out that you had been writing stories?”  Richard Wright was able to accomplish this at such a young age which proved that all people are equal and that anyone can become whatever they want to become. I learned that the author had pursued his dreams by trying everything in order to forget his past which included a  lot of beatings, torture, robbery, and stuff that you people wish that they’d never have to witness. Throughout Chapter 7, Wright used diction when asked about what grade he was in school?… “Seventh, ma’am. Then why are you going to school?’ Well, I want to be a writer.’ A what?’ A writer.”Black Boy – Chapter 14 Chapter 14 was the most difficult chapter to write for Wright. He as well as his whole family decided that they would be leaving for Chicago. Even Aunt Maggie decided to join in on this. For Richard, this was what he thought he wanted. Until he started to think about what’s holding him back from leaving. “Yet, deep down, I knew that I could never really leave the South, for my feelings had already been formed by the South, for there had been slowly instilled into my personality and consciousness, black though I was, the culture of the South. So, in leaving, I was taking a part of the South to transplant in alien soil, to see if it could grow differently, if it could drink of new and cool rains, and bend in strange winds . . . .”  He believed it was his courage that he lost from reading and writing all those books. He told his boss that he would be leaving for Chicago and the boss as well as the workers ask Richard the reason on why he’s leaving. They all thought that it was encouraged by all the books that that he had read. Simply, Richard states that he is leaving for the south in order to be with his mom. His mom wanted to move down there and he’s just following her around. After Richard said that, his worker Shorty comes up and wishes that he would move down there as well, but doesn’t have enough courage to do so. Just like Richard.This was considered to be the final powerful moment in the book, because this was the time and place where everything bad has ended for Richard and he finally has  a chance to move. This move would take him away from what started it all, and that’s exactly why Richard thinks he can’t do it. Richard and his family ended up moving north the upcoming day. Through a long and hard thoughtful process, Richard ends up making the assumption that no one ever knew him down in the South. He believed that the reading he did as a young adult “evoked in him vague glimpses life’s possibilities.” With this belief he just had to go out and find something new in the world, and in that case it was to move up to the north and change his whole life. Emotionally wise, I was saddened by the fact that he ended up leaving the South where all of his childhood was spent. Even though his early life wasn’t necessarily his best life, he still adapted and had grown up with something better than what everyone else had. That something better, was knowledge. I learned that the author had something better waiting for him in life. Us as readers wouldn’t know what that better was because we can’t determine the future for everyone. Wright grew up to be an amazing person as well as writer. This would’ve never happened if it wasn’t for his hard work and determination. This also wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for his urge to stop racism and implement equal rights. Throughout the book the author used imagery to describe the boss’s reaction after Richard says he is moving to the North.”the boss leaned back in his swivel chair and gave me the longest and considerate look he had ever given me” (Page 255)


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