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cancer, do you know what lung cancer really is? Well many people deal with lung
cancer. It can be deadly and it cannot be deadly. It’s one of the most common
and feared illness.  It’s important to
realize everything that comes with lung cancer, like treatments, what happens
in their life. What ways it can be prevented, how to avoid getting it. All of
the battles they face and what have to change in their life.

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            Lung Cancer is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells (Lung Cancer ). Where lung cancer
does starts off?  In one or both lungs. A
tumor starts to get larger and larger, and will soon after becomes more
numerous. They undermine the lungs ability to provide the blood stream with
oxygen (Lung Cancer ).  These can be detected by a few symptoms you
might have if you have lung cancer.

            What can cause this horrible illness? Exposers too high
level of diesel fumes. Also smoking tobacco could be a result of lung cancer.
The tar and nicotine can do something to your lugs which can cause lung cancer.
Radioactive gas that is a natural decay products (Laden, 2004). That decays and
sends off radiation. Even some of the pollution in the air they say but it’s
not always from that. It can be caused from anything that can tamper with your
lungs and cause a cell to stop providing and become a tumor. If exposed to one
of these things, it may cause lung cancer, which could kill someone and also
put someone through a lot of pain. It can get quite expensive when it comes to
treatments, so if someone smoke. They may want to think about buying different
pack of smokes.Where there is not at high risk of cancer from it.

There’re three
types of lung cancers. Small cell carcinoma cancer is one of the four. It is sometimes
called oat cell cancer (Lung Cancer ). Small cell carcinoma
can be caused by smoking. Al lot of cancer can be too.
Small-cell lung cancer grows rapidly. The time from the development of
symptoms to diagnosis is usually 90 days or less. Small-cell lung cancer
spreads quickly. Small cell lung cancer 67%-75% who develop small cell lung
cancer (Lung Cancer ). They will most
likely have spread of the cancer. Outside of the lung to other parts of the
body at the time of initial diagnosis.

Large cell lung
cancer, the cell is larger than are normal cells. Examples include lung cancer
and lymphoma. Large cell lung cancer is given this
name because the abnormal cells. They appear large under the microscopic. Lung
cancers are divided into two main groups’ small cell lung cancer and non-small
cell lung cancer. Large cell lung cancer is one of the non-small cell cancers.
Large cell lung cancers tend to grow quickly and spread. The cancer may spread
into nearby lymph nodes and into the chest wall. Can spread to distant organs,
even when the tumor in the lung is relatively small.

Carcinoid tum Lung carcinoid tumors are uncommon and tend to grow slower than
other types of lung cancers. They are made up of special kinds of cells called
neuroendocrine cells. Carcinoid tumors start from cells of the diffuse
neuroendocrine system. This system is made up of cells that are like nerve
cells in certain ways.  Like
hormone-making endocrine cells in other ways. These cells do not form like an
actual organ like the adrenal or thyroid glands. They are scattered throughout
the body in organs like the lungs, stomach, and intestines.

cell lung cancer is a disease in which malignant cancer cells form in the
tissues of the lung. The bronchi are sometimes also affected
by lung cancer. For most patients with small cell lung
cancer, current treatments do not cure the cancer.

kind of treatments are there for Lung Cancer? Well let me tell you about some
of them. First, Chemo Therapy might be used in different sizes of the tumor and
how large it is. Before surgery to remove the tumor, they, might try to shrink
the tumor by radiation treatment. After, the surgery they may try to do more
radiation treatments. So they can kill the cancer cells if there are any left
behind after surgery.

have drugs that will target tumors in blood vessel growth. This drug is also
used with chemo. What does this drug do? Well, this drug helps stop the
formation of a new blood vessel. They usually give this drug after the other
treatments stop working.

is medicines used to stimulate a person own immune system. Immunotherapy is
used to destroy the cancer. Also to shrink the cells more effectively than
other treatments. This drug is used after a person has had cancer and the
cancer comes back for a second round.

Ablation RFA, this treatment is an option for people with smaller tumors, which
may occur close to the outer edge of the lungs. RFA uses high-energy radio
waves which they use to heat the tumor (Lung Cancer ). After that they may
take a needle and go through the chest and puncher the lung and get to the


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