Love the point that whether we should have contacted


Love is
unconditional and uncontrollable. We cannot describe how we feel love for
someone. How can a person get so much close to us by passing a street? We can’t
control those feelings for someone who is going to become so dear to us. We
often not quite sure about those feelings and how that love arises and why we
fall in love? Though there are a lot of theories about falling in love with
someone at a sudden that we are not even able to think for a moment about it.

They could
be a plumber, a bar girl, a mysterious businessman, a gym guy, in fact they
could be anyone who pulls us like a magnet. 
You can’t help but you love those feelings for a stranger.  It gets our hearts rat racing.  

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But if we
fall in love with a totally stranger person, what should we do then? There’s
come the point that whether we should have contacted them? If yes, how close we
can be with each other at the moment? Should we allow ourselves to intimate
with a stranger? And several other questions arises in our minds when we met a

According to
several researches, mostly men are more expected to agree to have sex with a
total stranger as compared to most .women. Though, stranger sex is not that
much easy as it seems. There are a lot of aspects to consider, for example your
security, your .safety and even there is the possibility of getting a sexually transmitted disease.

You should
have known these things when you want to intimate with a stranger.

the beginning of a relationship, people mostly get disclose their selves to get
to know the other person and to be seen by that person.  It is easy to disclose our secrets with a
stranger because we are taking interest in that person. Eye contact for 2 minutes
can involve you in someone.

You need to know
how to pick a person if you want to get so lucky. Keep this in mind that not to
judge a book by its cover.

Once you find
that person you want to hang out with, you obviously need to start a
conversation with them.  Touch them with
your hand slowly to feel them your warmth. For example just put a hand on his/her
leg while you’re talking with each other and see how he/she responds to the
physical contact. If your partner shows a little bit of caution, back off. But if
they responded in the same way, take the flirting up a notch.

Don’t blurt out
all of a sudden that you want to see him/her naked. Instead, start compliment
them on how handsome/charming he/she is and then during the conversation tell
him/her that your house is close by. By doing so, you will get to know about
the partner intensions whether he/she is interested or not, If yes then you are

Always remember
that it’s totally upto you whether you want a stranger to get that much closer
to you or not? If yes, then there is is no shame in exchanging your feeling for
each other, If no, then don’t do it.  





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