Looking culinary capital with gastronomic temples of high cuisine.

Looking for ultimate Gastronomic
delight Singapore is the place. Singaporean food has achieved world-class
status and it’s no secret that the city is one of Asia’s biggest culinary
capitals. What’s truly special is the affordable (and not to mention delicious)
street food that you can find virtually anywhere and everywhere at hawker
centres around Singapore. Lately Singapore has emerged from a street-food
paradise to a culinary capital with gastronomic temples of high cuisine.

Here is your guide for some of
the must-visit-eateries, when in Singapore

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Old Airport Road Food Centre

Old Airport Road Food Centre is
located in the east and is home to a whole bunch of stunning culinary
highlights, including Albert Street Prawn Noodle for that bowl of yellow noodles
in an umami prawn broth, and chee cheong fun (rolled up rice noodles–a popular
breakfast item) from Freshly Made Chee Cheong Fun.

If you and your mates prefer to
have a huge feast with plenty of different things to share (read: communal
dining), go to Mattar Road Seafood BBQ. Order dishes like barbecue stingray and
chilli crab along with a side of rice for a lip-smacking dinner.

Maxwell Food Centre

Situated near the busy Central
Business District (CBD), Maxwell Food Centre is one of Singapore’s most famous
local dining enclaves. With over 100 stalls and so many dishes to choose from,
it can be difficult to decide what to try. Pull it down to these three options:
Tian Tian Chicken Rice, Jin Hua Sliced Fish Bee Hoon, and Maxwell Fuzhou Oyster

Having featured in countless
magazines, websites, and TV shows, Tian Tian is known for their signature dish:
chicken rice. This iconic dish is best enjoyed with lots of chilli and dark soy
sauce. Be prepared to wait in line as there’s almost always a long queue at
this well-loved stall.

If you like soup-based dishes,
visit Jin Hua Sliced Fish Bee Hoon for a piping hot bowl of Cantonese-style
fish bee hoon (thin rice noodles) soup. Featuring fresh fish slices fried to
golden perfection, this dish comes with a mouth-watering fish broth that
contains milk. Grab those chopsticks and slurp up the goodness!

Treat yourself to a snack after
your main meal at Maxwell Fuzhou Oyster Cake. This soft, warm, crispy,
golden-brown gem is also known as the ‘UFO’ and comes with oysters hidden
inside the ‘pancake’.

Tiong Bahru Market

If you’re in Tiong Bahru–one of
Singapore’s coolest neighbourhoods–be sure to pop by the Tiong Bahru Market for
some amazing local creations. Fantastic choices include chwee kueh (steamed
rice cakes topped with diced preserved radish and chilli) from Jian Bo Chee
Kueh, fishball noodles from Hui Ji Fishball Noodles & Yong Tau Foo, and pau
(steamed buns with a filling, typically barbecued pork) from Tiong Bahru Pau.

You can enjoy these bites anytime
of the day, but the great thing is that these dishes–chwee kueh, fishball
noodles, and pau–are actually perfect breakfast choices. You might want to drop
by first thing in the morning before exploring the rest of the ‘hood for its
hip cafes, indie bookstores, and more.

Satay by the Bay

Is grilled meat your thing? Make
a beeline for Satay by the Bay for some tantalising grilled skewered meat (aka
satay). This Malay creation is featured at several pushcarts that are found in
a little open-air section of the food centre, so pick one and order away. Tip:
grab some ice cold beer from the drink stall nearby and don’t forget that
sweet-spicy peanut dipping sauce to go with your satay.

There’s always something for
everyone in this city.



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