Life a photo or in the number of “likes”

Life Through
Social Media

Currently, technology has advanced a lot and, thanks to it, one of the
benefits we enjoy is social media, which facilitates communication. In fact,
thanks to these means I can talk to my family who lives thousands of miles

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“There is a certain beauty of staying connected with loved ones and
friends, favorite sports teams and performers via social media” (Morrow 2014).

However, this also has its downside, for example, we all are very aware
of our phones either by WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc… To the
point that we can create an addiction.

“There are some specific social problems with social media. Internet
addiction has achieved multiple three-letter acronym (TLA) status by giving
rise to the alternative names of Internet addiction disorder, problematic
Internet use or compulsive Internet use (CIU)” (Isaacs 2014).

In addition it has also been a medium that has created great problems in
the world because there have been cases of identity theft or even intimidation
through these networks, in my opinion, social media is not the problem, the
problem is the misuse of it because there are people who exceed their use and
do not measure the consequences since there have been cases in which people
know others by these means and without knowing clearly who they are, agree to
meet with each other and end up being what they didn’t imagine.

What is bad about social media is people who make bad use of them and
who do not measure the consequences of their actions or who obsess in such a
way with it that their world only revolves around them and they lock themselves
in their little bubble of social media leaving their real life and social life

This issue is very serious and increasingly affects more people because
there are people who come to critical points as being completely isolated from
the rest and living their lives through social media, even their self-esteem
comes to depend on the number of “likes ” they get.

The moments or unique experiences stop happening to us when we depend on
social media, true and pleasant memories are not impregnated in a photo or in
the number of “likes” you have.

The freedom offered by social media has transformed bullying to
cyberbullying. Cyberbullying allows being aggressive and humiliating others
since the victim is not face to face. This makes the evil greater because while
we are insulting a partner through messaging, writing an offensive comment, or
sending a private photo in order to blackmail, we can’t visualize the pain we
are causing to others.

 “Cyberbullying is common;
according to a survey cited in the report, 19% of teens say they have been
harassed online or cyberbullied, and 38% know of someone else who has been.
This can lead to anxiety, depression, and suicide” (Common Sense Media, 2009).

We have to remind people that it ceases to be your private life when you
post on a social network; it ends up being everyones. In addition to that it is
a way of not respecting our own privacy since by publishing our sorrows, joys,
weaknesses, it makes us know or relate to who we should not. An example of this
is the young people who, thinking that they know children of their age, give
openness and confidence to undesirable people such as perverts, rapists and in
many cases human trafficking, who convince innocent children through a false
profile. And somewhat ignorant to come into direct contact and manipulate them.
Sometimes you don’t hear anything from them again.

Social Media is an invention that has revolutionized the world that has
created a new generation that is a great help and has become necessary in our
lives, it allows us to know, explore, and inform us more every day.

For this reasons I think that social media is a wonderful invention that
has helped many people and must be used with moderation, not to exaggerate
their use and thus allow us to be more users to create a good society through
them, because social media has achieved reunions between families, new
friendships, and socialization, but as I said before everything should be in
moderation because it is the only way you can enjoy the advantages that social
media provides.



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