Kyosuke in 0.5% of the nation’s entire land area.

Kyosuke Ueno


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Assignment #1

people ask me where I am from, I always tell them that I am from Osaka in Japan
since I was born and grow up in Osaka, Japan. Osaka prefecture is located in west of the geographic center of
the Japanese islands, and it is part of the Kansai region which covers a broad
area. Also, Osaka is the second economical largest city, however, the area of
Osaka is the second smallest city in Japan. About 8.8 million people live in
1899 square kilometers, in other words, 7% of population lives in 0.5% of the
nation’s entire land area. Therefore, Osaka prefecture is the third most
populous prefecture. Osaka prefecture boarders other four prefectures, Nara,
Hyogo, Wakayama, and Kyoto prefectures. Of course, the language in Osaka is
Japanese, but people in Osaka speak Kansai dialect; therefore, the accent of
some words is a little bit different from Tokyo.

            Additionally, Osaka has
humid subtropical climate. Average temperatures vary throughout the year. During
the summer, temperatures are excess of 30 degrees Celsius. Through whole year,
we have rain and humidity, and winters are very dry and temperatures barely
drop below zero; therefore, we rarely see snow. There used to be a diversity of
the animals until the city was industrialized, however, many kinds of animals disappear
from Osaka after the industrialization.

            It is known that human in
habited in Osaka since more than a thousand year ago. Osaka was the first
capital city of Japan in 7th century, and it is modeled after the capital of
China, so Japanese emperors lived in Osaka during this period. However, capital
city had moved to Nara and Kyoto later on. In 17th century, the political power
moved to Tokyo what is called Edo, however, Osaka was still vital role of the nation’s
economy and distribution of goods; therefore, Osaka was called “kitchen of the
nation” during Edo era. During Meiji era, there were big social and industrial
changes in Osaka prefecture. Osaka transformed to a commercial center from finance
base economy. Therefore, many manufactures are built, and Osaka began to be
industrialized. These are brief history of Osaka.

             Also, the prices in Osaka is a little bit
lower than Tokyo. The consumer price index in Tokyo is 108.5, on the other
hand, the consumer price index in Osaka is 102.0. Thus, people are able to buy
some staff cheaper in Osaka. The economy scale of Osaka is extremely
large-scale. The GDP of Osaka in 2004 was $359.8 million, and it is same scale
with Switzerland.

            Recently, Osaka faces some
problems, and one of them is that the birthrate is decreasing, and the total fertility
in 2013 was 1.32 while the number of elderly people is increasing. Thus, small
number of working age has to support the large number of the elderly people in
the future. Another problem is that  

            The collective culture is
one of the reprehensive culture of my country, and the collective culture also
exists in Asian countries, on the other hand, it is individual culture in
United States.  In collective culture, people
prefer and put high priority on the collective action in the society, so when
some people act differently, people tend to blame it because they want others
to act as group. Here is brief example of collective culture. I went to Kansai
University in Osaka for one year before deciding to move to America to continue.

The decision wasn’t an easy one to make, since quitting university is very
uncommon in my country, especially to study in foreign country. Culturally,
everyone in my generation in Japan follows the same basic model: choose a
field, work tirelessly in high school to get into best possible domestic
university to study it, graduate, and then work in that field indefinitely. When
I sought to deviate from my country’s social norm, there were conflicts between
people around me such my family and friends and I because quitting university
and study in foreign country is very uncommon.


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