Kinematics really important . We can find also acceleration

Kinematics is the
branch of physics that studies motion without its causes. It has always been very frustrating
because scientists are always speaking different languages which makes things
harder to understand. We have to say biology, which is Greek and Latin for
studying life. The deeper you go into the sciences, the more Greek and Latin
you’re forced to learn .At first, it seems like you’ll never get it all
straight but it is going to be easier. Throughout the history scientists and physicians have found laws in our
real life. Some were proven false, while others are used in today’s life which
really useful. A unique group  of laws
for special mechanics are those suggested by Isaac Newton.  “Laws of motion” which explains bizarre
things we haven’t ever known in our life. His first law of motion simply
explains that if an object and no net force is used to it ,will remain with the
same speed, which means that if it is not moving it will remain the same, and
if it is moving , it will be the same. If our speed is 4m/s then our speed will
continue 4m/s ,if our speed is 0m/s then our speed will be 0m/s. Newton’s second law is
more fancy. It tells us a force acting on an object will move that object in
the same direction as the force and . This gives us the familiar equation: a=. Acceleration is simply the
rate of change of the speed. Its Si unit is m/s2. From the
definition of acceleration, we can say that it is an important thing for the
kinematics. We can determine how far an object with an acceleration  of “4 meters per second squared is after 10
minutes” by using 4 formulas which are really important . We can find also
acceleration by working backward, such as the case of an object “moving
200  kilometers in 2 hour with initial
velocity 0”. From the  Newton’s law and
the 4 formulas we can find its acceleration.
Let’s look at a very common form of acceleration,
one that we are all exposed to, “gravity”. As many of us know our “theory of
gravity” also its explained by Newton. Newton worked out that the force between
two objects due to gravity was depends on to their mass and inversely depends
to their distance. This force, however, is quite small which means there is a
lack of attraction between two objects. The average of gravity of the earth is
10m/s2 (9.8m/s2). The third law states that every action has a
reaction with the same force but with different directions. in other words, if
object A exerts a force on object B, then object B also exerts an equal force
on object A. Notice that the forces are exerted on different objects. The third
law can be used to in different type of sciences especially in astronomy . Kinematics is used in astrophysics to
describe the motion of celestial bodies and collections of such bodies. Famous
scientists on the kinematics are :Galileo Galilei,Newton,Archimedis

                                       Galileo Galilei

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After his
censure by the Church, Galileo was placed under house arrest and was not allowed  to study any other science. Instead he
started to focus in physics—where, ironically, he struck the blow that would
destroy the disaster scientific system caused by Rome. In 1638, he published
some books which got burnt by the Church,. In it, he laid the groundwork for
physics by emphasizing a new method that included experimentation,
demonstration, and quantification of results. The
character of Salviati didn’t like  for
Galileo’s ideas and Simplicio for those of Aristotle, while the smartest
Sagredo sat by and made normal questions and comments. Through Salviati,
Galileo chose to challenge Aristotle on an problem that to most people at the
time seemed completely used to it: claims that the speed of an object which is
dropped by a distance varies from its weight. In order to proceed with his aim,
Galileo had to introduce a number of demonstration, experimentation, and
indeed, he established the sub discipline of kinematics, or how objects move.
Aristotle had said that when objects fall, they fall at the same rate of the
speed from the moment they begin to fall until they reach their “fixed”
position. Galileo, also, suggested a view of motion, unknown at the time, that
became an important part of studies in physics called acceleration.


The most
famous mathematician in the old ancient Greece was Archimedes ,well known in
sciences . Archimedes is  famous for his invention
of the intercourse between the surface and volume of a sphere and its surround cylinder.
He is known for his formulation of a hydrostatic invention  and a device for increasing  water volume, which is really used in some
countries today, known as the Archimedes screw . He had
an important special role ,(that nobody else had it )in the defense of Syracuse
against the attackers laid by the ancient Romans in 213 BCE by building  war machines so useful that  they long delayed the capture of the city.
rous mathematical proofs 4–6. He fixed  the capitals of plane and solid geometry. Some
of Archimedes’ machines  were founded with
mathematical books. He invented the law of 
simple machines like

 1.lever-the three rules of lever

MA = (? * d) / l

3.winch –
P= Weight of Vehicle  

4.pulley –


He also
invented the mechanical advantage ,which its formula is M=F*d.


Isaac Newton

Newton was a known figure in the scientific revolution, and arguably the
greatest mathematician and greatest physicist of all time because of its laws
in kinematics. Basic kinematics laws are suggested by Sir Isaac Newton .Most important formula of Sir Isaac Newton is W=m*g. Some people find out funny but the idea of gravity came when apple felt
in his head. The story goes that Newton saw an apple fall to the ground and it made
him wondering why the fruit always fell straight to the ground without changing
direction or anything else .Newton said that even from high distances, the
apple would still feel this force of attraction, although this is not that 


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