Keywords before setting up a PPC campaign. Each method

are words or phrases describing a company’s product or service &
determining where the ad has to appear in SERP page. It acts as an outline
which has the main idea. Viewers use keyword as a way to identify the topic in
which they are looking for more information. Keyword match is nothing but one
of the methods you select while writing & creating “pay per click” (PPC)
AdWords campaign. Keyword match types is major thing one has to consider before
setting up a PPC campaign. Each method has its own uniqueness.            Google
Adwords has provided 4 types of keyword matches:Ø  Broad matchØ  Phrase matchØ  Exact matchØ  Broad match modifierBroad match: This is a Google AdWords
keyword match type & will trigger your ad & controls how a keyword
behaves. It lets your keyword to function & your ad to show whenever
someone searches for exact keyword, a phrase, similar phrase, synonyms &
misspellings. Here impressions are higher whereas clicks are low due to
irrelevancy. It is recommended not to use unless very much required or the
product or service is branded. Exact match: This is the AdWords
keyword match eligible when a searcher gives exact word or phrase. Even
synonyms & phrase will not be eligible. It will enter an auction only if
the search query is perfectly matching or a close variant. Here “reach” is low
whereas CTR will be exact. Phrase match: This is used for long
tailed keywords. This works only when exact words or phrases are quoted. It is
not eligible even if words are inter – changed, it may be synonyms as well. It
is with double quotes in a phrase. This is more recommended than the exact
match, as searchers may either inter – change the words or give close variants.
This is help in increasing the website traffic as well.            Broad match modifier: Google
introduced this recently & it is the latest match type. It is a combination
of broad & phrase match. Here we add the words by giving plus sign
(+).  The words can be inter – changed
but make sure what keywords the searcher is using. You can reach & target
more number of viewers than exact or phrase match. It attracts more qualified
traffic than other match types.                                    There
are negative keywords as well. These are the keywords which we do not want to
show to the viewers. If the keyword is wrong, mark it as negative but do not
delete as it may be useful in future.

                        Based on the below explained
keyword match types, one can clearly understand the types of keyword matches
& how it actually works. With this you can achieve more number of
impressions, clicks & reach the target audience.

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