Justifiable the novel concludes. As mentioned at the beginning


The novel Of Mice and Men immaculately
written by John Steinbeck portrays the emotions and feelings of men during the time
of great depression. Throughout the novel Steinbeck has shown the importance of
an inseparable friendship by expressing the friendship of George and Lennie. George
and Lennie have communicated about how they feel about each other and how much
they all care each other. Though in the beginning it wouldn’t have seemed like
George really took care of Lennie but as the plot progresses it is truly
amazing to see how Steinbeck had focused of the friendship. This theme of friendship
plays a huge role in if George’s action was justifiable by ending the bond
between him and Lennie as the novel concludes.

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As mentioned at the beginning of the
book, George had taken care of Lennie for as long as he has known him. He just agreed
with the fact that Lennie needed help and he hadn’t let Lennie down with any irresponsible
actions of his own. Even when Lennie killed Curley’s wife, which was an
immature accident, no one who worked or lived at the ranch understood the true
motives of his actions. Only George seemed to understand that this was one of those
accidents that Lennie causes ever now and then but he gave up on Lennie when
Lennie needed the most support which was unexpected. In a way George making the
decision of killing Lennie could be justifiable since it could’ve been worse
especially if Curley had done something to Lennie. The friendship between George
and Lennie would have been pointless if that would’ve happened.

George took the responsibility of killing
Lennie since he didn’t want Lennie to suffer any other punishment. He wasn’t in
a position where he could’ve saved Lennie if he got caught by anyone else so he
took the inevitable decision of killing Lennie himself. If Curley would have
found out about Lennie, he would’ve killed him in a horrifying manner especially
because of the previous tension between them. Curley would’ve taken that as an opportunity
to get revenge as Lennie broke his hand. Curley would’ve also most likely made
Lennie felt hopeless and helpless but George didn’t forget to reassure Lennie
before he had to what he had to. Even at Lennie’s last moments George cared
about Lennie. George had never failed to care about Lennie and more essentially
their friendship.

circumstance that made George take that decision was that he is the only one
who knew Lennie personally. He has been with him throughout his whole life, he
had a reason to kill Lennie himself which is he knew how to calm his friend. He
discussed to Lennie about the rabbits and that he would tend them for him and
they had also talked about their dreams. That thought probably would’ve made Lennie
feel loved and happy and only George could’ve talked to Lennie about something
like that. So, he took that as an opportunity to kill Lennie since he knew that
conversation would distract Lennie. He shot his friend in his happy moment
since he didn’t want him to feel lonely and hopeless when he died.

is the only person who knew Lennie and only person who took care of him always,
which makes his action justifiable compared to Curley or someone else who could’ve
killed Lennie but only would’ve made it look like George didn’t care about his friendship
or that he cared enough to save Lennie.  It
might’ve seemed like George achieved peace at the end after Lennie’s death but
he will always feel guilty and will have to live with that fact that he killed
his only true friend who he deeply cared about. 


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