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January 2018


A Sect For Society:  Reflections on Adventist Social

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by Gerald R. Winslow


Thesis Statement

Adventism is a sectarian following not
only to its followers but to its non-followers as well based on the fact that
only those in the inner circle of Adventism can possibly understand the inner
workings and belief system of it.



is common practice to discuss and recognize where each Christian falls into
society in relation to his or her culture in society.  The Church is a large and dominating group of
believers who believe that the Church should have a say in every aspect of the
human life.  On the other hand, sects
that make up minorities are small groups of believers that aim at perfection of
each and every member’s inner self. 
Winslow believes that ever since Ernst Troeltsch produced The Social Teachings of the Christian
Churches” it has not only continued but accelerated the discussion of the
above topics.  “It has become common to
discuss the ways in which Christians relate to their surrounding culture in
terms of his scheme of ideal types. 
Despite criticisms of this scheme, including observations that it hardly
fits American culture with its plethora of denominations, Troeltsch’s work
continues to enjoy considerable influence and, if anything, even a resurgence
in recent years.” 

The above topic is essential to Christian
ethics because it attempts to tie all aspects of Christian life together and
put into perspective the workings of the Church and the Adventism belief
system.  He touches on the fact that in
our country, the vast and unlimited amount of resources of the different
aspects of Christianity intertwine and form a large group of Christianity but
in Adventism, a small percentage of the large world population that forms the
denomination strides toward a more perfect version of each and every one of its
members inner self.  The reading
discusses the significance of the work done by theologian John Howard Yoder and
the way he outlines the social ethics and those who are, “Radically obedient,”
to Jesus.  Winslow states that the
arguments are rich and complex but always full of information.  Winslow finishes with saying that societies
everywhere are being torn apart by, “traditional bigotries.”


Key Points

            First, Winslow describes in his
writing how Christians have allowed society to erode into what it is today
because we as a Christian faith have become too large of a mass and can’t
centralize the denominations to orbit around a common goal or set of
beliefs.  He states that we possibly are
being prepared for what he calls an apocalypse affair.   Second, the sectarian minority has a
responsibility and duty to Jesus to rebuild society and its common belief
system.  Also, he states that a sectarian
belief system has the obligation to restore moral values of the faith
community.  Lastly, Winslow describes how
the time is right for the minority of Adventism to step up and transform
society and serve Jesus in the way that he deserves to be followed.


Personal Response

problem I have with Winslow and his beliefs is that he plays the blame game
throughout his entire writing.  He blames
everyone outside of the Adventist circle for the problems of society and states
that Christians do not follow Jesus the way he deserves to be.  He proposes that Adventists are at the right
place at the right time in history to transform the world but what I felt was
too provoking and even over the edge was the fact that he made it seem as if
Adventists loved Jesus Christ more than any of us do, or that they honor him
better than we do.  He was not very
convincing, in fact it was more angering than anything else.  The reason that the rest of the Christian
faith is so big compared to the Adventist faith is because in the former,
hundreds of millions of people rally around one man and put our faith in him to
guide us through life and make personal decisions all the while honoring his
life and the sacrifices he made for us on the cross.  We go to Church and share a common belief
system because we want to share our beliefs with each other, embrace ourselves
in the house of God, and live our lives the way we see best fit all while
honoring Jesus Christ.


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