Jett’s was her first girlfriend. In an interview with

sexuality was an intriguing aspect to the press. Jett was accused of having a sexual
preference towards females. In an interview with HuffPost Live, former Runaways
member Lita Ford revealed that she had quit The Runaways for a short period of
time after she found out that three of her bandmates (Jett, Currie, and West)
had sexual preferences towards women. She also accused Jett and Currie of
‘messing around’. 16-year-old Ford had not been exposed to the LGBT community
“I didn’t know anything about homosexuality, and it was still in the closet.

Nobody back then came out and said, ‘I’m gay,’ preceded to state: “When I
found out that the girls were all gay in the band, I wasn’t sure how to take
it. I didn’t know what it was.” (Brekke, 2016) Kari Krome, a former songwriter
for the Runaways, claimed that she was in a relationship with Jett and that
Jett was her first girlfriend. In an interview with Interview magazine, Jett
stated: “Anyone who wants to know who I am can just read my lyrics-I’ve always written
about who I am.” She added, “And if they want to know who I am, I write about
who I am in the lyrics, so don’t be lazy-read the lyrics and figure it out for
yourself.” (McDonnell, 2010) Evelyn McDonnell had mentioned in her book “In
fifty-three years, Joan Jett has never publicly said, “I’m gay,” or “I’m
bisexual” (McDonnell, 2013) Sexuality is a personal matter, no one has the
right to assume or question anyone’s preferences. Whether straight or bisexual,
Jett’s sexuality does not affect my admiration for her.

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