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     James Patterson8-1 LiteratureNovember 14, 2017Summary Statement:     The author, McClatchy Foreign Staff, in the article “In German town Allies helped, new war refugees face wrath of “neo-Nazis”, states that refugees fleeing to Europe face opposition in Germany by neo-Nazi groups. This article talks about how neo-Nazi groups such as the National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD) are opposing efforts to take in more refugees fleeing war zones. The groups have sent threats to the mayor of the town of Troeglitz, Germany, forcing him to step down, the groups gained support with marches and rallies. The groups even went as far as to burn down the housing set up for the refugees. The small town where this is taking place was once home to a Nazi concentration camp and at one point, one out of every five people living there was a refugee. It seems as if in modern times this town has forgotten its troubled past. The groups opposing refugees seem to think that it will hurt the economy, but many businesses say that there is a demand for new workers. They also make the point that the refugees with the resources to make the trek are most likely educated. The question now is if the refugees do come, how will they be received by the people as the NPD recently gained their first seat in the German Parliament. Prompt #1:’At the end of World War II, one in five people who lived in were considered to be refugees, he said. “And yet now when others need the same help many here not only turn their backs but threaten others to offer help.”‘This reminds me of why Mr. Frank let the Van Daan’s stay with them, Mr. Van Daan had helped Mr. Frank when he moved to Holland. Mr. Frank did the right thing and helped those who helped him instead of acting in self interest. Unfortunately, the new generation of this town don’t remember the time when the Allies helped them.’Germany took in more refugees than any other European nation in 2014, about 173,000. Now an opinion poll showed that almost half of Germans oppose taking in more.’This can be easily explained, the German population wants a sample size to see how this will affect their economy. Taking in too many refugees is a big risk that the citizens of Germany wouldn’t like to take. Over time it will become more apparent whether or not the influx of refugees will help as more refugees are becoming self reliant for housing and food.”Too many Germans are saying enough is enough, and they want to forget our shared history”Germany has created a culture in which Nazis are forgotten, the children growing up now have no memories of people from that time period telling these things. The German government cannot continue this culture of denial or else history may begin to repeat itself.


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