J.G.P. Statistical Service of the US Department of Education

J.G.P. Witten H.J.C Leeuwen Optical microwave remote sensing combines data and monitoring crop growth. We use the estimated reflectance leaf area index (Lai) optical data from a simple model and a simple model that estimates LAI CRAS data for backscattering. Molecular data collection providing LM Ligula after synergy effect on optical data information By studying various scenarios. Finally, we obtained an inverse copy of the remote sensing LAI estimates of the ecosystem to correct the growing state of the growth model of the crop 1. Agriculture, Agriculture The National Statistical Service of the US Department of Education (National Agricultural Statistics Service, NASS) in Varro conducts field interviews with egg farmers. Now the cutting crops are obtained by them to estimate crop yields at national and regional levels Loses. Additional information is needed to provide timely information on NASS site status and crop yield potential. In this study, the EPIC (Erosion Productivity Calculator War) simulation model is applied on a regional scale. The satellite remote sensing data provides the desired real-time magnitude of the change in the part crop parameter. The study was designed to use the parameters of the crop growth model. Includes analysis from images of plant diseases. Not only the possibility of processes and techniques and the use of constraints and bullet biological values ??to describe or apply the principles 3. In Yichun city. Tablet grass removes the use of photo sensation. Compared to optimal judgment on the type of treatment Focus: Focus on a common remote sensing image sensor Use a general treatment method. Remote imaging is required to map the turf through various tests and studies. My race developed and shrubs, hubs are covered by the following regional or species level or distance sensing images 4. HARINI Nagendra. GIS was an application to the invasion of plant seed plants and they had a large gut in many applications in this field. GIS and remote sensing are used to analyze the size of specific insecticide specific entities. There is also a tool to understand the movements of the invasion factory 5. Rajesh K. is a researcher on two margins and is the same / different species of the same culture. Spectral and multispectral images of spectral information for Hyper-used crops. People in the geographic distribution map of optical data using any kind of hub and technology are interested and behaving in cultural customs 6. W. Shakespeare: Kyle is a distant sensing garrison, filled with an increase of absorption in the other opposition, which depends on biomass nitrogen by the hands of grain he stands before the bed. His research facility collects information that indicates that N can be used to drive high-resolution applications 7. Simulation models and large heat crops and arts provide us with the hand and therefore the growth of the elimination of detection now has the potential to monitor the growth of crops. However, the application for the limitations of the process regional and cultural growth model described remotely. MA Yuping, the appropriate use of the winter wheat skin WOFOST model for panoramic views of stair-clapping examples in northern China simulates the Ground Hub Composite Index (SAVI) 8. XIII simulation model of product eroded Woz account (Epic) region. Satellite remote sensing explores the use of crop growth for these parameters in the data model, but is provided in the time trial of the size and condition of the designated parameters of the crop (Doraiswamy EI). PCM (Precision CATI) farm management pulls profitability to a greater need for protection of soil and crops and the environment. GCP and development are hampered by the lack of appropriate information on soil and crop conditions (such as SM Morales et al.) 9. From Burson to T Cicero, 2000,


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