It was the first trigger for my choice of

It has been said that “Perseverance is not a long race, it is many short races one by one”. Those perseverant short races of my own life have always been influenced by my persistent determination to achieve my goals and my passion for learning and they shaped the person that I have become.My first race started after finishing my high school. My father is a civil engineer and I’ve always watched how different software supports his career by all means and that encouraged me to search and find out how different computing-related fields take part and interact with all other scientific fields. In fact, that was the first trigger for my choice of Informatics Engineering in Albaath University as my major and during my studies for various formative courses I realized more the vital role of this field in changing our future world into a better place. I was and still am certain that of all scientific specializations at the present time, Computer Science takes pride of place. Unfortunately, I had to drop out of my university after my third year due to the war circumstances in Syria and I had to move to Saudi Arabia with my family. For the following two years I was hopelessly waiting for returning back to my university and there was no chance for completing my studies in KSA. Starting over in 2013 at JUST University in Jordan with a new major which is specific oriented program was an excellent platform for me on a personal, academic and practical level and eventually I got my bachelor in Network Engineering and Security.Completing my masters’ studies is my next aim and studying abroad in a high-tech country like Sweden will help me in constructing a better professional identity and boosting my intellectual vitality. In addition to the excellent worldwide reputation of the University of Karlstad and the keen sense of a welcoming atmosphere that I have about it, the decisive factor for me to choose this particular master programme in computer science is its focusing on Computer Networking and Security. I am eager to dive deeper into Computer Networking and Security and enhance my related qualifications in problem solving, theoretical and applied researching and handling with complex situations.


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