It troubles come across. The probable cause of the

It is, a father’s dream, to
provide the best quality of life for his family. Struggling through day and night
just to fulfil the duty of a loving and caring father. Engrossed by hard labour,
in exchange for the littlest amount of money, he was a role model of the society,
yet served with inequity of the world we live in.

            Hearing a suicide incident over the news may not come
very unusual as it is frequent in the present day. However, the poem engaged
its readers to comprehend the real meaning of it. The meaning of life. The
human nature of killing oneself when troubles come across. The probable cause
of the man’s death. How unfair the universe is. The principle of hierarchy in
the society, the penniless and those in power. Though the cause of the man’s “suicide”
was vague,  it was clear that there were
factors that contributed to his decision.  It is, as what the poem suggests, that the man’s
suicide was not due to hardships but he was threatened by his superior. Knowing
that losing his job is the edge of forging his dreams, he decided to end his
life. It may appear as a suicide, but murder is the more appropriate term.
“The Blank and Blank Co.,Inc., regrets to announce that…”. It is
clever that there were no mentions of the two companies, engaging  the readers to have a deeper understanding
and critical thinking. Through further research and, the poem’s true meaning can
be easily understood. Hic primus
geometros (the first geometros) is a motto by the Emperor of Spain to
Sebastian del Cano, who was considered the first who had sailed round the
world. He was one of the sailors who first discovered the Philippines. The use
of Berger’s formula in the poem has made it unique yet very intriguing as poems
do not usually use the academic language. Perhaps it brought a new perspective
on poetry writing, an innovation for the modernist literature, but that is what
made the poem even more confusing. For some, it illustrated how the man fell
from the building but for me, it depicted how his motivation turned into
depression, leading him to his own death. The poem may be debunking the factors
behind the man’s intent to suicide or who were the real reason for his death.
Through emotional understanding, one may foresee why the man decided to end his
life and by that, the persona and the tone in the poem was impersonal or rather
detached. Although the poem requires broad knowledge not just in science but
also a logical and critical thinking, our individual interpretations cannot be
wrong as it is our own understanding.

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            It is a sad fact, that one’s life does not matter to
those who are in power, or those who has everything. Those who are inferiors
and those who are neglected, whose lives leave no legacy,  and lives serve no purpose for those that is
given everything. Indeed, blood is nothing. Space is all. Is.


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