It teaching strategies, I strive to make learning fun

            It was during my first year of working at Edwardsville
Tutoring Center that I realized my love and ability for teaching. At the
Tutoring Center, I taught students of all ages but specialized in teaching high
school students science and math.  I was
then accepted into the Noyce Scholar Program where I was immersed into teaching
through an intensive teaching experience. Through my Noyce experience and
working at the tutoring center, I began to develop my teaching philosophy of
helping each student in a way that is unique to them by utilizing hands-on
inquiry-based learning.


            During my practicum and student teaching experiences, my
philosophy of education has held true and has also been added onto. Along with
the skills and knowledge I gained at the Tutoring Center and my critical
teaching experience, during my practicum and student teaching I have learned
how to appropriately incorporate technology into the classroom and adhere to
the different learning styles of my students.  Through different teaching strategies, I
strive to make learning fun for my students and myself. Through these experiences,
I have also gained skills in formative and summative assessments by learning
how to integrate informal assessments and design effective formal assessments.

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            I have almost three years of continuous teaching
experience between the Tutoring Center, Noyce, practicum and student teaching.

These experiences have allowed me to develop the skills required to effectively
teach and cultivate my teaching philosophy. I am interested in the High School
Science Teacher position you are offering at Valley High School and believe my
teaching experiences qualify me for this position. It would be an honor to
teach in a school that values the joy in learning for everyone involved.


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