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Isaac Hallberg Concert choir Semester 1Mr. NeisonJanuary, 2018Luigi Cherubini-I can assure you that this whole assignment is hand typed. If any large sum of a paragraph is highlighted I just wanted to let you know that I did not plagiarize this paper in any way shape or form- thank you- Isaac H. Luigi cherubini was a pre-romantic/classical composer. He was originally from italy but went to france. His specialties were operas and sacred music. Beethoven regarded him as the greatest of his contemporaries. Early YearsCherubini was born in florence in 1760 but the exact date of is birth is unknown but the most accurate statement is september 14th. An interesting fact to the “date” of his birth is his first name which is maria and people with that name usually coincide with the september month. They also think that it could be the 8th of september because of the feast day of the virgin mother Mary because people with the name of maria usually are born in that month usually on that specific day. He started to be a conductor at the age of 6 with his father, Bartolomeo ( his nickname was master of the harpsichord). Cherubini was thought to be a child prodigy and started to study counterpoint and dramatic style just when he was very young. When he turned thirteen he had already wrote, and composed many religious songs, arrangements and orchestras.Adulthood and first operas Cherubini was granted a scholarship by the grand duke of Tuscany in 1780 to study abroad. The early operas of cherubini were used by Apostolo Zeno, and and many others that worked in that type of category of music (drama). Some of the more famous people of that day like Niccolo Jimmeli and Tommaso Traetta. His first two comic acts were performed in Venetian theatre in november of 1783. Cherubini was feeling constrained by the traditions of the Italians and became eager to experiment so in 1885 he traveled to london and produced two operas for the kings theatre (specifically to). Later that year he went to paris with a violinist named Giovanni Battista Viotti, one of his close friends. Giovanni introduced him to Marie Antoinette and the parisians society. One day Cherubini got a commision to write Demophoon one of his choral, opera, and orchestra arrangements. That arrangement was his first Tragedian de Musique (a style of French opera). Cherubini went back to france and spent the rest of his life there. Except for the time he had to go back to london on the accord of King Victor Amadeus III but other than that I he spent the rest of his life in france where he initiated Grand Orient De France (the largest of several Masonic organizations). French Assimilation


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