Is when he introduced and spoke his “I Have

Is freedom ever given? Or do you have to fight for your rights and freedom? Also is freedom granted only if it is demanded? In any essay the prompt is the heart of it all. It gives you your main goal in a essay. Do you think that Martin luther king Jr. had his rights and freedom when he introduced and spoke  his “I Have A Dream” speech in front of 250,000 people? No, he said that speech for a reason. March on Washington: written by Charles Euchner On August 28, 1997 Martin Luther King Jr. stood in front of 250,000 people and gave the “I Have A Dream” speech… it was a success! Which then proves that when freedom is granted it is given. When King Jr. gave that speech on his paper it did not say “I Have A Dream” it was “Never Again”. Never again would there be racism in this world… But is there racism still? Yes.  The Prisoner Who Wore Glasses: Short Story by Bessie Head  “It’s not tobacco we want, but you,” he said. “We want you on our side.” Without a good warden on their side the would not be able to get away with the little stuff. This also proves that things are not just handed to you. People fight for their rights and freedom. The Story of a Return: Graphic Novel by: Marjane Satrapi “Our struggle is more discreet”. The guys had more power than the girls in the country. So whenever they would have the littlest power to rebel they would capitalize on it. To prove a point that girls should have the same power as guys. And that all rights should be equal to everyone.   There are some people in this world that think things are just given to them. They don’t have to fight for there freedom or rights… However, things are not just handed to people when you want something in life you have to go and get it. For example you want a new car or a new home, you have to get a job and work. You can’t just go to a car dealership and say I want that new Honda 2017 EX and take it you have to work for it.  


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