IntroductionIn American and Mexican fortune that was born sometime

IntroductionIn the mids-1870s, Lucy Eldine Gonzalez Parsons was an American labor organizer, radical socialist and anarchist communist. She found the newspaper Freedom which addressed to issues such as labor organizing, lynching and black peonage in the south. In the 1930s Parsons joined in the defense of the Scottsboro and Angelo Herndon.   Thesis StatementLucy Parson wrote articles, created newspapers, and did speeches, she did this because she wanted to fight for her right and women right; this happened in the mids-1870s in chicago.ConflictLucy Parsons didn’t have any major conflict in here life. She was an activist who spent much of her time fighting for women’s rights, labor movement and minorities. Lucy Parsons became more radical and beginning to join the International Working People’s Association and also getting involved in many political organizations. Lucy also gave out speeches, wrote articles, and created newspapers.Who, What, Where, When, and WhyLucy Gonzalez Parsons was a Native   American, African American and Mexican fortune that was born sometime around 1853 in Texas. At the age of 18 or 19 she married Albert Parsons. They came to an agreement to have kids name Lulu Eda Parsons and Albert Richard Parsons, Jr. She was an activist who was politically radical for her times and one of the first minority activist. She spent most of her time as a champ for others. For example minorities, women and labors. Lucy Parsons and Albert joined International Working People. Also she did speeches, created newspapers and articles. She helped out in the labor movement. She fought for poor and disenfranchised rights. This happened in Chicago, Illinois from 1873 to 1942. She did this to stand up for her rights. And also stand up for thw Short term impactLucy Parsons was able to publish books. For example Freedom, Equality, and Solidarity; writing and speeches. Her writing is important because it helps influence people on fighting for their justice. It also help people wanted to protest. For example Lucy fought with worker’s first, seeing issues of sex and race as intertwined with large struggle. Because she was a woman of action and strong wo


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