IntroductionIn acquires knowledge, which is described as ‘double loop’

IntroductionIn the following report I am going to analyze my reflective learning based on my past working experience. According to Schon (1983) reflective learning can be described as type of activity where you can learn through evaluating activities that happened in the past. Also he divided reflection learning into 2 different types: ‘reflection-in-action’ and ‘retrospective thinking’ which involves analyzing the situation that happened in the past.Helyer (2017) states that reflective learning is a valuable process that encourages to develop personal and professional skills and outlines a framework of how to enhance them in the future. At the same time Boud (1985) defines reflective learning as experiences in which individuals are participate in order to achieve a new way of understanding and evaluation of the situations that happened in the past.Kolb (1984) has framed a “Learning model cycle” that includes 4 stages taking into consideration that people constantly learn on a daily basis. The following cycle consists of the following phases: experience (when an actual action is happening); reflective observation (analysis of what had happened in the past); abstract conceptualization (determination of what to wrap up and learn from experience); active experiment (implementing what have you learned from the past and applying knowledge and developing skills). In every situation either in workplace or in personal life, you have to be prepared before, try actively participate in different situations in order to be able to proceed with reflective learning afterwards.Reflective learning is in particular importance, as it facilitates us to make sense of actions that happened in the past, also through reflection learning information is consolidated, embodied and personalized. CIPD (2017) identifies that learning is a meaningful activity that develops professional skills and acquires knowledge, which is described as ‘double loop’ learning. It contributes towards progress in developing new skills, increases the ability of the person to face new challenges, cope with emotions, overcome stressful situations and as an outcome develop beneficial relationships.In reflective study I am going to analyze 3 different situations based on my past working experience. All the situations will be critically evaluated applying theories and will help to identify learning outcomes. This critical analysis will contribute to future recommendations on how the  effectiveness of organization can be improved and how can I use my personal skills in the future more effectively as a manager. Not only when developing working relations with other members of the team, but also, when managing performance of others in the working environment.


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