INTRODUCTION: Thus this reasons might have triggered many companies


might be having the best product with you but unless and until you promote it you
cannot reach the customer, that is the power of marketing. The companies has to
identify the changing trends and the behavior, so that they can modify there
offering to their consumers. Today’s consumers are much concerned about the
products and its impact on the environment due to the awareness about climatic
changes and global warming. Thus this reasons might have triggered many
companies to adopt Green Marketing which not only can act as a tool to reach
their consumers  but also provides an
opportunity to address their environmental issues and Corporate Social

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to American Marketing Association, Green Marketing or ecological marketing is the
Marketing of products that are presumed to be environmentally safe. So it deals
with producing and promoting environment friendly product as the environment
plays a vital role and influences all the organism and human activities. Since
decades society showing more concern towards environment, due to this reason
many organization started to modify its business behavior to decrease or to
eliminate its carbon footprints and also adopted concepts like waste
minimization, producing environment friendly product etc,.




 The word green marketing came to prominence
when the American Marketing Association held the workshop  on Ecological Marketing for the first time in
the year 1975. This  resulted in one of
the first book on green marketing entitled “Ecological Marketing”.

later on in the year, 1980 – Green Marketing beginning.

                                     1987 – sustainable

                                     1992 &
1993 – Green Marketing reference books by Ken     

                                                              Peattie and Jaqueline

to ken pettie(1995)  Green Marketing is
the “holistic management process responsible for identifying, anticipating, and
satisfying the needs of consumer and a society in a profitable and sustainable

there was no such concepts in the mind of the consumer and they were only
considering the price of the product and for the availability of the product
but later may be due to the awareness or accessibility into the information or
may be because of the concern about the product what they are using and its
impact on their health and  environment.

to Beltz and pettie (2008) in the late 1980’s the green marketing was focused
on only the targeted consumer’s like LOHAS (life style of health and
sustainability ) who would be willing to pay premium prices for the green this consumers choose those product which are environmentally safe
even if the price of the product is more.




marketing is becoming the competitive advantage of the companies but the
question is can marketing really be green? And it can only be green if they
modify their business practices which protect the environment. In India many
companies now marketing themselves as green, as it is mandatory for the
organization to adopt CSR due to the regulation framed by the Indian
Government, following an amendment to the company act 2013. According this, the
company has to plough back 2% of their net profit on CSR.

of the people in the society believes that the green marketing deals with only
promoting and advertising the product which are having the environmental
characteristics but the truth is different, as it covers broad range of
activities, that includes producing the products which not only harm the
environment but it should protects it. This can achieved by modifying the
production process, using the biodegradable and recyclable packaging material

here the study aims to identify whether the consumers are aware about the green
product. Consumers attitude and behavior towards the green products. As the
price of the green products are more, are they willing to pay due to the
environment concern ? And this study will help to assess how the different
factors like educational level, income level, age, gender, knowledge of
environmental issues, awareness, knowledge will influence on green buying
behavior. To identify the correlation between the age and the price of the
green products.





purpose of the study is to identify how the green products and its marketing is
going to influence the buying decision of the consumers considering different
factors involved in buying decision process.


1.     To
identify whether the consumers are willing to pay more for green product

2.     To
assess the factors which will affects their buying decision of eco-friendly

3.     To
identify whether the consumers are aware about the green products.

4.     To
understand the trends and tendencies of green marketing practices.

5.     To
know the brand switching behavior of the consumer due to the environment



H1 :
the consumers are willing to pay premium price for green products.

H2 :
factors will influence the buying decision of eco-friendly products.

consumers are aware about the green products.


consumers are willing to switch brands due to the concern on environment.






Type of research

research is adopted for the study.

The source of the Data:

whole study depends on the primary data and the secondary data. Primary data is
going to be collected from the consumers of various products considering the
different ranges of factors which will influence them to purchase. The
researcher will use the questionnaire method to collect the data.

secondary data can be collected from various magazines, press release reports,
related journals, websites, books.

Sampling method

the researcher is targeting the consumers from the southern part of the
Karnataka that includes Chamarajanagar, Mysore, Madikeri, Bangalore (Rural and
Urban), Mandya, Ramnagar, Chikmagalur, Shimoga, Tumkur, Kolar, Chitradurga,
Hassan, Davangere, Chikkaballapur.

it is necessary to adopt Multistage sampling method for the research study.

Statistical Analysis










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