Introduction the Grand Slam. The green golf course designed



aims of the essay is to critically analyze performance sport within Australia.

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The reason I have chosen this nations it is because Australia original systems
is already being really good and being successful in the past. So the coming things
to do is goanna distribute there background information and the performance in
sport and the participation in sport. And also the reasons make them being well
on it.


is the country loving sport so much . It is an indispensable part of
Australians’ life whether it is watching or  Australia, all people are fascinated by sports.

We are crazy about any “football”, from the rugby league to the
unique Australian football. We play cricket in the backyard and beach all
summer, and the Boxing Day cricket match in Melbourne cricket will attract
thousands of people to watch. In the summer, we will also shake up as an
amateur commentator for the Grand Slam. The green golf course designed for the
championship is all over Australia to hold a number of top golf competitions.

Our marathon competition is more attractive to thousands of players. Of course,
not very much is the world’s racing fans know our formula one Australian Grand
Prix and other racing activities.( Tourism Australia )


 As an Australian strategic high-performance
sports agency, AIS is responsible for leading the successful delivery of
international sports events in Australia.Since 1981, AIS has been the cradle of
Australia’s national sports system. The world recognizes its worldwide sports
system, because it has the ability to identify, develop and produce world
Olympic and Paralympic champions.


the increasingly fierce international competition, AIS will link sports
investment and performance goals, and provide world-class professional
technology and services to ensure that the existing and emerging high
performance athletes in Australia get the right support at the right time and strive
for excellence and the these plan is create it from them .




in sport


 For the history I find that the Australia was
provide a lot of program to promote the participation in sport , it is “Aussie Sports,
Active Australia , A more active Australia , and Building a Healthy, Active
Australia” these program targeted the citizen can having a heathy life style.

Form now a day they having a “Play. Sport. Australia. “Is this game plan for
more Australians, especially Australian young people, playing ball games at
school or with friends from local sport club.

want to make sports more powerful in Australia by getting more people to
participate in sports. Seeing more sports flourish, Australians are more likely
to choose the sport they like.


 Play.Sport.Australia. Is there new game plan
for the next few years to enhance the participation in sports provides a large
field of view. There ambition for sports is very simple. They want to let more
Australians, especially young Australians attended more in sports games , training
or match. The number of participants in all sports events increased over the
same period. The AIS (Australia sports commission) is a powerful sports
organization that provides the products and opportunities that all the Australians
want. They are look forward to working with the movement to change our
participation in Australia. Priority areas will include three kind of point:
First it is expanding the information on the participation trend of sports ,
second assisting sports to increase demand, the last one is the

between the establishment of sports and the supply of sports.


For this program is set up for all the Australians can
having a chances to enjoy the sport , whatever they are kids , teenagers and
granny. The “Play.Sport.Australia.” make it  11 million 600 thousand Australian adults who
participate in exercise or physical activity three times or more times a week. So
every year, 17 million Australian adults participate in sports or physical
activities. In the result we can see it how successful for this plan is working
in Australia .You can see it the number is increasing for playing sport or just
to enjoy the sport .


Sporting Schools

 This is other sport plan from the AIS (Australia
sports commission ) to create it . T The
primary and secondary school physical education curriculum aims to have a
positive impact on the tendencies of lifelong participation in sports. The
sports school is an Australian government project with a cost of 160 million
Australian dollars, which aims to help schools increase children’s
participation in sports activities and link them to community sports
activities. Research shows that any early sports can actively affect participation
and encourage lifelong physical education. The Australian Sports Commission
(Australia Sports Commission) is working with more than 30 national sports
organizations to carry out sports before class. Sports schools also provide
courses for primary schools to provide targeted courses for students in grade
seven and grade eight in secondary schools. (Australian Sports Commission)


Since the launch of sports
schools in 2015, a total of more than 5800 primary schools have been funded.

This gives about 300 thousand students the enthusiasm, participation and
pleasure of participating in a variety of sports activities each year. The
government has spent more than 3 million and 20 thousands of Australian
children participating in sports or sports activities held outside the school.

So you can see how they push their own people to play more sports. In addition,
Australians spend $10 billion a year on sports or sports costs. From the
results we can find that the campaign is increasing, because Australians have
received more attention. (Australian Sports Commission)


In the sporting school we can find that the AIS using this
plan to make more kids and teenagers can enjoy the sport after school and even
in the school still can having a good quality facility , that’s why it can make
around 3 million 200 thousand Australian children participate in organized
sports or physical activities outside the school. For to make more people to join
the sport it is success for the number you can see it.


Performance sport

  The host country for
the Olympic Games is usually after the upsurge of the Olympic Games. The
enthusiasm and strength of the government and the general public in competitive
sports also subsided; however, Australia can continue to use its pride Competitive
sports organization system to prove that the country’s achievements and
strength in the international arena are not short-lived, but constant and forever.

Continued development, after experiencing the 2000 medal win in Sydney Olympic
Games, the Athens Olympics in 2004 still won 49

Face medal, and then continue to remain in the semi-finals
with 17 gold medals. In addition, the population of Australia in 2003 for the
first time suddenly. Break 20 million people, but in a short period of two
decades, regain the place in the international arena, its competitive. The
operation mechanism and development strategy of dynamic organization deserve
our attention and understanding.


For the performance sport the Australian government they
want to be success . In order to achieve this goal, the Australian Institute of
Physical Education (AIS) was founded in 1981

And the AIS is funded by the federal government and is based
on the East German system. The most
original idea of AIS is to provide scholarships and related fees, such as life,
training and competition. Use, absorb the development potential of the
athletes, concentrated in the facilities with international standards,
professional manpower, transportation department. For Now a day AIS is already famous
for its high-performance technology and world-class facilities and Sports
Science or sports medicine services. AIS
is also responsible for $100 million in high-performance sports investment to
help their projects meet their victory goals and responsible for unifying the
country’s methods to classify athletes to track and manage the performance of
the athletes.


Other important organizations related to competitive sports

  AIS is a strategic high performance sports
organization in Australia and is responsible for leading the successful
delivery of international sports events in Australia. After AIS I find that in
the Australia still have different organizations is work with them . such as The
National Elite Sports Council (NESC) and also work with the National Bureau of
statistics, state and Sports Colleges (SIS / SAS) and other sports partners to
work together for the success of international sports.


National Elite Sports Council (NESC)

  The National Elite Sports Council
(NESC) was founded in 1993. It is composed of the main Australian States, the
territory and the directors of the national sports college and college…NESC
is a recognized sub committee of the Standing Committee of entertainment and
sports. The NESC network is responsible for its stakeholders, government and
strategic partners, providing “daily training and efficient sports service
environment” for most high performance athletes in Australia and Olympic
Games, Paralympic Games and Commonwealth Games.


State institutes and academies of sport

 The SIS/SAS is
provide high quality services and support in partnership with NSOs within the jurisdiction of the respective states and
territories, a high quality daily training environment is provided for the
athletes and teams with the potential of the podium.


National sporting organization

  The National
sporting organization (NSO)is responsible for providing high performance
sports. They have created the best environment to support coaches, athletes and
teams in both domestic and international competitions. In
addition, they was provide train and identify the next generation athletes in
Australia, and provide appropriate support at the right time to ensure
Australia’s continued success in international sports.


Many organizations work together to support there own athletes
to achieve a sustained campaign success for Australia. Because each
organization can play a key role in ensuring that Australia continues to stand
out on the world sports stage. So why the Australia can keep it on the top
level in the sport world.


Sport Assistance Scheme, Direct
Athlete Support

 In this situation
after the research I find that the government having a plan provides $12
million a year to support athletes from the Olympic Games, the Paralympics and
the Commonwealth Game on the other hands they supports over 650 athletes across
30 sports each year. At first,
the sports draft was focused on boxing and judo. In the future, it will expand
to specific sports, such as paddling, running or Paralympic sports, or by
examining speed and strength, goals or acrobatics to take a theme based
approach to make sure more different sport player can enjoy all the support of
the planning. For the study of the action
fund in September 2013, AIS allocated $300 thousand for the research action
fund. This will help to translate existing knowledge and expertise into
applications that support the Winning Edge goal.




 (De Bosscher, V., De Knop,P., van Bottenburg, M.,
Shibli, S. (2006)

      Pillar 1: Financial Support

      Pillar 2:
Governance, Organization and structure of sport            policies

      Pillar 3: Foundation and Participation

      Pillar 4: Talent development and Talent
identification system

      Pillar 5: Post career and Athletic career

      Pillar 6: Training facilities

      Pillar 7: Coaching provision and coach

      Pillar 8: International competition and
national competition

      Pillar 9: Scientific research and


Form the graph you can see it divide to three levels, the first
one is input. The second one is throughput and the last step it is the output .The
Pillar 1 is the financial support for the all sport event and the elite sport
player . The throughputs are the key way to success. Pillars 2-9 can develop
the hold system more effective.

 (De bosscher,
Shilbury et al (2011), European Sport Mangement Quarterly )


In the figure show that the Austrian the financial support
is already over the average , it show that over around 60%, it means Austrian
is having a good financial support to the Performance sport. In the P2 It is
the structure and organization ,it is also over the average ,and it is almost
70 %. It mean there organization developed very success. P3 is the sport
participation ,we can find that it is also over the average but as a success country
Austrian still get some space to do it better in this kind of things .P4 it is
the Talent ID and TD, it is the test os the teenagers skills for the kids and
teenagers ,we find that Austrian just on the average , the number show that it
is 40 %.

P5 is post athletic career support , in the figure we can
see it the Austrian is being so good on the part, it is because they can touch
the maximum it is 80% . P6 is the training facilities in the picture is also
over the average , the number show that around 60 % , it’s mean there training facilities
is almost the best and so close with the maximum . P7 is the Coach Development
and provision , in the graph show that the number is so close with the maximum
it is Around 70% , so we can know the reasons for the Austrian having a good
sport player ,it is because have are good Coach Development and provision. P8
is the international competition , we can find that it is the first time below
the average , in the figure we can see the number of the percentage below
around 40 % , it mean Austrian may need to find some ways to solve this problem
of the international competition without very good result. Final is the P9 is
the research and innovation , it is one of the best P ,it is touch the maximum,
the number is 80%, it is mean the teleology is it fit with the sport
development .


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