INTRODUCTION of size and 51.2-million population. Tanzania made $2.23


of Tanzania

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According to Retosa 2018 Tanzania is a
destination loved by most African people. They are iconic attractions including
the Ngorongoro Crater, Mount
Kilimanjaro, Lake
Victoria, Serengeti National Park, and Zanzibar. It is 945 200km2 in terms of
size and 51.2-million population. Tanzania made $2.23 billion in 2015 from 1.1
million tourist arrivals, a slight decrease from 1.14 million arrivals in 2014.
Tanzania is ranked on 7th visited countries in Sub-Saharan Africa.
The 1St is South Africa (9.5m), followed by Zimbabwe 2nd (1.9m),
Mozambique 3rd (1.7m), Uganda 4th (1.27m), Kenya 5th
(1.26m), and Namibia 6th (1.2m). There are 16 National Parks in
Tanzania, 28 Reserves Game,
44 Game controlled areas, 1 conservation area and 2 Marine Parks.

(, 2018)

Fortune of Africa states that most
tourist go for the wildlife and beaches in Tanzania. The number of arrivals in
Tanzania visiting the country for leisure and holiday comes from Africa (46%)
and Europe (32%). An interesting and exotic blend of Asia and Africa is Zanzibar–
an ideal holiday destination for marine
enthusiasts alike and historians. Tanzania Wildlife & Beaches- Considered among the finest in the
world is Tanzania’s wildlife resources. Tanzania has been voted the best safari
destination in Africa. Other tourist visit Tanzania just for hunting. Tanzania has been recognized for its
superb sport hunting or safari hunting.

(, 2018)

Services and products created primarily for the tourists and
also for the locals. Example



Travel Agents

for Food and Beverages

Centers such as malls


Information Centers

Future plans of Tanzania.

According to Fortune of Africa, The Government of Tanzania has
recently announced that in 2016 they will be products to attract up to 3m
international visitors by 2018, so they is going to be a budget undertaken in
the tourism sector.

(, 2018)

Explaination of the principles of destination analysis.

Explain the purpose of destination analysis

According to Mohnish Limbasia 2017 Destination
analysis is determining patterns of tourism and develop the tourism in the
country. One of the key aspects for complete satisfaction of a tourist is analysis
of a destination. It helps in creating a good image of a destination which is
favorably differentiated from the other destinations. They are types of tourism
destinations example touring Centre’s, coastal areas and countries. It helps in
positioning of a destination in the minds of present and potential tourists.

(, 2017)

Explain the principles of data collection and analysis

The National Bureau of Statistics in
Tanzania is the one that analyses data collection in tourism.
Ludy Mae Nalzaro defines data collection that it is process when the researcher
collects information that is needed to answer the research problem.

Ludy Mae Nalzaro states that An
Instrument can be used, which is a device used to collect the data and should
be valid and reliable. According to USAID in data collection to perform a situational
analysis a market research is carried out to obtain quantitative / statistical and qualitative
information from the following sources: Primary information from survey
research on consumer behavior, satisfaction, motivation, examining the image,
studies of geographic segments, and destination brand perception, research
needs, desires, attitudes and preferences of the client.

Method of Collection

According to Ludy Mae Nalzaro 2018

Is a series of questions designed to elicit information, filled in by all
participants. It can be gathered by oral interview or by written questionnaire.

Involves structure or unstructured verbal communication between the researcher
and subject when information is obtained for a study.

Mostly used in qualitative research. Observation types: – Unstructured
observation, method of collecting data that has proponents and opponents.
Structured observation is the preparation of record-keeping forms for example category,
systems, and rating scales.

(, 2018)

Explain how to assess the risks associated with a tourist destination.

Know how nonprofit 2017 states the risks associated with trading can
usually be divided into four categories for examples:


in cost of finance, taxation.

cost estimates.


in demand for products or services.

sources of competition.


achieving consistent quality standards.

with suppliers.


on key personnel.

acquiring and developing new skills.

(, 2017)

the likelihood and potential impact of these risks

Once identified the risks associated
with the trading activities the next step is to assess these risks, and to
decide which risks require special attention. One way of doing this is to
assess each risk against two criteria: Likelihood of the risk occurring (high,
medium or low) and Impact on the organization if the risk occurs (high, medium
or low).

the risks

According to Know how nonprofit 2017, there
are four approaches taken towards the risks identified:

reduction: Taking actions to reduce the likelihood and/or impact of the
potential risk. This may involve staff training to ensure they is enough people
capable of performing a key role in the event of absence or illness.

the risk: Transferring the risk to another party by getting someone else accepting
the risk or either by purchasing an insurance policy. For instance, rather than
employing more staff to meet an increase in demand for services, one might
choose to use freelance workers until they are sure the increase in demand is
long term.

avoidance: Deciding not to undertake the chosen activity, and usually only
applies to situations where the likelihood and impact are both considered to be

the risk: Acknowledge the risk and deciding to accept the consequences
occurring. For instance, if they is a shop specifically for tourist they might
plan for a certain level of shoplifting, which is built into cost projections
for that area of trading.

(, 2017)


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