INTRODUCTION Christ. Pride is concerned with who is right

INTRODUCTIONInthe everyday life of the people, there’s a big possibility that something willhappen.

It may be good or bad. Which side? What will exactly happen? God onlyknows. Why? Because He planned it accordingly since the beginning. Therewerepeople that is really the opposite of another, just like milk and coffee,black and white and even oil and water, in other word Good and Bad. Forexample, a person who sees the fault of others deeply and like a microscope buthis or her fault as a telescope. They focus on others failure than their own.

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Sometimes,people should think of themselves first rather than other people, because atthe end of the day you, yourself is the one responsible on your action andnever the other people. But there were also people who are compassionate andforgiving enough. These kinds of people were really blessed for that kind ofattitude. They sometimes think that they don’t deserve the blessing andopportunities that God gave them, but they truly deserve it. Pride and Humilityhas something and has a connection with the words written above.Prideand Humility is a two different thing. Pride is the bad side and Humility isthe other way around, the good side.

They are really the opposite. Pride isknown as the Great Sin so it is really a dangerous and not so good. In thisworld, there were so many prideful people than humble ones. There weresituations that really suits to them. For the Pride, Satan is the greatestexample of it while for the Humility it is none other than Jesus Christ.

Pride isconcerned with who is right while Humility is concerned with what is right.Sometimes when something happened, it is good to know first what it is allabout rather than who is involved in the situation to weigh both sides. Butstill both sides are needed to know to perform a certain solution about it.Thereare really certain things in people’s life that is really opposite of theother. People cannot do anything about it. Also people cannot avoid Pridebecause it is already natural in them. Although it is a bad side, as much aspossible avoid it.

And Humility, we have to be humble all the time, be likeJesus Christ. He is the perfect example of Humility in everything. In this kindof world, Humility is needed more than Pride. Always look into the bright sideof everything, people commit mistakes but that is not the end of it. As much astry to be good always so that other people will eventually be like whom youare, because of your character. And that is the best thing.PRIDEAll Human Beings naturally have pride.

Eventhough you’re an adult or a child, still you have your pride with youbecause it is natural. Also, Pride is often seen as the first sin. It is thesin which caused the devil to fall from his privileged position as an angel oflight that is called now Satan. Plus, Satan used it to tempt Adam and Eve awayfrom their fellowship with God.

  Accordingto Daniel Webster these are one ofthe examples of how pride was defined. It is the quality or state of beingproud, as in inordinate self-esteem or conceit, or a reasonable or justifiableself-respect or delight or elation arising from some act, possession, orrelationship; defined as proud or disdainful behavior or treatment. St.

Thomas Aquinas said that, “Pride understands itto be that frame of mind in which a man, through the love of his own worth,aims to withdraw himself from subjection to Almighty God, and sets at naughtthe commands of superiors.  Vainglory, ambition, and presumption are commonlyenumerated as the offspring vices of pride.”  According to Wellman (2015), Pride is not a problem of an individual but is itthe problem of everyone, of all human being. It is also defined as a feeling ordeep pleasure or satisfaction in an achievement, or in an accomplishment or insomething else or someone else.

Also it is described as conceit, egotism andvanity. It is an inwardly direct emotion that can easily hurt other people andtypically makes one feel a sense of superiority over the other.  This kind of attitude and doing is notgood for anyone. Nobody can make you and feel others their superiority unlessthey are God. Whatever happens to them, if they accomplish something, they areon top, everyone praises them they don’t have the right to make themselves thesuperior because at the end of the day, they are ordinary people in the eyes ofGod.

 Forexample, when a person is good enough over the other or he or she achievedsomething that is really hard to accomplish, it means that the pride is the onebuilding them. He or she thinks that he is the good, the better and the bestabove others, which is really wrong. When your pride works, you lose thecapacity to respect other people and you tend to disrespect them always becauseyou will only see yourself as the best. You only see them below you or underyou. Another thing, from the bible verse, I Corinthians 13:4 “Love is patient, loveis kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.” When a person is so proud of himself or herself, it isnot good in the eyes of God. Just like the bible verse mentioned above, if youknow how to love and you want to be loved, you have to be Kind, Patient and donot Envy, Boast and be Proud.

Being proud simply means being Prideful. “Toforgive is to forget”, according to the Holy Bible. But why is it that when aman forgives someone, he does not completely forget what that person did to himinstead he is still bothered about it. Thus, it is really difficult for a humanbeing to forget what went wrong. From the bible verse, Hebrews 10:17 “And their sins and their lawlessness, man would Iwill by no means remember any more.” When a human being confessed already hisor her sins in the eyes of God it is already forgotten. When He forgives,absolutely He forgets and considers a man as if they are sinless and they neversinned.  However, when a mancan’t forgive another man it means that his pride is the one working.

It is thematter of his pride because he can’t forget and forgive another man. Thereforeif God knows how to forgive and to forget, so as man should either knows how toforgive. No matter how man does sins against one another, they should takeJesus as their God of forgiveness and learn to forgive others. Being proud or pridefulsimply means that you are hiding something and not letting other people knowsabout it. Why? Because they are ashamed of it. You keep it to yourself only.You always wanted to prove something even if it’s not good anymore.

You alwayswant people to look on you, and that is Pride. When something went wrong, aprideful person blames others even if it is their own fault. Pride is alreadytheir weakness. Sometimes what makes you strong is also the one who can makeyou weak.   SYMPTOMS OF PRIDE For example a type ofcholesterol. Cholesterol hardens the blood vessels.

Same a pride, it has ahardening effect on the heart of the person. From Daniel 5:20 states that “when his heart became arrogant and alreadyhardened with pride, he was desposed from his royal throne and stripped fromhis glory.” Simply means that pride hardens the views and inputs of others. From the bible verse 2 Chronicles 36:11-13 when Zedekiah didsomething evil in the eyes of God and did not humble himself before ProphetJeremiah, and he also rebelled against King Nebuchadnezzar, who had made himtake an oath in God’s name. It means that when our hearts is lifted to what theworld has to offer, it will eventually harden because of pride.  2 CONSEQUENCES OF PRIDE            It destroys relationship.

The pride of the people really destroys the relationship. Why? Because of prideyou don’t want and you can’t listen to what the people trying to say andexplain to you. The pride is really a hindrance to the relationship and itblocks it through called the communication.

The one who’s into the relationshipdoesn’t want to listen because his or her pride told him or her not to. Butlike the other people says that always listen to one another to have an opencommunication and for you to be able to understand each other. This is one ofthe consequences of pride or being proud, it destroys the relationship of aperson to other people.            Itblocks helps. Why? Because if the person let his or her pride work, he orshe thinks that she or he can do anything. You’ll not ask help from others evenfrom God.

The thought that runs into his or her mind that he or she can doanything it eventually when in reality he or she can’t. A proud or a pridefulperson thinks that he or she doesn’t need help anymore from anyone or anybodyaround her. People should accept that they can’t do all things they want to do.Always remember that sometimes we need a helping hand or a simple help fromanybody to accomplish something or to be successful in what we wanted to do.

  TREATMENT/PREVENTION OFPRIDE            Our hearts must only befor God. Only for God and not for others. Another one, Great Care is required if we are to keep our pride at bay.

Rememberthat our flesh is weak and it is naturally default to pride. While the love ofGod always give us what we need. Moreover, God and thus those like Him, alwaysgive, and are not prideful.

             From the bible verse, John 3:16 “For God so loved the worldthat he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall notperish but have eternal life.” This is the very famous verse among the bibleverse almost about everything. God is a merciful God that He gave his Only Sonfor the world to be redeemed from sins.             Pride, we cannot do anything aboutpride because it is already natural to us. Human Beings already have it.

Thus,people should know how to control their pride enough because if they didn’tcontrol it, it might result to something sinful or dangerous. God doesn’t wantit. Plus, this is the weakness of everyone – Pride.             Rather than having a pride, whyshould not turn it into something positive, which is Humility. Having a humbleheart or being humble is a good choice and a good decision. Just like JesuChrist who is the perfect example of Humility presented in the bible.

            HUMILITY            Humility is a Greek Word used in Colossians 3; it is acombination of two words that together means “a humiliation or lowliness of mind.” There are people in this wordthat has a sense of humility. Moreover, according to the Catholic Encyclopedia, Humility is in which a man has a modestestimate of his own worth, and submits himself to others. A Quality by which aperson considering his or her own defects has a lowly opinion of himself orherself and willingly submits himself to God and to others for God’s sake.Forexample, a humble person has a modest opinion of himself, and viewing himselfas small before God and even smaller before others. He also recognizes andrejoices and happy in the strengths and talents of other people.

A man submitshimself to those over him and is courteous and yielding to those under him. Heis also concerned for the welfare of others, and is willing to give up his ownwants or needs or desires for the benefit of other people.From theHoly Bible, in the book of Matthew, Chapter 18 it says there thatwhen we are humble it is one of the key to enter the kingdom of God at the endof time or when we die. Also a man needed to be like little children to enterheaven. Why? Because children are pure, they are less sin than the older ones.

Children don’t have any achievements yet that they can tell others. They arepurely humble of themselves. In simple words, being humble is one of the keysto enter the kingdom of heaven and at the same time doing good and avoidingwhat is evil. Also this indicates that in order for a man to enter into thekingdom of the heaven, he or she must be humble enough and must not disrespectany believer, but rather love his or brothers and sisters as much as he or lovehimself or herself and forgive them eventually if they have sinned to you.

Why?Because if a man is too proud and do not forgive their brothers or theirsisters, they will not be able to enter into the kingdom of the heaven at theend of time. The man should not let his or her pride works fro it but rather behumble enough.FromLuke Chapter 18:9-30 states theteaching to man about entering the kingdom of God. Our Lord mentions three steps: (1) to humble oneself beforeGod as a sinner, realizing the need of God’s propitiation; (2), to be like alittle child, without any preoccupying concept; and (3), to follow the Saviorby overcoming being occupied by riches and all other material matters. Abovethem all, being humble or having humility is included to enter heaven.

When a person is humble or having humility towards God, it isthe best strategy and best way to fight God’s enemies, the devils. From 2 Timothy 2:22, it says there that to “tell us toflee youthful lusts and pursue righteousness with those who call on His nameout of a pure heart.” It means that when a person is more humble than the he isbefore the others and before God, the more he or she will go to heaven andenter the kingdom of God.It also tells us that being humbleand not too proud of something about yourself means a man having a goodrelationship with the other people and as well as to his or her brothers andsisters because being humble will help him or her not to hurt other peopleeventually. People need to be humle, because at the end of the day, Humilitywill save them.

From the bible verse Romans12:16 “Live in harmony with oneanother. Do not be proud, but be willing to associate with people of lowposition. Do not be conceited” this means that people should love one anotherand live in harmoby. Don’t isolate and separate yourself from others because inthe eyes of God we are all equal. Do not be proud of yourself because youachieve something but be humble enough and help others to do the same. In 1 Peter 5:6 “Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand,that he may lift you up in due time.” means this that if we are humble enough,God will lift us up eventually and be able to enter the kingdom of God at theend of time. It is for us to be with God if we die, we came from God and it isa must that we must go back to Him.

In His loving and everlasting arms andlove.             JesusChrist, Himself. From Philippians 2:5-11 eventhough Jesus is the son ofGod, he humbly Himself to all the people. Eventhough people disrepect Him andnot believening that Hes is the son of God. He gave himself for the world toredeem from the sins. Thus, Jesus Christ isalso known as our greatest friend. Thesekind of people is really essential and a must need in this world, people whoalways there for others and knows exactly what they wanted to do. Also helpingothers without expecting in something in return.

And the perfect example ofHumility is our Savior, Jesus Christ, Himself. He sacrifices and gave Himselfto redeem the people from their sins to the world. He loves people more thanHimself eventhough He is the Son of God. Letus always think that Humility means Making Others More Important Than Yourself.

That was Jesus did when He redeemed the world from sins. He loves the peoplewith all His heart eventhough he will be crusified and knowing that He is theson of God still He did it. Humility is all about Him.Theysay that it is very hard to be humble. Why? Because there were so manytemptations around the world.

But don’t ever let that temptations tempt youbecause it will ruin you and you will not be able to humble yourself rather,you will become the prideful one. However,we already have the so called Original Sin which we inherit from Adam and Evestill, we must humble ourselves and we must obey God at all times. Nothing iswrong when we obey God’s commandment.

It is for our own good. It may take ahard work to be humble but when you did it, you will eventually realize that isit worth it. It is worth the hard work you made. SIMPLE WAYS TO BEHUMBLE            Don’tbe angry or offended when someone corrects you. It is not wrong whensomeone corrects you and gives their own opionion to you.

Sometimes it is okayto hear from what other people would say to you to be able to understand andlook more deeply on the situation. It can make the things a lot better. Alwaysthink that 2 heads are better than one.            Setasides your desires when someone needs you. If someone needs your help,don’t hesitate to help because it means a lot to them. Sometimes a little helpcan change something or anything into something big. And you might know, whenyou also need help in time, someone is there for you also.Be cheerful and obeyyour parents.

Always and always obey yourparents. Why? they know what’s best for you more than anyone else. They havethe capacity to decide what’s good for you eventhough you don’t like or loveit. Parents are very important.

Don’t take them from granted because at the endof the day you’ll always look for them.            Pray.Always see to it that you pray to God and remember that you are a blessing.

A blessing that can change the life of others. A kind of blessing to your ownfamily. And a kind of blessing that God is really proud of.

Always pray thatyou will help yourself to be humble at all times and help other people too.             GiveThanks. Do not forget to thank God for all the blessings He gave you. Forall the trials and challenges and for His one and only Son that He gave toredeem the world. Thank Him for all the people around you that really supportyou no matter what happen. For all the people who corrects you when you arewrong.

             Humility is as simple a submittingourselves to God and obey Him always. In this, we are greatly humble just whatGod wanted us to be and for us to recognized that God is over and above allthings. If we are humble enough, we are simply just like Jesus Christ, who isthe perfect example of Humility. Don’t ever think that being humble is a hardthing to do rather than take it as challenge and at the same time a blessing.

 At the end of the day God wants us to behumble because He wanted us to be with Him when our time comes. In simplewords, God wanted His people to return to Him because He made them. He wantedthem to rejoice in Him in heaven and be with Him forever.

         CONCLUSION            In conclusion, Prideand Humility is really a two different thing. Pride is the negative side, andHumility is the positive side. Having Pride is natural to every human being. Itis not a problem of someone but rather a problem of everyone. Pride is the loss of humility and this is the root ofevery sin and evil.

It is the root of all sins. Just like what happen to thefallen angels including Lucifer, where they believe that they can surpass Godand look upon themselves which eventually led them to be cast down from heaveninto darkness.             People having pride, is really not good.

If the pride works for them, eventually a bad thing will happen. Example ofthis is it can destroy a relationship because one seems not know how to listenenough to the other one. Another is it blocks help, when you are a pridefulperson, you think that you don’t need a help anymore because you think that youcan do it eventually even if you can’t.            The other way around is Humility,which is the real opposite of pride. Humility means is not thinking yourselfless, but rather thinking of yourself less.

You always see to it that you putothers needs first, before yours. Just like what happened to our Savior, Hesaves the people from their sins and eventually made Him crusified and died.Inorder for a man to enter the kingdom of God which is Heaven, he or she must behumble enough towards others.

Helping others and putting others first beforeHim is a sign of being humble. There are different bible verses in the biblethat explains brieftly what it means to be humble and helps us to enter thekingdom of heaven.            Pride and Humility is a reallycontradicting topic.

You have the positive and the negative side. You alwayshave to weigh things in order for you to have a good outcome or result. We haveto always remember what God wanted us to be. Humble enough ourselves to enterthe kingdom or heaven and set aside pride in order to avoid evil doings oractivity.