Introduction: birth certificates. “Falsifying documents” are considered as white-collar


An individual who alters or forges to
deceive others ID defined as falsification. Those are considered as
modifications to documents, alterations of signature, dollar bills, names, and wrong
entries. People commit in lot of false activities like documents, birth
certificates, death certificates, titles, and checks 2.  Some other major documents people try to
modify they are Tax returns and income statements, Personal checks, Bank account
records, Business record keeping books, Immigration documents (such as visas,
passports, etc.), Identification cards and birth certificates. “Falsifying documents” are considered
as white-collar crime 1.

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example of document falsification is altering document. It is considered as a
dignified crime with no physical effort. It looks very sophisticated to do but
an investigator can easily identify the false, because usually they try to find
how can be altered instead of comparing with original. There may be some chance
of error while duplication, as a person who completes same task repeatedly may
never make mistake. Even an expert fraud can commit some mistake some time like
hand writing and pen color or holidays. Some officer uses some particular pen
and working times help catching fraud. Sometimes officer work on weekends will
help investigator to catch fraud committers 3.

it’s easy to get someone in to trap and convincing someone to agree isn’t a big
deal but those are only ways fool themselves by not taking any action believing
someone and following them blindly seem like easy.  But it is not much easier, it affects both
company as well its employees and its customers money. Secondly, someone who
doesn’t have ethical behaviors, doesn’t mean that you can easily put them down.

You should have self-respect and respect honest people around you by sticking
to high moral standard. If everyone believes oneself have high moral and
courage will help each other at work place 3. 

who knowingly commits to falsifying documents to “impede, obstruct or
influence” should be investigated and fined or face a prison for at least
20 years 4.


who commit forgery is un ethical may cause heart breaker or effective financial
loss to an individual I would suggest monitoring their daily activities may
help themselves and create proper documentation to ensure safety hire an
attorney if needed 2.


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