Introduction also show if portfolio is an asset or


This assignment will be exploring, in a critical view, what portfolio is. This assignment will be examining what use, the purpose and drivers in nursing itself.  The assignment will also look at the challenges that can arise while doing a portfolio and the benefits it can have for both the individual and the employer. It will also show if portfolio is an asset or a waste of resources

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What is a portfolio:

A portfolio is “an organised collection of professional work that follows the trajectory of a nurses’ career that should illustrate the background, skills and expertise of the individual” (Green et al. 2013) It also gives us a visual picture of the individual, their skills, experience, abilities and strengths. (Casey and Egan) The portfolio is broadly and constantly acknowledged as a valuable resource in both nursing practice and education.  In the past the portfolio has been done with pen and paper however as time and technology evolve the portfolio is now done online and then called a portfolio.



With portfolios it can allows for the development or continues improvement of the framework which can include the reflective aspects of self-assessment, planning and progression.  With a portfolio it can allows us to identify if we have any learning opportunities that may arise that we can benefit from, it can also show us our strengths and weaknesses that we may have.  It allows us to see our continuous development and where we may need to improve.  Portfolios can be used by both the individual to improve the professional and personal development, but it can also be useful for employers to show them where their employees can improve their education and to see when their employees need to have updates in their education.  It also shows the employer the collection and showcasing of competences and capabilities that each employee may have within their company.  It allows the individual to plan their learning activates and to keep track of them and to review them easily to see when they may be out of date to do an up-date course and their personal development plans.  It also allows the facilitates self-teaching which allows the students to take responsibility for their own learning opportunities and it allows students to develop goals related to 5 Standards for Continuing Competence which include Knowledge, Critical reasoning, Interpersonal Skills, Performance Skills, Ethical Practice.



There are many benefits to having a portfolio which can include it being easier to prepare for an interview due to all your information and achievements being in one place and that they can be up-dated easily.  According to Brown and Jink, (2014) it also allows for the enhancement of professional practice through reflection.  It allows the individual the ability to identify personal learning needs in practice as a hands-on way of management of an individual’s performance reviews.  It allows you to provide documentation evidence of development and achievement, in an easy and efficient way and allows you to demonstrate your ability to be up-to-date with your developing practice, as well as being up-to-date with new developments in practice (Brown and Jinks 2014).  It allows you to think and reflect for yourself.



There can also be challenges to a portfolio, one of which can be that it does take a good amount of time to construct in either a personal or professional concept.  You also need to ensure that you have a back-up of the portfolio just encase it gets lost, stolen or damaged (BROWN AND JINKS).  Furthermore, an issue that tends to arise is with the reflective writing due to the issue of the privacy and confidenality of the information that could be disclosed within it. (Bowers, Jinks. 2004)  It is the student responsibility to manage their own learning and their self-direction however this can be a challenge for some due to the maturity of the student (McMullan et al. 2001) and according to Driscoll and Tuh. () it is the students’ own responsibility to seek out and find learning opportunities to put them into portfolio however this can be the same challenge that McMullen (2001) pointed out as not being mature enough.   Students found keeping a portfolio contribution little to identifying strengths and weaknesses however according to Peddle, et al (2016) it enabled students to evaluate their performance, strengths, identify and to address areas of weakness.

However even though the portfolio is used worldwide there is still a sizable amount of confusion with the term `portfolio’, with other expressions such as `profile’ which can serve a related function. There is also concern about the information that may be contained within the portfolio and the confidentiality of portfolios. There is also the issue of reliability, credibility and legality of portfolios that have yet to be addressed fully. According to Gannon et al () if portfolios are to be of use in the future for educational purposes then a substantial amount of research needs to be done into their use and value


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