Introduction: a lot of European people had heard hearsay


The black death was arrived in Europe continent by sea in 1347 October when 12 Genoese trading ships docked locating at the Sicilian port of Messina after very long travel by the black sea, the people who were standing on the sidewalk to greet the ships were met with very Horrible surprise which is most of the passengers on the ships were dead and who were still alive were dangerous infection, they were beat the fever and cannot keep food down and delirious from the pain. and the strangest thing that is they were covered in vague black boils that douche pus and blood and gave their sickness it name’s is ” Black Death ” when the authorities asked the squadron of the death ships to leave the port quickly but unfortunately it was too late and the next five years the black death killed more than twenty million people in Europe continent by, about one third of the continent’s population.

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The Black Death:

Also before the death ships were taken ‘pulled’ inside port in Messina, a lot of European people had heard hearsay about Great Plague that was pattern a deadly track the trade path of the far and near east and it was the disease which spread in India, Egypt, Syria, China and Persia in 1340s.

They were rarely equipped for the scary fact of the black death and in the beginning of the disease certain tumefaction in the “groin” or down of the armpits as the egg size, some more and some less, and this disease called or known as ” black plague ” and purulence spew out of this strange tumefaction what was followed by a steward of other repugnant display, chills, fever,

puking, horrible, Diarrhea, soreness, and pain than death.

The black death was Horrible “indiscriminately” intended the bare touching of Clothes.

The disease was also horrible active.

People who were good in health when they go to bed in the night to sleep maybe they die in the morning.

Understanding the black death:

The scientists today believe that the black death which is known as the plague, ” is spread by a bacillus called Yersinia pestis. (The French biologist Alexandre Yersinia discovered this germ at the end of the 19th century.) ” .

And they know that the ‘bacillus’ transition from person to person through the air like through the bite of infected fleas and rats.

All of these pests could be found almost in everywhere in medieval Europe, but they were especially at home aboard ships of all kinds and that is how the black death ‘ plague ‘ made its way by one European port city after another.

The black death did not take a lot of time to spread around, after it struck Messina, the black death spread in Marseilles port in France and Tunis’s port in Africa the north, after that it arrived in Rome and Florence, and it’s very good cities that ” located in the center of an elaborate web of trade routes “, and in the middle of 1348 the black death arrived in Paris Bordeaux. Lyon and London.

Today, this sullen sequence of events is horrible but understandable ” (In the middle of the 14th century, however, there seemed to be no rational explanation for it. No one knew exactly how the Black Death was transmitted from one patient to another–according to one doctor.)”.

For instance: instant death happens when the atmospheric spirit escaping from the eyes of the ill man stoppage the healthy person standing near and looking at the ill but no one knows how to treat or prevent it.

The doctors depend on treated with simple techniques like the boil-lancing and bloodletting (unhealthy and dangerous practice) and the fabulous practice of burning aromatic herbs and bathing in rosewater or vinegar.

Punishing God:

Revenge for sins such as greed, blasphemy, heretics, adultery, and universal God – because they did not understand the biology of disease, many people believe that black death is like the god of punishment I thought so. Through this logic, the only way to overcome the plague was to obtain the remission of God. Some people believe that the way to do this is to cleanse the communities of heretics and other trouble – for example, thousands of Jews were massacred in 1348 and 1349 (thousands, quickly mobs of the safety cities fled relatively low concentration in Eastern Europe.

Some people deal with the fear and uncertainty of black death epidemics by taking them away to their neighbors. Others adapt by giving up the state of the soul at home. Some of the upper-classmen in the Flanders row were traveling from the city and taking part in the public display of fire and punishment: they were urban dwellers, but with heavy leather straps studded with sharp metal pieces I saw himself and beat each other. 33 1/2 days, Flatland repeated this concert three times a day. After that, they move to the next city and resume the operation. Although the dissonance movement offered some comfort to those who felt helpless in the face of an inexplicable tragedy, they began to worry about the pope, who began to understand him immediately. Faced with the Pope’s resistance, the movement collapsed.

The black death epidemic began in the early 1350s, but the plague lasted for centuries and reappeared in several generations. Recent hygiene practices and public health practices have greatly reduced the effects of the disease, but have not ruled out it.


The result of this violent disaster was many. Following this, the war broke and the trade suddenly decreased, but it was a short period of time. The most serious and serious consequence was a sharp decline in the arable land area due to the deaths of many workers. This has proved to be a ruin of many landowners. The lack of labor force led to replacing wages and rents instead of labor services to protect tenants. Wages of craftsmen and farmers generally also rose. These changes have brought new liquidity to society’s harsh strata.

The psychological influence of the black death of the Northern Alps is reflected (not Italy) so part of monopoly of salvation of the soul salvation of the Catholic Church, preconceived with death that appears in poetry, sculpture and painting and the world after death is excessive Sometimes I lost myself as turning a person into mysticism.

Anti-Semitism is dramatically intensifying throughout Europe where Jews are condemned for the spread of black deaths. Following this, waves of violent genocide continued, the entire Jewish group was killed by rioters and burned to the mass tests.

The economy of Siena is being critically examined. The city’s population declined gradually as the project was abandoned due to the expansion of the cathedral and the greatest of many painters 2 like Umbro and Pietro Lorenzetti 2, to develop the first school line to finish early Brought about the death of.

In England, the direct influence of the epidemic in 1349 seemed to be short-term, probably reached its response in the mid-15th century, the reason for the decline of the economy is due to the return of epidemics to the epidemic.

Contemporary archive research into mortality has changed to a different area between one-third and two-thirds of the population, with approximately one-third of the French popular European population being somewhat accurate I told Jean Froissart that he died of an epidemic. The population of England in 1400 was only half a century ago, in that country the death of a black certainly caused about 1,000 village movements or complete annihilation. It is estimated that 25 million European people died of plague with black death. The population of Western Europe did not reach that level until the beginning of the 16 the century until 1348.


By 1350 the plague survivors began to realize that the nightmare ended. The direct result of Black Death was a drastic decrease in the population, but there was also a long-term impact on this epidemic. At that time many scientists died. This has led to the decline of the university and the destruction of many universities. In addition, trade fell because we were afraid of successful transactions with countries suffering from the trend. All of these factors contributed to prosperity in Europe. During the Middle Ages, this plague was known as all destruction. One-third of the population of each country cannot be excluded for three years without severely disturbing the economy, church life, family life. Due to these losses, small insects overthrow the social structure of Europe and forever changed the medieval society.


– Author: Boccaccio, Giovanni, 1313-1375

Title: The Decameron begins with a description of the Black Death, etc., & fleeing from Florence

Year: 1898 Lond.


– The black death , by Philip Ziegler 2008 .










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